Countdown to Tubelight begins: Will Salman Khan continue his unprecedented run?

Very rarely does the industry get to witness the kind of run that Salman Khan is in at the moment. But that record is even more splendid if we look at his Eid releases in the last 7 years. 

It all began with the release of ‘Wanted’ in 2009, a film that did well at single-screens and smaller centres, but failed to impress the multiplex audience. It was during this time that the gap between Aamir Khan and the rest was widening with films like ‘Ghajini’ and ‘3 Idiots’ becoming the first 100 and 200 crore grossers.

Then came the movie that changed everything. Dabangg in 2010 went on to smash opening records and marked the beginning of an unprecedented run at the box office – the likes of which the industry has probably never seen before.

With the release of the teaser poster of Salman’s 2017 Eid release ‘Tubelight’, check out what the megastar has achieved from his last 6 Eid releases:

  • Wanted (61 crore): Massive hit at single-screens, audience return to theatres to watch Salman films. His television stint helps.
  • Dabangg (141 crore): Bumper opening. Surpasses ‘Ghajini’ to become the 2nd highest grosser of all time. Salman creates the Eid weekend, plans to make it his own.
  • Bodyguard (145 crore): Outstanding opening. Becomes the first film to collect 100 crore in a week (7 days).
  • Ek Tha Tiger (199 crore): Earth shattering opening, crosses 100 crore in just 5 days. Challenges 3 Idiots, but falls just short.
  • Kick (233 crore): Opens to excellent numbers inspite of Ramzan release (Pre Eid), becomes the first Salman Khan film to collect 200 crore.
  • Bajrangi Bhaijaan (321 crore): Sensing that the audience is bored of ‘masala’ films, Salman opts for a human story with emotions – which results in one of the biggest grossers of all time, again (like Ek Tha Tiger) falls just short of an Aamir-Hirani film, increases Salman’s credibility, fan base continues to grow.
  • Sultan (301 crore): Decimates every opening, weekend and first week records. Sultan becomes the fastest film to 200 crore and Salman’s fourth consecutive 200 crore grosser. Second consecutive 300 crore grosser during Eid. It’s unprecedented craze and stardom.
  • Tubelight: The euphoria around Salman and Eid has reached such a stage where anything less than 250 crore will look like an outright under-performer. More so when he reunites with the director who gave him one of his career’s most loved films in Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The expectations, both from the trade and the audience, will be at an all-time high. It’s once again going to be a film that has human emotions. Will Salman and Kabir Khan deliver yet another blockbuster?


  • *The euphoria around Salman and Eid has reached such a stage where anything less than 250 crore will look like an outright under-performer.*

    n 250cr is a distant dream for some Duniya ka sabse bada Flopstar….Ohhh! I forgot he has yet to touch even 150cr without Deepika 😂😝!!

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  • another blockbuster? ke bad question mark lagane ki jarurat nahi ATBB hai :D

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  • And morons who r saying it is a Risky project, For u’r kind info #TUBELIGHT has already made huge profit (Almost 250cr) with its Music rights, Domestic and Overseas rights so Stop commenting Baseless comments like it will be A Flop or a Disaster 😂😂. Come out from illusional world and face the reality..

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  • Great comback by salman..not easy to comeback in industry..he had one of the worst phase established actor ever seen..will love to see sallu and srk on big screen after long time..hope movie will be as good as bajrangi bhaijan..

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  • Super excited this EID…

    Min 300 Cr and Max Sky is the limit…

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  • wonderful artical And yes Not only Blockbuster It will be All time Blockbuster Mark my words
    For me anything Less than 300 crore it will be under- performer
    #100% sure Tubelight will Rock big time

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  • Many movies releasing along with tubelight @indicine, one from Hollywood transformer, south champ, spyder and one Bhaiyya ji superhit. Then how much screen it will get and will it become big grosser

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  • Yes…, Salman and Kabir will deliver another blockbuster.

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  • Nice article , highly impressed by you indicine , thanks a lot💕💕👌

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  • Yes he will continue to rule minimum next 4-5 years…
    Salman Khan D Biggest megastar in whole universe at this moment….

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  • Salman Khan is all set to deliver 12+ BB in this decade. There is no other bollywood star with 12+ HITS (forget Blockbusters) in a particular decade (Since 1980)….. Apart from Salman Khan himself…. He delivered 13 hits in 90’s. Shahrukh came very close in the last decade. He delivered 11 hits in 2000’s. Akshay Kumar delivered 9 hits in 2000’s….

    Imagine the AURA and magnitude run of Megastar Salman Khan…!

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