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Chennai Express Dialogue Trailers

The makers of Chennai Express have released 2 new dialogue trailers.

Dialogue Trailer 1 – Has SRK repeating the same dialogues

SRK – Don’t underestimate the power of a common man

Deepika – Halwaai

SRK – Dont underestimate the common of a power man.  I mean power of a common man.

Dialogue Trailer 2 – Is a lot more funnier. Starts with Deepika kicking Shahrukh out of the bed.

Deepika: “Bola tha na? Baaju mein nahi sone ka. Sapna dekhti toh kick marthi” (Told you na? Not to sleep next to me. I kick in my dreams)

SRK: Mein kya tera abba ka scooter hoon ki kick marthi hai. Tu don ki nahi, donkey ki ladki hai. (Am I your dads scooter that you kick. You’re not don’s daughter, you’re donkey’s daughter.”



  • 40cr on 1st day if salman fans support ce and i think they support us, ce won’t break any record, it will create history.

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  • Not much impressive dialogues. Hope they will soon release the second trailer of CE.
    Eagerly waiting for the same.

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  • Awesome Trailers….. Tu Don Ki Nahi, Donkey Ki Beti Hain….. Mindblowing….

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  • Whatever Deepika is spouting is not south indian accent. It is so fake, and forced. Saw Kapil’s show and she was terrible in that, and why does she keeps on giggling god only knows.

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  • Yes we salman fans should support this movie. It will be entertaining.

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  • SRK is really trying hard to tickle the funny bones bt these dialogues are EPIC FAIL,And SAME WAS THE CASE WITH HIMMATWALA.

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  • 2nd dialogue is very funny. But i also expecting some of srk’s romantic dialogue. We all know that srk is the king of romance. Hope indicine will release ce’s romantic dialouge also. Waiting eagerly for 9th august. CE will rock the world.

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  • second one is epic…..”tu don ki nai , donkey ki beti hai”…lolz….as of now, only two dialogues r revealed…so much better can be expected frm this srk starer classic…
    @LEATHERFACE….y r u afraid??? have u invested some bucks in ce??? or ur livelihood depends upon its success???? if u r afraid to that extent, then don’t bother to comment at ce related pages….better go and watch craps of ur interests….

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  • @xzone well who is intrstd in craps easily suggests by ur so much affctn to ce dialogues which are crap and bored to death PJs. Seems lyk u r really AFRAID BOUT CE BOX OFFICE CLLCTNS DATS U GAVE A REPLy 2 ME RATHER DAN POSTING UR OWN VIEWS.

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  • @LEATHERFACE who said u that dialogue r not funny???.. if don’t like srk plz don’t visit srk related pages …promos of ce r Awesome …

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  • @LEATHERFACE…lol… dialogues r not may b ur view…u r free to share it…(#though u ll have to face a lot of bashing indeed….)..but who r u to predict abt the fate of ce??? that it will go on himmatwala’s way bla bla bla??? just wait for its release and guys like u ll get a severe attack…mark my words…by the way…i have seen it first time an id named as “leatherface”…so it won’t be strange that u manage to escape away after release of ce….afterall, u r an old salman fan with a new id…isn’t it?????

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  • Now both Srk & Sallu fans will watch Chennai express…so what about of Akshay & Ajay ???…b’coz Karan-Arjun now back

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  • bhumi
    u better worry about ce.
    do u think salman fans watch ce now.
    movie lovers watch every movie whether whoever fan they r.
    nothing will happen to akshay.

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  • @ Boss.. Yes very true.. but to a certain extent wht Bhumi is saying is also true.. I know one of my frnd who was againts SRK all these years, he would not even bother listing to any of his song bt not he is impressed with dailoge promos of Ce and we have planed to watch this movie on 11th Aug.. actualy first day is booked wt smone special

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