Dabangg 2 Net Box Office Collections: Territorial Breakdown

Dabangg 2 has collected Rs 20.98 crore on it’s opening day at the box office. The Salman Khan starrer yet again managed to break the opening day record for a working day release.

Detailed territorial breakdown and the total Day 1 collections of Dabangg 2 below.


  • Mumbai – 7.48 crore
  • Delhi/UP – 4.10 crore
  • East Punjab – 1.62 crore
  • Rajasthan – 1.26 crore
  • Nizam – 1.23 crore
  • Mysore – 1.14 crore
  • C.P – 1.12 crore
  • West Bengal – 0.98 crore
  • C.I – 0.90 crore
  • Bihar – 0.45 crore
  • Others – 0.70 crore
  • Total Net Box Office Collections – 20.98 crore

We had a free tickets contest to predict the opening day net collections. The winner of the contest is ‘Vaibhav’ who’s prediction of 20.99 crore came closest to the final figures. An SMS has already been sent to the winner.

Stay tuned to Indicine for the weekend prediction contest. More free tickets to be won.



  • To all srk fan dont talk rubbish. Better to accept the truth. Otherwise u wl make ur self arrogant like srk.ppl go to theatre for entertentment and salman khan movie is 100 dose of entertentment.ppl dont like pakow movie i.e. Jthj


  • where those so called srk fan who always gives the figure of youtube likes. Grow up youtube has nothing to do with bo collection. Rather go to watch the movie in theatre. Proud to be a salman fan.


  • Just came out from the theatre . . Mine review is Dabangg 2 is completely diff from Dabangg the only similiar thing is the name Chul bul pande and his basic character. . . Really awesome


  • I expected a minimum 22 crore opening, so 21 crore is slightly disappointing, not because it is a small figure but because these figures are of a “SALMAN KHAN” movie. And incidentally a movie released on 21-12-12 collected 21 crores. So could lifetime collection be 210 crores net in india? Let us just wait and watch.


  • look at care fully
    3 idiots-202 cr
    Ek tha tiger-199 cr
    Dabangg-148 cr
    Bodyguard-145 cr
    Rowdy rathore-137 cr Ready-125 cr
    And dabangg2 wl definately cross
    150 cr or even may cross 3 idiots. For
    safe hand 150 cr atleast.
    To srk fan first cross ready then


  • I expected a minimum 22 crore opening, so 21 crore is slightly disappointing, not because it is a small figure but because these figures are of a “SALMAN KHAN” starrer. And incidentally a movie which released on 21-12-12 collected 21 crores. So, could lifetime collections be 210 crores net in india? Let us just wait and watch.


  • History says:

    Haters review: poor,flop
    Verdict: Blockbuster

    Haters review: Masala,no script
    Verdict: All time blockbuster by BOI

    Haters review: crap,disaster,poor acting
    verdict: Blockbuster

    Haters review: South remake,no script
    Verdict: Blockbuster

    5.Ek tha tiger
    Haters review: no story,poor acting,flop
    Verdict: All time blockbuster by BOI

    6.Dabangg 2
    Haters review: Poor WOM..bakwas
    will be the same…


  • Salmans performance is awesome mind blowing. . But i taught emotions scenes of salman will not be good but honestly guys m eyes become wet when is saw the emotion scene of salman specially his eyes were compeletly tearfull and red superb . . Salman had done award winnin performance Dabangg 2 really man awesome


  • The action scenes are superb specially the sounds of action scenes are really mind blowing but i missed openin action scene of salman shi t man. .


  • Salman bhai record list_ 1.6 atbb 2. 11 bb 3.8 year top movie 4.3 year regular top grosser movie 5.5 regular movie atbb and bb 6. 5 movie regular cross 100 crore 6. 3 movie crors 200 crore worldwide 7. 1 movie cross 325 crore ww 8. Ett distributar share 111 crore biggest record 9. 5 movie cross 120 10. Salman only actor in bollywood 100 year history his movie 5 regular movie atbb or bb 11. Last 5 movie break all history record


  • srk fans reactions …


    mnik before release:- mnik will thrash 3 idiots and be the highest grosser ever…

    mnik after release:- mnik was an awesome film…but its genre was different so it didn’t beat 3 idiots…next year srk coming in action genre with don2 & raone…they “will surely beat 3 idiots!!!!


    before raone release:- raone will cross ready in first week itself and definitely beat bg & 3 idiots!!!!

    after raone release:- people dont understand srk’s emotions and acting in raone…who cares!! anyways don2 will surely beat bodyguard!!

    before don2 release:- don2 will surely rockk bolywood and cross bodyguard in 1st week 7 lifetime will be 250 crores!!!

    after don2 release:- don2 was an awesome action movie…indian people don’t understand action….still next year srk will be in his main genre “romance”…3 idiots “will” be definitely thrashed by srk’s romantic film!!!

    before jthj release:- jthj will be the best film…we think that it will be better than titanic( this was the biggest joke i had read!!) jthj lifetime will be 200+!!!

    after jthj release:- jthj was affected due to sos & its genre was not good so it didnt beat ready!!!!

    anyways srk next year coming with masala film it “will” definitely beat ready!!!!

    moral of the story:- for srk fans the word “will” remains constant as they always like to remain in past or think of future… they hate present!!!!

    so what are your excuses srk fans for srk film in 2013!!!?????


  • salman ka golden period chl ra h use kisi cheez ki jarurat ni h like script
    salman nam hi kafi h bb krne k liye bt honestly guys movie
    me kuch khas ni h…i mean hr bar ki tarah fir se sikka chl gya
    salman ka



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