Dangal vs Sultan: Highest Grosser of 2016

Dangal or Sultan – Which film is going to be the highest grosser of 2016? This question was the hottest topic of debate within the trade for the last couple of weeks leading up to the release of Aamir Khan’s Dangal. There was no clear winner then, with most picking Sultan, but it’s a lot more clearer now.

Even though nothing can be said with certainty when it comes to box office collections, Dangal could surpass Sultan in just 2 short weeks.

The battle in the first week was actually won by Sultan by a fair margin, but it’s the trend or the way a big film sustains in Week 2 and 3 that decides if it can go on to break records.

At the end of 8 days, Sultan is ahead of Dangal, but the gap has reduced quite considerably:

  • Day 1 – 6.76 crore (Sultan leads)
  • Day 2 – 9.26 crore (Sultan leads)
  • Day 3 – 1.48 (Dangal leads)
  • Day 4 – 9.45 crore (Sultan leads)
  • Day 5 – 24.57 crore (Sultan leads)
  • Day 6 – 18.65 crore (Sultan leads)
  • Day 7 – 11.28 crore (Sultan leads)
  • Day 8 – 3.51 crore (Sultan leads)

Only on one day (3rd day), Dangal has held the lead but Sultan also had an extended weekend with two partial holidays and one big holiday for Sunday. On the other day, Dangal has had just one major holiday (Sunday) with the extra advantage of winter / Christmas vacations.

Day 9 onwards, it’s expected to be Dangal’s show all the way through. The lead that Sultan holds is slender and Dangal will lead by a huge margin by the end of this weekend.

It’s been Aamir and Salman’s show for the last 9 years and 2016 will be no different. The last time someone else topped the year was Shah Rukh Khan with Om Shanti Om in 2007.

Aamir is likely to take 2016, which will mean Salman’s career ‘highest grosser of the year’ number remains at 9, while Aamir will retain the 2nd spot topping a calendar year for the 7th time. Shah Rukh Khan is at the third position with 5 of his films emerging as the highest grosser of the year.

Day 136.5429.78
Day 237.3234.82
Day 331.6742.41
Day 436.6225.69
Day 538.2123.09
Day 615.5421.46
Day 712.9220.29
First Week208.82 cr197.54 cr
Day 810.8218.59
Day 99.5223.07
Day 107.4332.04
Day 1111.4613.45
Day 1215.1810.46
Day 134.089.23
Day 143.729.12
Two Week271.03 cr313.50 cr
Day 153.426.66
Day 163.5110.80
Day 172.1414.33
Day 183.814.35
Day 195.144.03
Day 201.33.21
Day 211.252.97
Week 3 Total291.6 cr359.85 cr
Day 221.151.94
Day 231.054.06
Day 240.574.24
Day 250.981.37
Day 261.511.27
Day 270.341.16
Day 280.361.04
Week 4 Total297.56 cr374.93 cr
Day 290.341.19
Day 300.332.10
Day 310.242.83
Day 320.490.94
Day 330.781.01
Day 340.160.24
Day 350.160.54
Week 5 Total300.06383.78
Remaining weeks1.001.19
India Collections301.06 cr384.97 cr


  • 1st day India & Worldwide
    Sultan > Dangal
    1st weekend India & Worldwide
    Sultan > Dangal
    1st week India & Worldwide
    Sultan > Dangal
    Extra-ordinary word of mouth, 5 open weeks aur higher ticket price se collection karne waale ko star na kehve hai, apne naam pe collection karne waale ko star kehve hai.😎
    Re Sultan…..Jai SALMAN💪


  • When Aamir releases a movie (in festival) ,Salman is not able to give HGOTY
    When Aamir not releases movie ,Salman gave 1st and 2nd HGOTY lol
    Same will happen next year ,no Aamir movie ,salman will give 1st and 2nd HGOTY….
    and in 2018 Thug of hindustaan is looking like a bigger grosser than Dabbang 3(if releases in eid 2018).


  • Indicine ko chhod ke sabhi first Friday ko hi samj gaye the ki #Dangal sultan ki asi tesi kar degi…bas indicine hi sultan sultan chila rahi thi…kyu ho gaya na apka chka jaam ha ha ha…. Too much fun #indicine
    If someone not understand this after watching dangal it means he’s/ she’s not now anything about movie like #indicine


  • Though I really appreciate the Salman fan who whole are giving love to Dangal and accepting that Dangal deserves the top position but there are many jerks too who are still giving excuses after excuses. This is for them.
    People and trade generally crying that it is because of Christmas and blah blah.
    Lets see how Salman films fares on EID in recent times. EID has only one holiday but Chrismas has whole week holiday for them.
    Bodyguard has 5 days extended week in 2011, 5 days collection 85cr (Weekend rates for 5 days), lifetime – 141cr
    Ek tha Tiger – Release on Independence day which fell on Wednesday and EID on Monday. So a 6 days extended weekend benefit with 7th day has Basi eid (Obviously the ticket rates remain on weekend level on 7 days). First week – 130-135 cr, lifetime – 186cr
    Kick – Release on pre eid time on friday, EID falls on Tuesday ( so the weekend ticket rates which were also increased in festive season remain for 6 days period), first week – 155cr, lifetime – 213cr
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan – Eid fallen on saturday so it has 4 days weekend period (ticket rates were high for 4 days till monday) First week – 183cr, lifetime – 316cr
    Sultan – 5days extended weekend (Enjoying two partial holidays in first two days than extended 3 days weekend, ticket rates remain higher) – First extended week – 229cr, lifetime – 301cr

    Now talking about Release on Diwali and Christmas.
    1. Dabangg – 2, Release on 21st which was Friday, Christmas fall on Tuesday (ticket rates remain high till 5 days) First week – 100cr, lifetime – 150cr

    2. PRDP – Day next to Diwali fall on Thursday, 4 dyas extended weekend (high ticket rates). First week – 158cr, lifetime – 198cr all version.

    So the problem with those fans is that, Salman has that bigger stardom which no one else, get the high ticket rates benefit most of the time with more than 3days, enjoying extended weekend, holiday benefit run. Look at the first week collection of these films with their lifetime barring Bajrangi Bhaijaan (which was defintely unlucky) but you should see that how lucky Dabangg2, prdp,bodyguard were because of extended weekend benefits.

    Their problem is that only Salman has right to release his films to take advantage of extended weekend, of holidays on weekdays time, but If Aamir get those benefit with extra advantage than they are coming with bullshit excuses. Tiger Zinda hai will come on next christmas, we will definitely see how bigger star is Salman if it can break Dangal or PK that time. At the end what matters the most is whose movie runs at boxoffice after first week. None of Salman film except BB, collected even half of first week collection in coming weeks, while Aamir Ghajini,3I,D3,PK and Dangal not only use the extra benefit of christmas period but also set the bigger benchmark everytime for others to follow.


  • plz don’t compare dangal with sultan
    you should compare dangal with sultan domestic and overseas collection

    dangal 8 days india 216cr
    17milion$ overseas


  • Dangal is at 216cr after 8 days

    Today could be 22cr

    Sunday will be massive, I think it could match 1st Monday total or even equal first day total so lets split the difference n say 28cr

    Total after 2nd wknd could be 266cr imo

    Simply mindboggling possibility if it comes to fruitition


  • dangal will be 400cr
    love you so much haji Aamir khan

    waiting for…
    kaabil 150cr
    thugs of Hindustan 500cr
    Krrish4 350cr
    3idiots2 1000cr



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