Dangal vs PK: Box Office Collection Comparison

Ghajini. 3 Idiots. Dhoom 3. PK. No other actor in the history of Indian Cinema has delivered the highest grosser of all-time more than twice. Even the great Amitabh Bachchan only twice broke the record for the highest grosser of all-time. Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have achieved possibly the biggest achievement – only twice each in their career.

Aamir Khan, who already holds the record for surpassing the industry’s highest grosser, is all set to do it for the 5th time in his career.

His latest film, Dangal, is showing better trends than his 2014 Christmas release ‘PK’ which was directed by Rajkumar Hirani. It also featured a top actress like Anushka Sharma. This time around, it was Aamir’s credibility, script sense and conviction that should help Dangal not only surpass PK, but it ‘could’ go on to be a much bigger grosser. Even 400 crore isn’t out of reach for Dangal!

Dangal vs PK

Dangal vs PK

If you’re wondering why such lofty praise – then the comparison below makes things very clear. The 2nd Friday collections of Dangal is higher than the 2nd Saturday collections of PK.

At the end of the first week, PK had collected 182.89 crore, while Dangal has collected 197.54 crore. A difference of 14.65 crore.

The gap between the two films widens further on the 2nd Friday as Dangal has collected 18.59 crore on its 8th day, whereas PK had ‘just’ managed to collect 14.55 crore.

The 2nd Saturday of Dangal will be higher than the 2nd Sunday on PK.. with business expected to go to insane never-been-seen levels on 2nd Sunday.

The trend is clear – Dangal is maintaining a level of business that’s higher than PK (graph below) and this can only mean one thing – the record for the highest grosser of all-time will be achieved once again by Aamir Khan. It’ll be for the 4th time in 5 films that he will be exceeding all expectations, beating the prediction of all analysts to top the industry once again.

PK vs Dangal

PK vs Dangal

What stands between Dangal and a huge 375 – 400 crore grosser is just one factor. PK released a week before Christmas, because of this, the Christmas – New Year advantage stretched well into its 3rd week. For Dangal, the holiday period ends tomorrow. So the level of business that it managed to maintain during the weekdays and the kind of growth it shows in the 3rd weekend – could eventually decide if Aamir Khan goes on to become the founder of the 400 crore club or falls short.

Note: PK has beaten Dangal on just on day, it’s 7th day because it was a holiday for Christmas. Otherwise, Dangal has maintained a steady and big enough lead even when compared to the Rajkumari Hirani classic.

Day 126.6329.78
Day 230.3434.82
Day 338.2442.41
Day 421.2225.69
Day 519.3623.09
Day 619.5521.46
Day 727.5520.29
First Week182.89 cr197.54 cr
Day 814.5518.59
Day 917.1223.07
Day 1022.2532.04
Day 1110.0813.45
Day 129.1110.46
Day 139.059.23
Day 1413.489.12
Two Week278.53 cr313.50 cr
Day 156.856.66
Day 168.3210.80
Day 1711.5814.33
Day 184.424.35
Day 194.024.03
Day 203.463.21
Day 212.962.97
Three Week Total320.14 cr359.85 cr
Day 221.821.94
Day 232.824.06
Day 244.014.24
Till Fourth weekend328.79 cr370.09 Cr
Remaining weeks11.8114.88
India Collections340.6 cr384.97 Cr


    Also even SRK gave HGAOT once…
    RNBJ wasn’t HGAOT. It crossed DHOOM 2 its fifth week ,on 14th Jan 2009,While Ghajni did so on 6th jan 2009.More than 1 week difference..

  • @4:45pm

    I think PK sequel is Aamirs next after Thug of Hindostan but noone knows when or if Aamir will do the space/ astronaut movie this decade or wait bcoz script of PK sequel could be ready sooner than later…!

  • @ sky- why should i feel jealous. If you guys liked this movie that is not mean everybody should like it also. Truth is truth and you can not deny what it collect if dangal released on eid?

