Consecutive 100 crore grossers: Akshay Kumar rises

There was a time not too long ago when Akshay Kumar would deliver big with one film and fall with his very next. That has changed in the last couple of years as the superstar has emerged as one of the most consistent actors in the industry today. In fact, Akshay has never been as consistent as he is now and that too at a time when the industry is facing competition from the ever increasing number of entertainment options.

His success ratio from the beginning of 2016 is 100% and while two years means one film for someone like an Aamir Khan, Akshay has appeared in 5 films and taken them all above the 100 crore mark. This is a major achievement because Akshay films, unlike most other ‘top star’ films are not made on huge budgets nor have they had top female stars.

He’s set the cash registers ringing for 5 consecutive films now and during the perceived ‘low phase’ that the industry is going through at the moment, Akshay is the reason why the trade is celebrating after a long time.

The ‘post Bahubali’ phase was filled with major failures from superstars like Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, but Akshay’s ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ has ensured that the industry now looks at the next few films with hope.

Akshay’s contribution aside, Salman remains the man to beat when it comes to consecutive 100 crore grossers. Even his biggest failure in recent times – ‘Tubelight’ – collected 120 crore, while SRK’s Jab Harry Met Sejal collected half of that. Salman streak has now touched 11 and ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ should be the 12th film. Even when 100 crore films become much more common in the future, the 11-film record of Salman will be tough to beat. With the audience rejecting mediocre films, all it takes it one bad film to end the streak.

Shah Rukh Khan holds on to the 2nd spot, but his run ended with FAN last year. The concern for him is the ‘minimum guarantee’ of his films was quite high just a couple of years ago, but that is now dropping to shocking new lows with films like FAN and JHMS. Akshay would be hoping to equal SRK’s record with Robot 2.0 (only Hindi collections will be taken into consideration). He could rise to second position with a risky but interesting film like ‘Padman’.

Aamir Khan’s run continues with Dangal, but he’d probably take 15 more years to get to Salman’s 11-film record even if each of his films do 100 crore or more from now.

Hrithik has to start again as Mohenjo Daro ended his run. Ajay Devgn, Ranbir Kapoor and others have to improve their consistency to match the Top 5.

Check out the list below:

  • Salman Khan (11 films – 8 years) – Dabangg, Ready, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg 2, Jai Ho, Kick, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Sultan, Tubelight (all-time record, streak should extend to 12 films with Tiger Zinda Hai)
  • Shahrukh Khan (6 films – 4 years) – Ra One, Don 2, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Chennai Express, Happy New Year, Dilwale (ended with FAN)
  • Akshay Kumar (5 films – 2 years) – Airlift, Housefull 3, Rustom, Jolly LLB 2, Toilet Ek Prem Katha
  • Aamir Khan (3 films – 3 years) – Dhoom 3, PK, Dangal
  • Hrithik Roshan (3 films – 3 years) – Agneepath, Krrish 3, Bang Bang (ended with Mohenjo Daro)

Note: Actors highlighted in green are unbroken records, which would continue until a film falls short of 100. The names in red are runs that have come to an end.



    • Let’s compare
      SRK vs Akki
      SRK 5
      Akki 0

      World wide
      SRK 9
      Akki 0

      Akki’s highest footfalls 2.1cr

      SRK has 7 movies whose footfalls are more than this

      Record opening
      Akki 2(SIK and another I forgot)
      SRK 6(Trimurti Koyla Karanarjun K3G mhn hny )

      Other highest single day
      Akki 0
      SRK 3(2nd day of VZ OSO Raone)

      SRK 2
      Akki 0000

      Talk about present
      Akki can’t give a 15cr opening

      SRK 2 ww 1 domestic 6 overseas
      Akki 0 in even a single category

      Keep your mouth shut


      • Why are you guys always competing?
        Box office is ephemeral.
        Just appreciate the amazing performances both of these superstars have done throughout the years.
        Respect them..both of them have made so many people happy and shared positivity. So why can’t we?


      • @aadav
        Let’s compare the same for Salman and Srk.

