Chennai Express Box Office Prediction

The trailer of Chennai Express is out and the film looks like a complete family entertainer with action, comedy, romance and good music. With Balaji postponing the release of their upcoming film Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara, Shahrukh Khan is set to take centre-stage during the extended Eid weekend starting 8th August.

The festive weekend has been record-breaking, credit for which goes entirely to Salman Khan. It all started with Dabangg in 2010 breaking the previous record of 3 Idiots. A year later, Bodyguard took a earth shattering opening, collecting Rs 21 crore on it’s opening day. Last year, Salman successfully completed a Eid hattrick with Yashraj Films’ Ek Tha Tiger  breaking all previous records with highest single day collections of Rs 32.92 crore. The film eventually went on to collect Rs 100 crores in 5 days!

Chennai Express Box Office

The year-on-year growth in business is staggering:

  • 1. Dabangg (2010) – 14.5 crore
  • 2. Bodyguard (2011) – 21 crore (44% growth)
  • 3. Ek Tha Tiger (2012) – 32.92 crore (57% growth)

If the trend continues, Chennai Express might come close or even better the opening day collections of ETT, as 8th August marks the end of Ramadan and 9th August is a national holiday for Eid-ul-fitr. Business is likely to pick up after the holiday, on Saturday and Sunday, as the muslim section of the audience come out in numbers to watch the film, as was the case with Ek Tha Tiger last year.

We asked a few distributors, exhibitors and box office enthusiasts who follow the trade closely – to predict the opening day, opening weekend (4 days) and opening week collections of Chennai Express. Finally, we averaged the numbers out.

  • 8th August, Thursday – 25 crore (opening day)
  • 9th August, Friday – 29 crores (national holiday)
  • 10th August, Saturday – 18 crores
  • 11th August, Sunday – 26 crores (Holiday)
  • Extended 4 day Weekend – 98 crores
  • First Week (7 days) – 132 crores

Note: Chennai Express is likely to release on 3400+ screens across the country.

What are your box office predictions for Chennai Express? Post in the comments section below.



  • My predictions:

    Less than 100 cr in 6 days.

    Lifetime (Domestic): Around 135 cr.

    Please post OUATIMA boxoffice predictions too. Thank you.


  • well done indicine.. u got it right! but 18cr saturday is a bit low after 29cr day! make it atleast 20!
    Anywayz good,honest & unique prediction


  • my prediction is :-

    8th August, Thursday – 24 crore (opening day)
    9th August, Friday – 30 crores (national holiday)
    10th August, Saturday – 19 crores
    11th August, Sunday – 28 crores (Holiday)
    Extended 4 Weekend – 101 crores
    First Week (7 days) – 135 crores

    lifetime – 170cr(if OUATIMD turns out to be good)
    lifetime – 205cr(if ouatimd prove to be a disaster)


  • Not possible yaar. CE is not ETT. It doesn’t have a year’s hype nor it has Salman or Katrina who are currently biggest stars


  • My predictions are 160 cr+ for ce…bcoz it will be a mass entertainer and classes r already wid srk….he has been ruling among classes since a long time….


  • Prediction looks accurate. But 10th august will be around 20-21.5cr. And sunday may be 25cr.
    But still total will 135cr in wk1.


  • My CE Box Office Prediction

    8th August, Thursday 27 crores
    9th August, Friday – 33 crores (national holiday)
    10th August, Saturday – 26 crores
    11th August, Sunday – 32 crores (Holiday)
    Extended 4 day Weekend – 118 crores
    First Week (7 days) – 150 crores


  • I hate predicting it cuts out all the movies value and think only in its box office numbers .

    also it is so early to predict wait for the songs

    But if things goes right as the trailer and if the story was valuable then it will be sooo huge movie.

    loved the trailer alot , SRK looking so dashing and so stylish , dp is so funny , the dialogues are so hilarious :D

    smashing 1


  • Good prediction but my heart says Chennai Express will cross 100 cr within 4 days weekend and 140cr plus in 7 days. Life collections will be minimum 180cr plus but if ouatimd is rejected like Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 then CE surely cross 200cr mark.


  • The number of views and likes on YouTube does not matter. Films are NOT made for online audiences and people on social networks. They are made for ticket-buying audiences. JTHJ has the maximum number of likes for a Bollywood trailer, still it was merely a Hit. On the other hand, Rowdy Rathore, YJHD, etc have lesser number of likes, but they are blockbusters.


  • U guys gone crazy or what ..This movie gonna be Himmatwala Part2
    First day : 20 Cr
    2nd day : 22 Cr
    3rd day : 15 Cr
    4th day : 18 Cr
    5th Day :12 Cr
    6th Dat : 10 Cr
    7th Day : 10 Cr
    Total : 107
    Lifetime : 135


  • I think will be Blockbuster !! Trailer is awesome and movie will be much more.SRK and Deepika are so sweet and funny together….great jodi……….
    Go SRK !!!!!


  • For me, Chennai Express trailer is one of the most liked trailer after 3 idiots. Specially last part of the trailer is simply OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD. Although, my prediction goes wrong most of the time, nevertheless, i will give a try
    1st day – 33 crs
    2nd day – 32-33 crs
    3rd day – 21 crs
    4th day – 30 crs
    4 day weekend probably will come around 110-118 crs. This humongous opening simply bcuz
    a) Trailer had already exceeded the humongous expectation it carried
    b) Trailer is completely different from all other masala movies
    c) SRK’s masala movie coming after long gap with excellent backgound music.
    d) Deepika tamil accent really clicked, in the trailer. So I am pretty sure tht in South India, movie gonna do a miracle kind of business
    e) Comedy scenes which we seen n trailer is really hilarious, so it would bring family audience in large amount.


  • It will be definitely a bb. . .in my views,its opening day will be between 25 crs to 30 crs. .its life time collection will be about 150 crs. .


  • @jm yer bro youtube likes are nothing, its indicate classes accepted the trailor and jthj is a class film, jthj is a oversease blockbuster and multiplex also. And ce is a mass oriented film and if class accepted the trailor and become youtube blockbuster then ce will be sure shoot blockbuster.
    Note yjhd got heighest no of youtube likes than anyother ranbir and deepika starer film even it got more likes than ready, rr an d2 but less than jthj thats why yjhd col 180cr plus and i think it may cross 200cr also


  • indicine
    if ur prediction becomes true even srk will die with heart attack.
    i wont give any predections.just wait for the time of release.
    trailor is not upto the mark.
    i say one thing.
    rohit shetty himself said”i wrote this script in 2008.and i asked lot of actors but it didnt worked out .”
    finally srk accepted it.
    check yesterday toi article on srk and rohit.
    120cr is the target for ce.



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