Don 2 Trailer – Official

The Official Trailer of Don 2, the teaser that is set to release with Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is out on the internet. And as always, we have it right here for your viewing pleasure.

We have mixed opinions on the trailer. The film looks sleek, but the dialogues sound more like those Bollywood masala flicks from the 80s – “Ab Mujhe Koi Nahi Rok Sakta” right at the end.  

We also loved the way SRK enters (at 0.25 minutes in the video) and the makers also tease with a small glimpse of Hrithik Roshan who makes a special appearance in Don 2. That’s probably one more reason to watch the Farhan Akhtar directed film.

What do you think of the Don 2 Official Trailer? Tell us in the comments section below.

Don 2 Trailer


Don 2 stars Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Arjun Rampal and Boman Irani in key roles. The film releases during Christmas.

Update: No Hrithik in the teaser. It was SRK falling of the building. Also, its Kunal Kapoor whose seen riding the cycle.



  • The teaser of Don-2 is good, if not great. Some of the visuals, like 1st bike scene on the bridge, the jump from the building and the blast of the car were very well visualized. The production house gave an effort to attract mass audience by preparing the terser with dialog promos. ‘Mere dushman samajh rahe thhe main lautkar nahi aaunga… is awesome. Sharukh and Priyanka chemistry looks good yet again and Boman Irani looks serious. All in one a good teaser

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  • BTW Arjun Rampal has been totally outcasted from the movie (LOL) …the guy riding the cycle is kunal kapoor…a completely new character.

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  • Phew! Was waiting for this one which is finally out..
    Stylish promo but nothing new which i was expecting much bigger and better.. First lenght is short, then in this kind of genre it is so odinary teaser except 1 or 2 scenes which are superbly captured and even dialogues are’nt ‘WOW!’, it looks strictly okay atleast in promo, like a kid can think and delivers in their own “mai phir se aagaya or ab mujhe koi nahi rok sakta”, so no more creativity which where it actualy dissapoints me..
    Will not miss this one & will not waiting as well..

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  • What crap.. cant believe you guys like this.. SRK dialogue delivery was so irritating in the trailer..

    Rex.. Hrithik is falling from the building.. i think its him..

    promo is stylish but everything else looks like a 3rd grade hollywood action flick..

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  • Doesnt srk look like his character in My name is khan at 0.52 seconds? cant believe this guy is screwing the legendary character of Don..

    Don gone to dogs..

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  • Subhu, Its not Hrithik. Like Suniel mentioned in the comment above. Thought it was Hrithik falling of the building.

    And the guy on the cycle is not Arjun Rampal but Kunal Kapoor. Although Arjun opted out of Don 2 due to creative differences with Farhan, there were rumours in the industry that he makes a small special appearance.. Both of them are good friends.

    Wonder what kind of role Kunal Kapoor has.. He’s been missing for a while now.. He last appeared in Lamhaa last year, a film that not many watched.

  • if don 1 was super hit then i dont find any way for this film to be flop… this wil be a block buster…though many people hate SRK still they all love his movies and they will go for watching his movies…

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  • Some of the visuals are good but the dialogues are cringeworthy. The last line “ab muze koi nahi mita sakta” is lame – very lame. It is very unintelligent like some telugu/tamil films dubbed in hindi.Guess need to rewatch it once or twice.

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  • @Suniel: Plz stop this bias, just because you’re a Hrithik Roshan fan doesn’t mean he is the greatest actor of the world and SRK is a bad actor. In fact SRK is anyday a way better actor than Hrithik, but you guys are always biased. WTH was the need to humilate SRK!
    I’m an Aamir fan but does not mean i dislike SRK, Hrithik, Salman…each of them has his own qualities and of course flaws as well. If you think SRK was bad in MNIK than it’s based on your personnal disliking towards him, in my opnion he was better than Hrithik in Guzaarish who overacted big time there. He was horrible in almost every scene but i don’t blame him, that’s how actors usulayy act in SLB films.
    You guys should value each actor’s strength, i.e SRK is ygly, short…but still he has achieved a lot in Bollywood without any godfather in the insudtrty, he had only talenta and luck!
    Plz no more comments like this, even if i’m not his fan, i felt sorry to see people bashing him that way.

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  • oh srk is looking great as he is great. I like the trailor. I think this movie will be all time blockbuster.

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  • Shahrukh looks like ‘chirkut’ in such roles…i think that’s the best possible hindi word I could find for him…he may be good for love stories but he just doesn’t cut it in such kind of roles..

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  • SRK have nothing to prove, His Movie is going to Rock, Few Stupid cant make any difference, who ever is saying bad about his movie and him, they are going to watch first day, I request all viewer please dont make your self fool by talking against SRK, He rules not only Bollywood but whole world, God Bless SRK and His Movie.

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  • this trailer goes to show why SRK is king of bollywood. he is the best! RA ONE AND DON 2 are going to be the biggest hit in years to come…Aamir should accept this fact that he is number 3. salman is number 2

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  • @lousyama: Now WTH was the need to mention Aamir here?
    That’s the problem with SRK fans and SRK himself tehir greatest problem is Aamir they need to mention his name verytime!! wtf, i bet SRK dreams about Aamir every night.
    And to let you know Aamir is the n°1 actor, Star and filmmaker in Bollywood everyone agrees, his powerful production house, his record breakers, and his genius attitude shows that he’s the best today.
    So SRK fans just don’t dare to talk about Aamir, i like SRK also, but when SRK fans start bashing Aamir then we won’t respect him anymore and we can also talk.

    GOTIT? so chill out now get the hell out of here. Poor Immiture SRK FANS!!!

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  • SRK – Real Badshah Of Bollywood.

    Aamir,Salman & rest of others are reel badshahs :-)

    SRK Style,SRK Dialogue Delivery, SRK Hairstyle, SRK Acting and SRK Screen presence … Wow Mindblowing

    SRK is unmatched Star Of Universe

    We eagerly waiting to see Ra.One & Don2

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  • “SRK – Real Badshah Of Bollywood.
    Aamir,Salman & rest of others are reel badshahs :-)
    SRK Style,SRK Dialogue Delivery, SRK Hairstyle, SRK Acting and SRK Screen presence … Wow Mindblowing
    SRK is unmatched Star Of Universe
    We eagerly waiting to see Ra.One & Don2”

    Another joke plzzzzzzzzzzzzz: D

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