        Salman – 2
        Srk – 0

        Salman – 2
        Srk – 0

        Salman – 9/10
        Srk – 5

        ATBB (acc to indicine)
        Salman – 6
        Srk – 3

        Blockbusters (acc to indicine)
        Salman – 13
        Srk – 8

        Now tell us who is bigger Salman or Srk in their overall career.


      • SRK was “past”
        Akshay is “Present”

        and we all are in Present
        what happens in past it does’t matters

        Tell your SRK to deliver back to back 4 consecutive hits in a single year like Akshay {(in 2007-SIK,Bhul bhulaiya,Heyy Baby,Welcome and in 2016-Airlift,H3,Rustom})

        now Keep your mouth and Mind shut..


      • The article in which you are posting these bull shits is only about the rise of Akshay Kumar and fall of Shahrukh Khan. That sums it up. We can clearly understand your frustration. All the best for next time. By the time your actor comes with another flop movie next year Akshay will have another 3 movies in the 100 cr club, one of which (2.0) might be there in the 200 cr also.


      • Srkians logic born 90s movies collection dead is decade ka bata kitna superhit diya hai
        Akki superhit this decade from 2011
        Akki 7
        Srk 2


      • Srkians logic born 90s movies collection dead is decade ka bata kitna superhit diya hai
        Akki superhit this decade from 2011
        Akki 7
        Srk 2

        Akki 9
        Srk 5
        Akki 1
        Srk 1
        100 cr domestic
        Akki 8
        Srk 7
        100 cr ww
        Akki 20
        Srk 15
        So Akki >>>>srk


  • Well done Akshay Kumar…he turned out the saviour that the industry had hoped…
    I personally think Aamir should not be compared based on the consecutive 100crs…his 5movies of his last 6releases bettered his own highest grosser of all time…
    So Aamir is clearly on lead as comparison with the other actors..
    I feel that the star power of actors no longer matters and it’s all about content..
    The top actors should do films which has rich content and high entertainment quotient


    • Lol… if star didn’t matter TEPK would have crossed 300 or atleast 200 crs… Film needs Story + Star Power to be a Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan, Tiger etc… or Without Star power even best trending of akki failed to touch 100 crs in a week and struggling to cross 140 crs… so a film needs Star power to be a huge grosser and without Star power Film like TEPK, Hindi Medium barely will collect 130 crs… but We know where Salman and Aamir are… and collection of their good films aren’t reachable by akki even with 3 films combined…


      • Movies like Maine Pyaar kiya and Kaho na pyaar hai didn’t have star power They had newcomers

        So star power doesn’t matter


      • yes so called eid, diwali, christmas stars, no guts to release on non festivals, and if released on non festivals then become flops, akshay all films combined collection is light years ahead of khans, so dont bark, akshay is a parallel industry, distributors and exhibitors lifeline not khans who release only during festivals and even then fail to deliver


      • @Aamir Khan
        Did you even understand that comment? Starpower can no longer save bad movies(JHMS), no one said a big star can no longer ensure big grossers. Hindi Medium didn’t even collect half of 130 cr, what nonsense are you talking?


      • That’s exactly my point dude…
        Obviously Star Power matters but Salman doing films like tubelike and srk doing films like JHMS, Dilwale and other craps are making the audience lose trust in Bollywood movies.
        They should do quality movies like Aamir to make the Hindi Film Industry soar again!


      • Dont talk about star power… TEPK is a niche film and the collections it has received so far (huge rise yesterday as well.. 6.5cr as per BOI) its because its rich in content enacted superbly by the cast… its not a movie to be driven by star power… so called megastars like salman wont even dare to star in a movie like this… just going a bit away from his comfort zone in tubelight and we all saw the results. Salman doesnt have the capability to make a movie like TEPK/Airlift/Jolly LLB2, S26, Baby etc …. Even salman cant make a small film a huge 200+ cr grosser…. every film has its audience and is made on a scale keeping that into consideration. When u salman movie grosses 140cr its a flop since the budget of the movie is much higher… Akki makes 3-4 movies a year and keep distributers happy and help the industry grow.. once salman comes 4 times a year with low budget but content rich movies, then come and talk…. I to be honest dont care about stardom… i care about watching movies worth the price of the ticket. I will rather watch good small budget films like Airlift, TEPK, Hindi medium or even Salman hosting big boss (entertaining and free) than wasting 300 bucks on a film like Tubelight or even some of the Salman’s so called blockbusters like TZH, Bodyguard (horrible movies)


