Dangal China Collection Update

Dangal continued its outstanding run on Sunday, taking its gross China collections beyond the $60 million mark in the country. The hold on Monday is excellent too, with the film collecting more than $2 million until 3PM.

The net India total has been surpassed and the India gross will be beaten too.

The numbers are historic already, but this could just be the beginning as the 11th day (2nd Monday) collections will be higher than the opening day collections of the film.

USD Million
Day 12.3315.15 cr31,4335,62,593
Day 24.7030.55 cr32,42910,84,859
Day 35.5636.14 cr35,78612,71,332
Day 43.0419.76 cr37,9667,09,014
Day 53.5523.08 cr43,4628,15,008
Day 63.9625.74 cr47,1459,15,802
Day 73.9625.74 cr47,1029,09,770
Day 86.4441.86 cr36,01914,49,851
Day 914.0891.52 cr55,62331,45,292
Day 1013.0184.56 cr65,15030,68,604
Day 115.0232.63 cr63,56111,34,219
Day 124.7130.62 cr66,64010,65,715
Day 134.2127.37 cr67,8119,50,248
Day 143.7724.51 cr68,0878,48,243
Day 156.0238.80 cr44,71613,60,131
Day 1616.44104.16 cr61,64536,47,967
Day 1711.8276.28 cr70,1192689206
Day 183.4322.14 cr66,306779067
Day 193.1420.27 cr67,721721274
Day 202.8918.65 cr68,298659302
Day 212.5616.52 cr68,668584551
Day 221.9112.33 cr41,122435572
Total126.55816.76 cr11,88,2202,88,07,670


  • #speechless…

    All d best for more such good and dedicated work …..


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  • It will beat baahubali 2 this weekend. Dangal biggest blockbuster of the decade.

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  • Congratz aamir and dangal team. Very good collection. Infact amazing collections

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  • So my wish is going to be true.. Long before I said I want dangal to be in first slot. I think that going to happen soon. All aamir haters from srk, akshay, hrithik and salman fans all of a sudden became prabhas fan just to show their hatred towards aamir. But they forgot that he is a legend

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  • Day 10 shows – 62+k
    5 shows per screen
    12500 screens?

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  • Only Aamir Khan can do it…
    If he was not it the moive it should have been a flop.
    What he touches turns Gold.
    Surly it will beat Bahuabli 2 collection.
    The Biggest Evergreen Star…
    Hats off Mr. A

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  • This is crazy. It could beat Batman v Superman’s $95M gross on China. I cannot believe this!

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  • Dangal was the success story of girl from small town winning an international medal despite many obstacles which is quite identifiable to Chinese audience I guess since they win so many medals across the world in many tournaments.
    Chinese are relating this story to theirs.
    They have seen many and all sci-fi,Kung fu,Martial Arts but this one is rare treat for them thatsy Dangal is such huge and rightly be as it is the best Hindi movie since a long time.

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  • I don’t even believe these indicine Dangal collections. No hard feelings Pls, am entitled to my opinions.

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  • Cz dangal was the best movie of 2016 and amir was the best actor of the year.
    Good acting , good script and promotion make a movie big hit anywhere.

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  • They track BO collections very fast and they also have much much more screens and theatres to report still they tracked it so early, wanna see this improvement in Indian BO tracking, and there should be an official site for that like in other countries, not like shitty BOI who r giving so much excuses and r jealous of success of Dangal in China, their recent article is full of stupidity, jealousy and insecurity of Dangal…

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  • It doesn’t matter even if dangal collects 600crs in China bcoz he vl get only 1% profit frm China but tingu is doing al dis jus bcoz he wants to compare his film wit his film dangal but sorry amir bahubali2 is much bigger film than ura n u released ur film during Xmas otherwise tumhara film ka 1000crsgross kabhi nahi kar pata evn if ur film collected 600crs in China.Bb2 is winning al over the world, so jump wit China collections.sher woh hota hai jo ek jagah nahi har jagah raj karta hai samjhe tingu fans

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  • As of 14/5/2017
    baahubali 2 $209 million(1390 cr)
    dangal $159.3 million(1060 cr)
    it would be difficult for dangal to overtake baahubali as baahubali is still running strong in India. baahubali can add some $40 million more from India. So dangal needs around 90 million more to overcome baahubali

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