Dangal becomes the highest grosser of all time

Aamir Khan’s Dangal has become the highest grosser of all-time, beating the collections of the superstar’s own film ‘PK’ which released during Christmas in 2014. The film has achieved the feat in just 17 days after its theatrical release on 23 December 2016.

Dangal should add around 15 crore during the remaining weekdays in its 3rd week, which should take its 3-week total to a humongous 360 crore net. The film will face competition for the first time in Week 4, with the release of ‘Ok Jaanu’. It isn’t a big film, but if it gets a good response Dangal could lose out. If it doesn’t, then Dangal would get a free run until 25 January, when two big films are scheduled to hit theatres.

The 4th weekend business will make it clear whether the film has a chance of crossing the 400 crore mark or not.

Dangal is the third consecutive ‘All Time Highest Grosser’ and ‘Highest Grosser of the Year’ for Aamir Khan. It’s also something that he has achieved with all his Christmas release beginning with ‘Ghajini’ (2008) and following it up with 3 Idiots (2009), Dhoom 3 (2013), PK (2014) and now Dangal (2016).

It’s a massive record that could prove to be beyond the reach of any other actor, atleast those who are in the latter half of their careers. When no other actor has more than 2, Aamir has 5 and given the quality of his films, he has better chances of adding to it.

Verdict: All Time Blockbuster

DayDangalGrowth / Drop
Day 1 (Friday)29.78-
Day 2 (Saturday)34.82+ 17%
Day 3 (Sunday)42.41+ 22%
Day 4 (Monday)25.69- 39%
Day 5 (Tuesday)23.09- 10%
Day 6 (Wednesday)21.46- 7%
Day 7 (Thursday)20.29- 5%
Week 1 Total197.54 cr
Day 8 (2nd Friday)18.59- 8%
Day 9 (2nd Saturday)23.07+ 24%
Day 10 (2nd Sunday)32.04+ 72%
Day 11 (2nd Monday)13.45- 58%
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday)10.46- 22%
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday)9.23- 12%
Day 14 (2nd Thursday)9.12- 1%
Week 2 Total115.96 cr
Day 15 (3rd Friday)6.66- 27%
Day 16 (3rd Saturday)10.80+ 62%
Day 17 (3rd Sunday)14.33+ 33%
Day 18 (3rd Monday)4.35- 70%
Day 19 (3rd Tuesday)4.03- 7%
Day 20 (3rd Wednesday)3.21- 20%
Day 21 (3rd Thursday)2.97- 7%
Week 3 Total46.35 cr
Day 22 (4th Friday)1.94- 35%
Day 23 (4th Saturday)4.06+ 10%
Day 24 (4th Sunday)4.24+ 4%
Day 25 (4th Monday)1.37- 68%
Day 26 (4th Tuesday)1.27- 7%
Day 27 (4th Wednesday)1.16- 9%
Day 28 (4th Thursday)1.04- 10%
Week 4 Total15.08 cr
Day 29 (5th Friday)1.19+ 14%
Day 30 (5th Saturday)2.10+ 76%
Day 31 (5th Sunday)2.83+ 35%
Day 32 (5th Monday)0.94- 67%
Day 33 (5th Tuesday)1.01+ 7%
Day 34 (5th Wednesday)0.24- 76%
Day 35 (5th Thursday)0.54+ 125%
Week 5 Total8.85 cr
Day 36 (6th Friday)0.28- 48%
Day 37 (6th Saturday)0.41+ 46%
Day 38 (6th Sunday)0.50+ 22%
India Total Collections384.97 crore
Overseas Collections198 crore




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  • I’m really happy that Dangal has become the biggest hit of 2016 ….
    After all this was my wish .
    As for the biggest hit of all time ,Dangal deserves it …
    Congratulations Aamir khan fans !!!

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  • Aamir you have shortest height then why you always give ATGs and HGOTY ,and
    beat our
    King who is just 0.5 inch taller than you

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  • Acc to indicine Bhabijaan is the number one star of this decade who is yet to deliver the biggest hit of all time…
    He had lots of chances and all his films managed to get solo release .
    ETT had historic release date with two open weeks but it couldn’t beat 3idiots record but SRK did it and that too with one open week ( with clash ) ..

    /* In 2015 he had the best chance to break the record of pk and he also had the chance to beat pk’s record with sultan but he misrably failed. Lolsssssss ….

    * Aamir has give 3 all time highest grossing movie of all time in this decade but acc to indicine he isn’t the number 1 star …
    If this is not biasedness , then what is this ???????????????????

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  • great collection, shahrukh Sir if you can make content oriented films then your movies collections also the same of dangal movie after all you also a superstar of Indian cinema

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  • People talk as if Christmas never existed before 2008. All had there chances on Christmas. Akki Riding on success had both the slots diwali with action reply and Christmas with Tees Maar Khan, what happened everyone knows. The Festival seasons need a combination of Brand-Stardom-Trust-Content-Neurtal Audiecnes-Repeat values. These are required to bail the industry out of trobles. Remember Makers always make profit its the small vendors and distributors suffer. They all have hopes infact the only hope the Brand Amir in the most crucial period ( Brand-Stardom-Trust-Content-Neurtal Audiecnes-Repeat value) so Christmas never made Amir, infact its Amir made Christmas and Brought smiles to top to bottom level. Stats say in last 8-10 years it has been a small vendor loss if it was not an amir movie barring Dabang series. Cheers!

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  • 31cr third wknd- whooopi Cant believe it, I had predicted 31cr which was a conservative prediction but happy that it got this much.

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  • Sorry to say I don’t want to Dangal to cross 400 crores. This is enough !!!!!!
    Still 370 to 390 is enough.
    Again, if it does 400 crores, I won’t have any problem at all …..not jealous of Aamir’s success but I don’t want Dangal to cross 400 crores …… !!!!

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  • Iss aadmi ko salaam hai………dum hai kisime toe tod ke dikhaye………….

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  • Waiting for other stars to cross this record or even come close ,especially the biggest movie star of the planet with 3.5 billion fans and another 2billion fans on pluto and another 2.5 billion fans in andromeda galaxy

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  • 4th wknd at this pace should be 15cr

    I think friday will be around 3cr but I sill think family audiences will ensure another huge growth on saturday to about 5cr n Sunday could be 7.5cr plus…!

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