Dhoom 3 Poem and English Meaning

A lot of our readers who have liked the short Dhoom 3 poem by Aditya Chopra, have mailed us asking for a translation of the lyrics. Here it is..

Bande hain hum uske, humpe kiska zor

(We are his men, only he has control over us)

Umeedon ke sooraj, nikle chaaron or

(Ray of hope is rising all around us)

Iraade hain fauladi himmati har kadam

(Our determination is steel-like, each step is full of courage)

apne haathon kismat likhne, aaj chale hain hum

(To write our fate with our own hands, we start today)



  • Indicine Hows the response to the Teaser compared to other films? Also Dhoom 2 theatrical trailer was 1.32 So will the makers be releasing a Theatrical Trailer or Teaser is what we will see ?

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  • This time huge let down by Aamir Khan. Expected much much more. Dhoom 3 will be worst of Dhoom Series :(

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  • 3.2 million views + 22k likes ! Dhoom will create History & that 2 without the help of Taran Adarsh!

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  • Bande hai hum uske,humpe kiska zor
    100 and 200 crore club sabse pehle bana diya, ab chale 300 crore club ki or

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  • Dhoom will beat Chindi Express record easily. Aamir is much better actor and bigger star than Haklu Khan.

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  • A thief is an artist according to Mr A (dhoom 2 antihero), who says dhoom 3 antihero cant
    be a poet.
    Moreover the freedom fighter in tees maar khan robbed a bank.

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  • thank you indicine. i’m not an Indian and i was confused about the meaning. so thanks again.

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  • @soroop “Dhoom 3″ is not about reciting a poem.Ok Srk would have recited the poem better than Aamir in “Dhoom 3″ but his stunts on Scooter instead of BMW bike would have been a laughing stock for everyone.So YRF signed Aamir for “Dhoom 3″ bcoz they wanted a Bike rider not Scooter

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  • It is good to be perfect, but it is not good to be a perfectionist.
    A perfectionist is one who takes care of so many small details to the point of missing the
    bigger picture and such persons are usually so conventional and uncreative.
    Aamir says he is not a perfectionist but is a diligent actor who puts his heart into his work more
    than salman or shahrukh.
    All the best to
    1. Phata Poster Nikla Hero
    2. Besharam
    3. Boss
    4. Krrish 3
    5. Dhoom 3
    6. Azaad
    Congrats to
    Chennai Express
    Respect to
    3 Idiots

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  • @Sachin11 You moronic duffer!SRK rided on a bullet bike & not scooter in JTHJ.By the way i am thinking that how Aamir”s leg reached the ground while he was riding this bike.Tingoo khan must have done a lot of hard work for that.lolz.

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  • Guys this Dhoom 3 was so much resemblances to the previous installments
    I Think Dhoom 3 may copy ANGELS and DEMONS or DAVINCI CODE concept between one chori to another chori
    Like Entrance Scene of Aamir Khan and black suit he wears while riding Bike Looks like Mr A from Dhoom2
    See Guys the Last Scene was like action episode similar to krrish ending scene in krrish trailer
    Like Clown Symbol Hrithik had A symbol means copying badly
    Why this Dhoom 3 was copying Hollywood and Dhoom 2 in many ways
    Motion Poster was copied from The Dark Knight
    Motion Poster background music was copied from NFS 2 game(Pritam a copy cat)
    Teaser back ground Score copied from Evil dead 2013 as the trailer released long back(Pritam a copy cat)
    Teaser Entrance of Aamir reminds us Mr A From Dhoom 2
    Teaser Entrance of KATRINA reminds Aishwarya in Dhoom2 and place resembles Dhoom Again back ground from Dhoom 2
    Teasers Logo Reminds us Ghost Rider Spirit of vengeance
    Teaser had ABHISHEK always chases through helicopter like Dhoom2
    Finally John and Hrithik had done every inch for Dhoom Franchise here Aamr had nothing to do
    Even Salman had done some Mindblowing stunts in ETT and Dabaang series

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  • loved the dialogue and its uniqueness of Aamir to show diffrent because hater want something to comments if Aamir looks cool than they say he copy Hr, if he look in anger than saying Dhoom villians remains cool not angry so i don’t give a damn to haters because they will say negative in all cases.
    Waiting for Dhoom 3 Trailer and movies, Aamir rocks.

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