‘Don’t watch PK if you don’t like’: Supreme Court rejects ban

The Supreme Court of India has rejected a plea to ban the film, asking the viewers not to watch the film if they don’t like it.

The Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer has always been surrounded by controversies. The first nude poster, where PK was seen holding a transistor to cover his private parts, was accused of being vulgar.

Later, when the film hit theatres, an NGO called All India Human Rights and Social Justice Front, stated that the film contains certain sequences which are bound to hurt religious and spiritual sentiments of the people, and hence should be banned.

This incident was followed by an F.I.R being lodged against the producers of the film Rajkumar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Sidharth Roy Kapur. There were reports that the F.I.R was filed because the makers have portrayed Lord Shiva in a negative way.

But the supreme court has rejected the ban saying “If you don’t like it, don’t watch the film. Don’t bring religious facets here. These are matters of entertainment. If you restrict it, it will affect others’ rights. Everything is on the internet. What will you hide?” said Chief Justice Of India RM Lodha.

PK First Look - Aamir Khan

PK First Look – Aamir Khan



  • my top 10 films of this year
    1 pk
    2 2 states
    3 queen
    4 haider
    5 kick happy new year
    7 ek villain
    8 holiday
    9 humpty sharma ki dulhania
    10 hasee toh phasee


  • Let me pre-empt nipun here by posting his crappy list for him-

    My Top Ten Honest Facts About Lootera, Taylor Swift and Jaadoo

    1- Lootera was Ranveer Singhs Best Performance of 2013
    2- Lootera was Sona Maams Best Performance of 2013
    3- Taylor Swift was Best hhhmmmm Dressed User of Indicine 2013 courtesy of me
    4- Jaadoos pending return in Jaadoo 3 was 2013s Most Anticipated Moment
    5- Most Agonising Moment of 2013 was not seeing Jaadoo return in Jaadoo 3
    6- Lootera was my Best Film of 2013
    7- Taylor Swifts Biggest Fan in 2013 was Nipun Kumar oh wait thats me Yippee
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    9- Most Irritating User of Indicine was Nipun Lootera
    10- Most Ludicrous Comment of 2014 was by Nipun Kumar when he foolishly announced the sequel of Lootera only to be put down by #LooteraFilm on Twitter who also publicly told him to unfollow them n stop pestering them with his daily nonsense about who will star in Lootera2…,


  • Watch PK if u want to. But read the supremacy of ranbir here.
    Let me tell u all facts about ur small stars and superstar ranbir.:-
    1) fan and raees will do 150cr-175cr which will 1st week of ranbir’s tamasha.
    2) prdp=225cr. Bb=225cr. But tamsha=350cr jagga=300cr.
    3) amir no film
    4) hrithik no film.
    5) ajay devgn shivay lifetime will be 1st week of bombay velvet.
    6) emraan hasmi mr x and hamari adhuri kahani lifetime is weekend of 2day of bombay velvet.
    Haha.. Varun-sid,ranveer n all don’t come even in comparison.
    Thatzwhy, ranbir is undisputed ruler of box office.


  • The only film that should have been banned is Happy New Year.
    Definition of corruption: Taking money for things you promise to do but don’t do.
    So HNY is a corrupt film, which promise entertainment, loot audience and then bore them.


  • Nice!!!

    This message should also be passed on some sarook moronic fans like romance, iamKN, sss who are hiding their faces in their undies!!


  • @ Suchit or Navin or whatever- If Dhoom 2 was a blockbuster because of John, then he should be a bigger star than Hrithik which he isn’t, which was John’s last solo hit film ???

    Before Dhoom 2 Aishwarya Rai was finished remember the disaster Umrao Jaan. Doing 2-3 low budget Hollywood films doesn’t mean global popularity.

    If Hrithik is a big star because of his father then tell me why Fardeen, Zayed, Bobby deol, Riteish Deshmukh, Tushaar Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan, Jacky Bhagnani, etc. who had more influential fathers are not bigger stars than Hrithik ???

    Even Aamir Khan is in the industry because of his uncle Nasir Hussein, who was one of the biggest producers of Bollywood, launched him with Qayamat se qayamat tak. Just changing his last name from Hussein to Khan doesn’t mean Aamir delivered the success on his own.
    How many blockbusters (not hits) Aamir had between 1988-2008 ?
    Not even 5.

    U r right Aamir in his own league, that’s the league of MANIPULATION by hiking ticket prices of Ghajini, 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3 n PK. All these films had no competition from other big starred or critically acclaimed films.

    Even Salman is better than Aamir bcoz his said that hiking ticket prices is a BAD practice.
    Hence proved, u r a moron.


  • Some foolish people are soughting ban over such a brilliant movie like pk.Says a lot about the mental status of such people. Pk is the best movie of the year,period.


  • I have seen OMG again yesterday,that film was totally against Murti Pooja that mostly done by Hindus, That film also got troubled by Hindu well wisher but that was less,that film had hard hitting dialogue on Hindu culture than PK,but it satisfy us because Akshay shown as God Krishna.
    But PK got most threat from them only reason.
    Aamir Khan and he is Muslim and central character,99% of cast and crew was Hindu.
    Second thing film is biggest success.
    @sem follow that what sc said either watch the film or not.Why I said srk Pakistani,because as per @romance We can’t tolerate pakis as hero,srk father belong to Peshawar so he is pakistani,What is interesting Srk can say Pakistani player should play IPL,as we fan we support him,hny had abusive language and word but given U certificate,now you say Its censer duty,than its sc duty whether they ban film or not.Makers can apply for tax free status,its decision of govt.
    You had no problem with Ra1,it was shown as kid movie when promoted, hny got u certificate while pk has u/a while both film deserve only u/a but hny had u.Aamir can’t be nude or use offensive word being a alien but we have no objection of strip teasing of junior b in hny.First be nuetrul in the objective thing,I bet if it was srk film you won’t bother.OMG had more objectionable thing on Hindu religion but I don’t have against while pk had element like that than why I go against for the same, you don’t have any problem with hny,ra1 and also omg but you have against pk because its Aamir film.
    Second thing look your nos of comment on hny or other srk post and noe on pk.You hardly commented on other post but doing frequently against Aamir.Do I need to say anymore what affecting you more,its not boi or content.its Aamir.



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