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In the last few weeks, our inbox has been flooded with questions related to Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s Chennai Express – Release date of the trailer, update on the shooting schedule, screen-war with Akshay Kumar’s Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again were some of the most frequently asked questions.

Here is all the new updates that we currently have on Chennai Express.

Shooting: For the first time in 6 years, Shahrukh Khan took time out during the IPL season to complete Chennai Express in time for the EID weekend. The last shooting schedule is currently in progress in Kerala. Almost 90% of the film is complete.

SRK Deepika Chennai Express

Release Date: Although the official announcement hasn’t yet been made, Chennai Express will release on 8th August 2013. Confirmed.

Trailer: The Chennai Express Trailer or Teaser will be out next month. There are rumours that Shahrukh Khan might unveil the trailer during the IPL final in Kolkata.

Music: There were reports that SRK wasn’t too pleased with the music of Chennai Express, composed by Vishal-Shekhar, and has asked the music composer duo to rework on a few tracks. (Not true, the 2 songs that Vishal-Shekhar presented to SRK and Rohit Shetty was approved immediately). The music is expected to release in the second or third week of June.

Pakistan Release: CE was slated to release in Pakistan on August 8th, but the film might release a week or two after EID. A journalist in Pakistan tells us that the Pakistan Film Producers Association took the decision to not release both Chennai Express and Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again because two big Hindi releases might affect the business of 4 Pakistani films like War, Ishq Khuda, Mera Naam Afridi and Josh. SRK commands a huge fan-following in the country and his last release Jab Tak Hai Jaan did record business. Chennai Express stands to lose at least 5-7 crores if the release is delayed in the neighbouring country.

Screen war: We’ve spoken to quite a few people in the trade and it looks like Chennai Express will be the first choice for exhibitors. The film is almost certain to have around 25% more screens and will also be allotted more shows at multiplexes. CE should release on 3000 screens in India.

More Chennai Express News Updates soon. Stay tuned to Indicine.



  • now akki fans will say that both the movies should be given equal screens… guys its the exhibitors who have decided, so it’s they who need to be convinced.

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  • Release Date: Although the official announcement hasn’t yet been made, Chennai Express will release on 8th August 2013. Confirmed.

    indicine is confirming the date,there is no need of producers.
    The film is almost certain to have around 25% more screens and will also be allotted more shows at multiplexes. CE should release on 3000 screens in India.
    even utv detained the news of screen booking.i dont know why this partiality towards srk.indicine has to change

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  • Exhibitors knows the difference bet ce and ouatima. They knows ce ll perfect choice for
    eid.becoz eid release means entertainment not
    fake dongiri.

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  • 3000 screens !!!!!!! thats so ridiculous !!!!! now how will OUATIMA get a fair release ?? it might hardly get 1500 screens !!!! :((((

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  • It is necessary to send this article Vishal that he has filed a lawsuit on your site for a lie!

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  • I dont think akshay will cry like ajay devgan coz akhay is not a small star. Even ekta kapoor wont cry coz i think she is a strong woman who knows how to promote her films.

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  • Ce will release 25% more screens than outim2.and it wil release in 3000 screens.totally there is 10000screens in india.5000thousand screens for regional cinema 5000screens for hindi cinema.acc to the above report ce wil release in 3000screens and outim2 wil release in 2250screens.totally false news

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  • The fact is that,al the critics r saying that outim2 wil take better opening than ce and audience r very intrested in outim2 than,just to please some srk fans indicine posted this article.

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  • Wow vishal shekhar music. . . . . . ! ! !well i m a hr fan,bt also like srk . . . . Nt like some jealous srkians like romance xprss

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  • Eid will be saved by OUATIMA against the Diwali Destroyer Srk. All the best Team Milan and srk please continue driving your Chennai Depress past Eid date and release your pile of crap 2 weeks later or any other date but leave major religious festivity dates alone…! :-P

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  • even though i have nothing to do with srk or akshay, but i would say both chennai express and ouatima are huge movies, so promoting one over the other would be unfair, there should be equal attention, i hope indicine pays a little attention to this , anyways this eid is going to be huge . but i am more inclined towards ouatima than ce !!!!

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  • Ouatim2 and soaw are same type of movie at the
    time of ouatima release peoples already watch
    this type of before ouatim2 as soaw so they havnt interested in ouatim2 so they watch ce.

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  • What the problem if the screens are not equal i think who love an actor and his movies will watch them even if there is only one screen and if there is no weekend too,
    he will find aplace and time .
    but to the producers it is all about business and that is their work to spreed their movies every where
    but to the fans they should only worry about movies content not the screens numbers or the clashes , net worth and release dates, it is not their problem its the producers prob.
    to fans it suppose to be all about having some fun with ur friends or ur family, spend nice time while watching ur fav actor
    thats it no more.

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