  • And those who are talking about athg remember there was not hike price every year and increasing multiplex chains at Raj kapoor and big b time so don’t degrade their achievements to increase amir’s value in Bollywood. They had multiple release every year and but amir can not do what they did. You can compare amir with Salman and srk but don’t degrade someone like raj kapoor.

  • @indicine i think you are wrong. actually no more actor has achieved more than 1 all time grosser in their career apart from aamir. let’s me have the list. tell me if i am wrong
    1. salman- hahk
    2. srk- chennai express
    3. amitabh bachchan- sholay
    4. dharmendra – sholay
    5. ashok kumar- kismat
    6. dilip kumar- mughal e azam
    7. sunil dutt, rajendra kumar, raaj kumar- mother india
    8. sunny deol- gadar
    9. hritik roshan- dhoom2
    and then comes aamir khan with 5 atgs
    – ghajini, three idiots, pk, dhoom3 and most certainly dangal

    so idealy no actor whether it is salman , srk, sunny , dilip kumar or amitabh bachchan has not more than 1 all time grosser.
    but i will like to mention according to producer figure hritik has 2 all time grossers ( d2 and k3) making him the second actor after aamir khan to have more than 1 all time grosser though i don’t beleve that.

  • I don’t understand 1 thing y people r telling aamir has no star power …… Aamir is the biggest brand in india …… He is founder of all box office clubs in d country ….. n m sure that with dangal he is going to open 400 club shortly …. which will be out of reach of all other actors

  • Happy for Aamir. But you guys realize or not Aamir does not really worry about the box office collection but rather interest in how the audience accepted/reacted to his film. Even he went to Oscar not for the awards but for mere appreciation and recognition of Indian cinema in world arena. This morning he said to the media that he’s thankful to The All Mighty and graceful that Dangal has well received both by audience and at box office. How humble he is and not a moment of self-confidence, self-proclaimed and ego in his behavior. Salute him!!!!!

  • @yuvraj If and buts not count in reality. And you are jealous is bit obvious talking about what if Dangal release on EID, it won’t cross 175cr. Really? Dangal first weekend without addition of holiday was 107cr, so even if it trended poor it will cross 175cr. I am not expecting that you like Dangal, because you are not a movie lover but you are more a biased fanatic. Whether you like Dangal or any movie that doesn’t change the reality, that people has accepted Dangal more than any film this year. And Only jealous people talking about excuses. Those who don’t get jealous, appreciate the facts and move on.

  • @Yuvraj
    Bhashan band kar tera……tuze PRDP jaisi hi movie pasand ayegi……to yaha kyun nautanki kar raha hein.
    Accept it or not ….choice is urs

  • Good movie but ticket price is ho high level.. That’s I watch this movie in my mobile.. Hate u aamir for this only

  • Salman twice????? What a joke…its once in sooraj bajratya movie in 90’s thats it…indicine please correct it.

  • To be honest, I think Dangal’s record will be unbeatable next year, unless TZH or Tubelight benefit from some historic WOM. It will be great to see if 2018 can achieve some new records with Salman’s unknown projet for Eid, Thugs Of Hindostan for Diwali and Anand L Rai’s next for Chritsmas. For the first time in years each Khan film have a big solo release on the 3 biggest dates of the year. Just can’t wait !!!!

    And of course, hats off to Dangal and Aamir sir for a new record not only at the box-office but also quality wise.

  • Even oso collections were manipulated by that logic!!!
    and rnbdj footfalls were 1.7 cr only whereas ghajini did 2.5 cr ffs
    both oso and rnbdj were not athgs
    srk has 1 athg that too for 4 months only
    so get ur facts right!!!

  • Hrithik has 3 Highest Grossers of All time..

    First Krrish Became HGOAT in 2006 and in the same year Dhoom 2 broke its record and became HGOAT…
    In 2013 Hrithik Delivered HGOAT with Krrish 3 which was then broken by Dhoom 3 in the Same Year….

  • @ sky- this is your own feeling because dangal earning more than Sultan. I did not liked pk and dangal thats why i never praised these movies. I do not hate amir.

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