      • What happened to his so called star power in last decade? It’s not his star power it’s festival power which is why he gives so called blockbusters. But oops hold on wait. He even gave a disaster on his own so called big festival eid. LOL. Stardom my foot?


    • Why will they be jealous? Lol
      Seriously, no need to spread hatred. In the end, Kaabil will be remembered as a good film with an amazing performance:)


  • Now Varun,Arjun,Siddharth,Kangana films doing 100Cr Biz.
    100cr is No more Any Achievement.
    Dangal 2nd Week Collection is 100CR+.
    Aamir,Salman gives 100Cr in Weekend.


    • All actors u named literally have only 1 film that crossed 100 and that is also because of fluke..all other films are failing miserably to gross more than 60 crore which was a bare minimum for Akshay Kumar.. and Salman might have given 100 crore in a week but this time lifetime was only 100..before 3 films, Amir too gave a talaash…so it only takes 1 film to make or break a star.. and Akshay will be getting it soon to break into the 130-150 club as his bare minimum (currently it is 100 ) which is a huge achievement because flops of top 3 are nowhere close to this numbers ..and there is an upcoming movie featuring Amir Khan so we will have that to look forward to to see how much is the true power of Amir


  • He is unstoppable. He will be like catch me if you can nowadays. Looking upto padman, robot 2 and crack now. All are mixtures of genre’s like social message, masala and thriller respectively.


  • World wide gross adjusted for years will end up 1. SRK 2. Salman 3. Aamir 4. Akshay 5. Ajay 6. Raitik these are legends since last 27 years or so . No doubt . Khans are A class . others are B class . No match to all of these super stars


  • In future,I think It would be tough to soften 100crore looking at present scenario.
    Previously it was cakewalk for superstars to score 💯,but now situation has changed.not to be suprised,if Irffan hit the 💯 with his next if it contains the contents.


  • Consecutive 200CR Gossers:
    Consecutive 250CR Grossers:
    Consecutive 300CR Grossers:


  • A 120 Crore failure for Salman is actually a HIT for Akshay.
    I know it’s incorrect to compare but one finds it hard not to compare.


    • yes, 120 crore is failure for salman because the cost is 120cr, and 120 cr is hit for akshay because cost is 50 cr, it is simple math you idiot


  • If 2.0 become huge,then Padman will cross 💯 easily.I am sure about its content and performance of cast Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor.


    • 2.0 will remain a Rajini film. No comparison with mega star. Akshay is a bali ka bakra to get good opening in hindi belt.


  • Akshay Kumar Is Superb Actor The Way In Giving Quality Films To Bollywood Is Quite Outstanding – Bollywood Should Be Proud To Have Him!


  • Really 100 crore club?? Werent this dismissed by indicine couple of years ago??? Bahubali 2 smashed that in 1 day all languages and in 3 days for hindi??? I know i would have dislikes but come on 200 crore has to be minimum regardless!!! Indicine u dont need to post this article to please the akki fanz lol

    They are deluded any ways


  • Dont know why I have no interest in any Bollywood movie or bollywood news after the big failure of Jab harry met Sejal, for me SRK is not only a star, he is very talented actor of bollywood we have, but everything is going wrong these days. I visit INDICINE after long time. I personally thiink that now we can’t make a hit movie in the name of SUPERSTAR. Akshay Kumar does very good job now with in a row of hit movie in a year. His movie selections are very right now. Hope that SRK come with very good movie next year. Best of luck for all..


  • All this means is that even today 100cr is not that easy to attain which imo is kind of tragic considering that our industry afew yrs ago saw films earning 200cr so that means the industry has gone backwards…!



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