Dangal 300 crore mark: Will Aamir Khan top the year again?

In its journey to achieve its first target i.e to cross the 300 crore mark, Dangal has covered half the distance in just 5 short days at the domestic box office. The film still has 2 open weeks before the release of a small film like ‘Ok Jaanu’ and nearly a full month before the two big films ‘Kaabil’ and ‘Raees’ release in theatres.

That’s a lot of time for a film that’s carrying excellent word-of-mouth. But to push it to the next level and challenge the all time record of PK, Dangal needs a strong second weekend and one more 25 crore+ day which falls closer to the 30 crore mark.

While analysing, we came across an interesting trend for films that carry excellent word-of-mouth. The 2nd Sunday collections of Bajrangi Bhaijaan was 12% higher than the 1st Tuesday collections of the film. Interestingly, PK had the same but slightly better trend – which could be because of the Christmas week benefits even on a non-holiday. PK’s 2nd Sunday was 14% higher than it’s 1st Tuesday.

If Dangal trends like the two films that we just mentioned, it would be looking at a total of around 196-197 crore by the end of its first week and a 260 crore plus total by the end of its 2nd weekend (10 days). Not to forget, Dangal’s 2nd Sunday is also New Years, so there could be a further boost of 5% to business.

Unless there are unexpected drops, Dangal is almost certain to cross the 300 crore mark and become yet another ‘Highest Grosser Of The Year’ for Aamir Khan.

With all his previous Christmas releases since Ghajini in 2008, Aamir has not only delivered the ‘Highest Grosser Of The Year’, but also gone on to smash the ‘Highest Grosser of All Time’. Ghajini, 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3, PK – all were record grossers. All those films either had a top director, top franchise, top heroine or were out-and-out commercial films.

Dangal had none, which would make the achievement – if he does eventually get there – beyond extraordinary.

For the last 15 years, barring a few smart decisions like Dhoom 3, Aamir has chased excellence in film-making over box office records and it’s that sheer passion for giving his audience an unforgettable experience through his films – that has made the trust in the Aamir Khan brand stronger than ever.

It’s also the extraordinary conviction the man has to dedicate two years of his life to a film, putting no less than his health at risk, that makes him deserving of all the success that he gets and more.



  • GK Quiz
    Creator of
    100cr club- Aamir
    200cr club- Aamir
    300cr club- Aamir
    400cr Club – Aamir
    Biggest Day Ever- Aamir (Dangal)

    Superstar who took India to Oscars- Aamir

    Star with
    Highest Success rate in this century- Aamir (90%)

    But who is the no.1 star of the country as per trade & section of media –
    Sallu , Srk…!!!

    Matlab Aamir records pe records banata rahega par no.1 kehne ki baari ayi toh someone else will get the honour

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  • indicine bhai
    ghajini had a debutanymt heroine debutant director and no franchise

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  • If Dangal crosses 300 crores, it is a huge victory for cinema lovers.

    Success of Dangal would mean filmmakers stop thinking Indian audiences don’t have intelligence and “should leave their brains at home” kind of mentality.

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  • Yessssss,,,
    b’coz aamir khan deserves it..
    He is real king of industry..
    N0t sallu & srk..

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  • Dangal will cross 300 and will do 335 minimum for lifetime. What do u mean “smart decisions dhoom3”? Dhoom 3 was an awesome film filled with entertainment. Yes, it wasn’t made for everyone but it was appreciated and that’s why it broke records back when it released and became the highest grossing film. If a film is bad, no matter which star is in the film, it will drop and dhoom 3 never dropped in its collections. It was strong throughout.

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  • and wat is this franchise nonsense attaches to dhoom3 record???
    sallu no.1 khan came with franchise Dabangg2 on Christmas 2012 failed to beat 3 idiots by 45cr margin

    Aamir came on Xmas 2013 and crosssd dabangg2 in 5.5 days. . !!!!

    Franchise Franchise Franchise
    Bloody nonsense

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  • Record ke peeche mat bhago content ke peeche bhaago records jhak markar aapka peecha karegi

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  • Sultan also crossed 300 crore, but it had lots of mass entertainment factors like romantic content and dance numbers. Such factors are the reason why noone takes Bollywood seriously outside India. Dangal is better than sultan in every way.

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  • Plz also menti0ned figures of tuesday collection..s0on
    apka ‘bhai’ & bhai k fanz to jal jal kr mar rhe h0ngy..

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  • @Aman
    Dangal and Sultan crossed the overseas lifetime of FAN, Don 2, JTHJ in 5-6 days :D
    Aamir, Salman >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Srk in overseas.

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    Obviously Bro.
    Indicine as well as all trade and section of media always praise srk and salman .
    Every time aamir deliver highest grosser of all time and he has much succes % then compated to srk and salman. But also ebery put him nehind srk and salman.
    Now the time has came to declared that aamir khan is one and only megastar of bollywood.

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  • Dangal rightly deserves the collections. It deserves to cross 300 Crores. It’s one kinda gem of a movie. Except for a moments, everything was perfect. All the best.

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