Dangal vs PK: Box Office Collection Comparison

Ghajini. 3 Idiots. Dhoom 3. PK. No other actor in the history of Indian Cinema has delivered the highest grosser of all-time more than twice. Even the great Amitabh Bachchan only twice broke the record for the highest grosser of all-time. Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have achieved possibly the biggest achievement – only twice each in their career.

Aamir Khan, who already holds the record for surpassing the industry’s highest grosser, is all set to do it for the 5th time in his career.

His latest film, Dangal, is showing better trends than his 2014 Christmas release ‘PK’ which was directed by Rajkumar Hirani. It also featured a top actress like Anushka Sharma. This time around, it was Aamir’s credibility, script sense and conviction that should help Dangal not only surpass PK, but it ‘could’ go on to be a much bigger grosser. Even 400 crore isn’t out of reach for Dangal!

Dangal vs PK

Dangal vs PK

If you’re wondering why such lofty praise – then the comparison below makes things very clear. The 2nd Friday collections of Dangal is higher than the 2nd Saturday collections of PK.

At the end of the first week, PK had collected 182.89 crore, while Dangal has collected 197.54 crore. A difference of 14.65 crore.

The gap between the two films widens further on the 2nd Friday as Dangal has collected 18.59 crore on its 8th day, whereas PK had ‘just’ managed to collect 14.55 crore.

The 2nd Saturday of Dangal will be higher than the 2nd Sunday on PK.. with business expected to go to insane never-been-seen levels on 2nd Sunday.

The trend is clear – Dangal is maintaining a level of business that’s higher than PK (graph below) and this can only mean one thing – the record for the highest grosser of all-time will be achieved once again by Aamir Khan. It’ll be for the 4th time in 5 films that he will be exceeding all expectations, beating the prediction of all analysts to top the industry once again.

PK vs Dangal

PK vs Dangal

What stands between Dangal and a huge 375 – 400 crore grosser is just one factor. PK released a week before Christmas, because of this, the Christmas – New Year advantage stretched well into its 3rd week. For Dangal, the holiday period ends tomorrow. So the level of business that it managed to maintain during the weekdays and the kind of growth it shows in the 3rd weekend – could eventually decide if Aamir Khan goes on to become the founder of the 400 crore club or falls short.

Note: PK has beaten Dangal on just on day, it’s 7th day because it was a holiday for Christmas. Otherwise, Dangal has maintained a steady and big enough lead even when compared to the Rajkumari Hirani classic.

Day 126.6329.78
Day 230.3434.82
Day 338.2442.41
Day 421.2225.69
Day 519.3623.09
Day 619.5521.46
Day 727.5520.29
First Week182.89 cr197.54 cr
Day 814.5518.59
Day 917.1223.07
Day 1022.2532.04
Day 1110.0813.45
Day 129.1110.46
Day 139.059.23
Day 1413.489.12
Two Week278.53 cr313.50 cr
Day 156.856.66
Day 168.3210.80
Day 1711.5814.33
Day 184.424.35
Day 194.024.03
Day 203.463.21
Day 212.962.97
Three Week Total320.14 cr359.85 cr
Day 221.821.94
Day 232.824.06
Day 244.014.24
Till Fourth weekend328.79 cr370.09 Cr
Remaining weeks11.8114.88
India Collections340.6 cr384.97 Cr


  • @ sky- there is positive and negative both things if you think people will always talk about positive for your hero then it is ok but if talk negative it will become excuse. Since dangal’s opening i can see many anti Salman and sultan comments in each and every article but i did not find you stopped them.

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  • @ parshya- what kind of bad thing you found in prdp. Yes it was 10-15 minutes boring. I dont know amir has guts to make prdp kind of weakest family drama and 200 plus in that gener.

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  • I would personally like Dangal to beat PK..
    PK was an awesome movie but Dangal.is something else…
    For me it’s the best hindi movie this decade even better than mega blockbuster ( PK, BB, Sultan etc.) amd quality cinema (Paan Singh Tomar, Neerja, ZNMD etc.)

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  • @Yuvraaj the disaster of 2008 i dont think lallu has any aukaat to make suspence thriller lile talaash even into 90 cr. If lallu was in talaash it wouldnt even cross 20 cr life time..stardom of lallu. LOL. Aamir is baap of everyone in megastardom. Keep crying bhojpuri gawaar illiterate..nothing will change..

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  • main salman khan ka fan hon ……..ye comment aamir khan ke fans keliy he ….kismat badi kutti cheez he sali kabi bhi palat sakti he

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  • As expected
    Sir Amir khan, the one and only to whome no one can come closer.
    Just praying that movie should come in 400 cr club and do make another record.

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  • Aamir has done always well in his all movies and I hope he will continue it. And one more thing he never takes help of promotions like kapil sharma show and many other well known shows. He believes in his own will power. And BEST OF LUCK for your next movie ‘SECRET SUPERSTAR’.

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  • * Aamir Ka, Har Ek Film Lajabab
    * He is Give Social Messages
    * Orr Sab Se Jada Mehenat Karnewala Up Hi Hai

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  • Rajkumar hirani KO 1 movie bnani chahiye.
    Jisme actors ho,
    Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Irfan Khan & & &

    Nawazuddin siddique

    Movie super duper hit jayagi.
    Realizing date on EID

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  • Rajkumar hirani KO 1 movie bnani chahiye.
    Jisme actors ho,
    Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Irfan Khan & & &

    Nawazuddin siddique

    Movie super duper hit jayagi.
    Realizing date on EID.

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  • Aamir rocks just dangal had collected 384 crores am sure aamir will touch 400 cr with his next film

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