Court to announce verdict on Salman’s Arms Act case on January 18

The Jodhpur Sessions Court will give its verdict on the Arms Act Case, which involves Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, on January 18 2017.

A case was registered against Salman under the Arms Act for alleged possession and use of arms with expired license during poaching of two blackbucks, a protected animal under the Wildlife Protection Act, at village Kankani near Jodhpur in October, 1998.

The actor is said to have occurred when Salman was shooting for Sooraj Barjatya’s 3rd film ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ in Jodhpur back in the 90s.

It must be noted that this case is separate from the three poaching cases registered against him, for which Salman served time in the Jodhpur jail once in April 2006 and then in August 2007.

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  • Best Of Luck Bhai
    We Will support you in Jodhpur Jail too.

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  • Why this Drama…As usual he will escape using his money and influence…Verdict will be like that he was carrying a plastic pistol used by kids…Just like the verdict of Hit and Run

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  • If only bhai had powerful friends like say Dawood Ibrahim who I recall helped our Dadaji avoid prison after his Wankhede Hooliganism charges in 2012…!

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  • If only bhai was the second richest actor in the galaxy like our Pluto Boy then he too could buy his way out of this mess abit like The Wankhede Attack of 2012…!

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  • Justice for the innocent bhai has taken 2 decades out of his life but for the rich n powerful friends of Dawood like Pluto Boy they get swift justice after afew days n are declared innocent…!

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  • thats not fare indicine. not expected frim u. Dangal has acheived atg tag but no article from u. Dangal itni badi hit hui but itne less articles about its collection or records etc. your pred. also gone wrong horribly 265 to 315 and actual is 375 or 385. same happened with pk. whats your take????

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  • Sanjay Duty, who didn’t kill anyone intentionally or unintentionally, has been jailed because of his crimes.
    But our bhaabijaan who has crushed innocent lives on the footpath Roaming as if he is innocent … really what should we say further about this sort of law ????
    I can’t clutter my mind into such things that should be executed with justice but it will never happen because when money speaks everyone is silent even law !!!!!

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  • I must accept that Bhai is truly a legend, a Megastar. His stardom & Power beat #Hit&Run, #BlackBuck & now #ArmAct. #Salute to bhai’s stardom..

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  • Bhai breaks rules in his movie also
    In bajrangi he was escaping from India to Pakistan under the ground

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  • I trust Indian Juidiciary but not on times when they extend a session for an actor for 18 years, 19 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Always court take money & let him go, in this country only common or poor peoples are go to jail.

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  • Only The Almighty God, Salman And The Eye Witness know the reality…

    There is nothing against his fans and to him…

    But, If he is truly a guilty then must be punished… There are so many people who are punished and had been punished by Indian Laws as per their crimes… So, If there is anybody (Whether actor/doctor/policeman) who has done crime, should be punished accordingly…

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  • Highest grosser of year belongs to Aamir
    Highest court cases belong to Bhai

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