Director Ashwani Dhir on Son Of Sardar (Interview)

Ashwani DhirIn an interview, Son Of Sardar director Ashwani Dhir spoke about his ambitious Diwali release.

On some of the over-the-top comic sequences in the trailers of Son Of Sardar

  • Ajay Devgn is not an over the top actor. We have good Punjabi humour in the film. It is all about the dialogues and it is not a slapstick comedy. It is large than life but not over the top.

On what’s different from the original Telugu film Maryada Ramanna

  • The zone is completely different in both the films. Only plots are same, otherwise both the films are completely different. ‘Son Of Sardaar’ is a complete entertainment package. It is a Diwali film completely. It has a combination of everything from comedy to romance to action.

On the complaint filed in a court against Ajay Devgn, for maligning and defaming the Sikh community.

  • The film is not based on Sikh religion. It could have been a Parsi, a Gujarati or a Muslim… The film is about Punjabi environment. Since Punjabis are larger than life, so is the film.We try to make different kind of films, which must entertain people. People want to laugh while watching a comedy. ‘Son Of Sardaar’ is about Punjabi values but it is entertaining at the same time.

On the future and the possibility of a Son Of Sardar sequel

  • If it is a hit, then we might make it again as a series. It all depends on how the film does at the box office. We will talk after the film is a hit.


  • This diwali is all about Son of Sardaar. go watch it instead of the other ‘bad’ movie releasing along side it.

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  • @shahid he said Ajay is not an over-the-top actor. he never said anything about his stardom or anything. don’t u understand english??

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  • If it is a comedy y only chose a sardar? y not any other community ? they make fun of sardars and pls I ask u do ajay really looks a sardar? he looks a ‘black donkey’ and sonakshi looks a ‘HIPPO’ the way she dances in raja rani song

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  • This diwali all south indian crap movie lovers will see how a original movie will slaughter a remake. And for kind info of hater JTHJ isn’t a remake of ‘daag’.

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  • sos is all time disaster…ajay is nating in frnt of srk…diwali bekar witout king of romance..

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  • go watch Son of Sardaar this diwali. and don’t waste time watching that stupid old guy romancing young heroines.

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  • Yrf is big cheater.

    Yash Chopra played very dirty politics in screen booking.

    If you are a loyal Indian then watch only SOS on Diwali.

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  • @amol
    dnt try to get yash chopra into it….we dnt knw its a politics or publicity stunt..nd loyal fans will surely watch their respective movies….

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  • @il wayne

    You will get the answer who did it after courts result.

    But if Yash Chopra did it then in simple words He didn’t had confidance on his work & thats why he used Salman to book screens.

    If Srk & Aditya did it then take that they made fraud with Yash Chopra & now using his death also.

    My friend a good film work in less screens as well(Dabangg collected 140 crs with 1600 screens).
    Then why Yrf not agreed on 2000 screens each?

    Such a shame…

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  • well Ajay Devgn suing YRF for
    monopoly is like fox taking legal
    action against lion for its
    dominance in the jungle

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  • Suing production houses &
    Actors b4 their film release,
    Become a fashion nowadays..
    Lets sue Ajay devgn for showing
    pathetic po po song.

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  • We had announced
    would be a Diwali
    2012 release as far
    back as 27th June
    2011 and thereafter
    every press release
    of ours reiterated
    this. Given that
    most big ticket
    films avoid
    releases, it was odd
    that Son of Sardar
    announced their
    release for the same
    day almost a year
    later on 29th May
    2012. They were
    also able to lock
    their final
    distribution partner
    as late as 4th Oct
    This is yrf statement

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  • This is heights of craze in each and every circuit:–

    Jab tak hai jaan –

    Mumbai- 75%









    punjab- 60%


    son of sardar :-

    Mumbai – 45%

    delhi – 50%

    punjab – 80%

    rajasthan -70%

    kolkata – 40%

    nizam- 45%


    ci – 65%

    cp – 70%

    bihar- 55%

    concise boxoffice

    According To Koma nahta ..only masses have good buzz for sos…….otherwise…jab tak hai jaan far ahead from son of sardar..

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  • shame to YFR and SRK doing drity game wit h ajay so cheap for screen booking useing ek tha tiger.
    its open balkmailing

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