Chennai Express Dialogues: Top 10!

Here are 10 of the most popular dialogues from Chennai Express directed by Rohit Shetty. While Shahrukh Khan’s dialogue “Don’t underestimate the power of a common man” is arguably the most popular dialogue in the film, Deepika Padukone’s “TC ke saat jo hui….” which was seen in the films theatrical trailer has also become a huge hit with the audience.

One of our favourite lines from the film is the when SRK says “Bass… bahut ho gaya.. itna gussa chadadiya tum logon ne.. ki.. mein baith hi jaata hoon”

1. Rahul naam toh suna hi nahi hoga.. Meenamma: Phone.. Rahul: Nokia lumia 920 advanced floating lens technology.. wireless recharging docking station, high quality audio and metro styling.. Rs 34249.. Meenamma: Isse call kar sakti na?

2. Rahul: After all, Dadaji bhi All India Radio ke zamane se, Twitter tak zinda rahe. Ek Achi khasi zindagi jee kar gaye. Bass at that very moment, maine decide kar liya.. Goa is on!

3. After the DDLJ moment when Rahul pulls Simran err.. Meenamma into the train.. he says “Maine pehle bhi kiya hua hai aise, actually.. sorry mujhe jaana hai'”

4. One of the most popular dialogues in the film: Don’t underestimate the power of a common man…

5. Meenamma: TC ke saat jo hui tum uska solo witness. Isliye tum humare saat Kombangao jaati, Chennai Express le.

6. Meenamma: Woh komban area mein mere father ka bohat respect hai, you know periyatelai? Teacher? Elle.. Don.

7. Rahul: Logo ki train miss hoti hai, aap logo ke chakkar mein mera platform miss ho gaya.

8. Meenamma: Gaadi kharaab ho gayi hai kya? Rahul: Nahi. Meenamma: Ye gaadi se dhuaan kiu fir? Rahul: Gaadi cigarette pee rahi hai

9. Rahul: Meri dictionary mein impossible ka shabd hi nahi hai. Mennamma: Kahan se kharidi itni bokwaas dictionary?

10. Rahul: Chinna mudail hogayi.. Meena chudail hogayi.. Meenamma: Ayyoo.. bola tha na baju mein nahi sone ka, childhood praablem.. sapna dekhti toh kick marti. Rahul: Tere abba ka scooter hoon jho kick marti hain, tu don ki nahi donkey ki beti hai. donkey ki.. Meenamma: Sorry, come and sleep. Rahul: Never.. never mein tere saat kabhi tere saat sleep nahi karunga. Tu chudail hai chudail.

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  • Indicine, please publish those scenes in which Rahul & Meenamma communicate with songs – in the train. That too is too funny.

  • My fav is “don’t under-estimate the power of common man”
    as my nick name is nkp,so whenever i am with my friends ,for fun,i say them “don’t underestimate the power of nkp”:D:p

  • ”Don’t underestimate the power of comman man” is specially for haterzzz
    all 10 dialogs are my fav


  • Rahul: Meena!!! jaldi kuch karo …… Aunty : Karo !!! Naughty Naughty ……. Rahul : not naughty……

  • Mohabbat wo mohra hai jisme bade badon ko maat mili hai

    Mai aur tu aur beech me ek ladki bas,ho gyi na ladaai shuru

    Aslam:Anjaane me agar mujhse koi glti ho gyi to
    Shoaib:Tu apna bachcha hai Aslam,tere matam pe ek pack extra lagaunga par saale tujhe maarunga zaroor mai..

    Har aate-jaate raste par likh do yahaan kanoon ka aana jaana mana hai..

  • Meena,washing powder meena,mai jitna bhi kamina,insan to hoon meena,

    Meenalochni arga….sundaram

    Where is the temple????

  • all dialogues would be remembered for ever.
    but don’t underestimate the power of common man is just awesome

  • I liked 1 dialogue very much in “CE” bcoz it looked made for only Srk and acceptable dialogue to me when Rahul was in the boat going to Sri lanka with smugglers and Police came and arrested them and Rahul started to prove that he was not with them then one smuggler said to police-Sir yeh mera aadmi hai and Rahul said-Aur tu meri aurat hai

  • its good to be important but it also important to be good……..climax dialog superb!!!!!!!

    the best way to escape from ur problem is to …..face them !!!! it was inspirational

    ye sab log mujhe chahte he qki ye rishta he……
    par tu mujhe chahta he….tabhi to ye ..rishta he….
    it was touching!!!!!!!
    dialog nahi samjha toh movie dekho thik se

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