Diwali releases – Box office Update

For all those who mail us for box office updates on Blue, All The Best and Main Aur Mrs Khanna, here is a quick box office update on all the three Diwali releases. 

  • Blue – Has crossed the 30 crores mark (6 days) in India. Had a great Monday, followed by an expected drop on Tuesday but the movie is pretty steady. All eyes on the second week now, can it sustain beyond Week 1? Wait for the verdict next week.
  • All The Best – Is starting to close in on the collections of Blue and on Wednesday crossed the 20 crore mark (6 days). The movie is expected to do well in Week 2 as well. HIT looks very likely.
  • Main Aur Mrs Khanna – Has crashed on Tuesday, Wednesday. DISASTER.


  • Blue as expected has failed to make any impact. Action films rarely do well overseas and Blue is no exception.
  • The other two releases too have recorded average collections.

Our predictions (final nett gross in India)

  • Blue:  57  – 60 crores
  • All The Best – 45 – 48 crores
  • Main Aur Mrs Khanna – 15 crores.

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  • BLUE film is good to see. Once we can see this film. But the story line is very shot. All the best is a excellent movie. comedy,romance,songs are very pleasent to here.In BLUE film also fantastic songs.But campare to ALL THE BEST movie BLUE movie is little bit slow box office collection. I hope that LONDON DREAMS will rock the movie in this year Best of Luck.

  • guys i live in the US and everyone here thinks that blues was a dumb movie including me
    i think main aur mrs khana was a sweet and nice movie and all the best was hilarious
    i wud prefer watching mamk and all the best than blue
    blue was lame and was not interesting at all
    all the best 3 1/2 stars ***1/2
    MAMK 3 stars ***
    Blue 1 star *

  • hey AmricanMunda thnx for saying tht MAMK was gud and sweet and nice :)

    becuz i luv Salman Kahn and can’t wait for london dreams…

  • Hey Nivedh..poor fellow..just keep ur stinky mouth close n all srk(sabse khatarnaak doggie(kutta)) fans…
    pity on u…trying to make Rab ne(hopeless) and Billu(worst movie possible) as hits…
    All fools…Srk uncle is no more the KIng..He is just another actor..
    And as far as Akshay Kumar is concerned..he doesn’t need to beg in front of a Yash Raj or any other for that matter for movies..:P..:P..:)

  • blue is adisastr like akkis other films of 2009. akshay films do well in opening days but fail to make any impact in later days .

  • Aadavan is a 2009 Diwali movie…It acheived a Big Hit…Vettaikaaran movie delayed to 18.12.2009 bcoz the release of Surya’s Aadavan…It ran successfully more than 100 Days in Chennai Sathyam Theatre…I enjoyed the movie when i studied Xth Std…

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