Can’t expect every film to do business like Bajrangi Bhaijaan: Kabir Khan

Filmmaker Kabir Khan, who delivered two back-to-back blockbusters with Salman Khan in 2012’s Ek Tha Tiger and 2015’s Bajrangi Bhijaan, has expressed disappointment over the failure of their most recent film release ‘Tubelight’. The film was one of the bigger box office disappointments so far this year.

“You make a film with a lot of love and conviction and if it doesn’t do well the way it was expected to do, it’s disheartening. I am disappointed” Kabir was quoted as saying by the Press Trust of India (PTI).

Kabir also said every film cannot do business like the classic ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, which went on to collect more than Rs 320 crore at the domestic box office. ‘Tubelight’ has collected 200 crore less, even though it was expected to ‘easily’ become the highest Hindi grosser of the year so far.

“We can’t expect every film to do the business like Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Every film of mine is put against Bajrangi Bhaijaan and it is unfair. I am extremely proud of Tubelight”

“It’s too early to analyse what went wrong with the film. Maybe people were not able to identify with the character of Salman. But I was happy with what Salman did and even he was playing this part” Kabir added.

‘Tubelight’ released in theatres during Eid this year.



  • well said!!!!
    and Tubelight is still better than 80% of Salman films…so instead of bashing KabirKhan salmanfans should be thankful to him for giving Salman his highest grosser and a classic like Bajrangi bhaijaan…
    Salman is having many blockbusters but not classics, kabir gave him a classic in the shape of Bajrangi


  • People should understand that BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN jaisi film sadi mein ek baar banti hai. So they should not compare each and every film of KABIR or SALMAN to that film. Ab waisi film kabhi nahi aani. TUBELIGHT was a below average film that’s a complete different thing though. It had bad screenplay and Salman’s acting was one of his career’s worst. I’m a Salman die-hard fan but this is the truth which I just wrote.


  • kabir sir its not fault your direction and story was superb but you choose a wrong star who doesnt know even a of acting if it was srk or aamir or hritik in that role then it would have easily earned 300 crores


  • every actor and director make a film for success both of them are trying something new and that’s good bhai has done several types of movie and tube light is one of them


  • and salman fans who are criticizing kabir khan remember he gave your bhaijaan his first atbb of this decade bajrangi bhaijaan and tubelight could have also become atbb if salman could do some good acting its not kabir’s fault that sallu does worst acting he was the only reason why tubelight flopped at box office some even calling sohail panoti lol sohail acted way better dan salman in tubelight when salman cries audience laughs lol is this acting


    • Don’t talk rubbish, bajrangi bhaijan written by an acclaimed writer. But tube light is written by crapest writer. That’s why it didn’t do well. Kabir is a good director but not a good writer or story teller.


    • What kabir said was “salman is 5 times better than what he was in bajrangi bhaijaan”….. please don’t misquote”


  • Very well said
    At least tried to something Different
    This is undoubtedly one of D memorable performances of SALMAN KHAN
    But majority of his fans doesn’t like D picture
    And frm D very first show rejection got started
    Love frm a SRK fan
    Keep trying Best of Luck for ur future projects.


  • One of the biggest problem in Tubelight was that Salman was seen crying throughout the film. Audience couldn’t really connect with it. Even Pk was a child-like innocent character but the character was well written by Hirani, Kabir Khan has failed in that department. Plus there are the audience expectations from the actor. These type of characters are risky for the Top superstars. If someone like Ranbir Kapoor was there in Tubelight, the expectations and result would have maybe been different.


  • The hindi audience now prefers larger than life characters. Salman ‘s character was way too simplistic..

    But he will be back to his larger than life character roles with TZH. That movie is awaiting to be huge BLOCKBUSTER just like BAADSHAHO which is looking like a pure Hindi film with all the desi feel and larger than life characters n dialogues!!!

    Hollywood rip offs n plagiarized films r getting disaster tags one by one.. And stale b-grade films like Mubarakan n Munna Michael r not even in the picture.


  • Salman’s comfort zone is masala movie. Let him be in that zone forever if you want him to collect money, not quality content


  • Most irritating is when you log into this site and you get to read comments of @ SRK’S JABRA FAN @ navin @ tiger the real king & @ javed .


  • I liked d movie but perhaps coz I had gone in with open mind ..just ti see d movie and not kp comparing …also its a one track movie basically devoid of heroism closer to real life where u CNT help few things …Indian audience ..a large part peehaps dnt connect WD such storytelling …subtle mostly dsnt work …..Salman was brilliant ..sohail good …supporting cast did Dr job …Zhu Zhu was breathtakingly beautiful …also d dialogue delivery wasn’t cringeworthy as hapoens in Hindi cinema Whn foreigners given Hindi lines to speak …matin was adorable
    Having said all DAT few issues:
    Scene of Zhu Zhu mking Salman understand and DAT speech Whr every other word was yakeen …DAT tested d nerves
    Srk scene ..DAT was underwhelming ..DAT was promoted as turning point in Salman character but I ddnt enjoy in terms of d movie ..felt stretched(now bfr srk fans say biased …he was OK ..I HV prblm WD d scene itself ….Kabir’s issue)

    Finally overall d film was good and d story as it was ..cldnt see how Kabir cld HV MD it different but certainly it ddnt bring those tears after a while coz felt scenes repetitive in second half ..DAT emotional connect was missing …Salman’s character cld HV bn gvn few dialogues in Dr or better edited instead of just long sequences of Salman crying…

    Now for critics
    Dey daid war sequences is poor …but DAT was good ….it was meant to show china troops more in no …it was shown ….den d battle was on huge plain sort of land …not much to hide Whn attacked not much chance ….and d war was not a one day afdair …again shown nicely over tym …sohail growing beard ..lukin weary as other troops …
    Preachy was anthr issue of critics …honestly bfr Watchin I thought DS must b true if nothing else but aftr Watchin it wasn’t lk DAT ..lot of subtlety …lot of social commentary thru scenes which was apt …if sm1 questions ur nationality dn u WL rply lk DAT ..only issue WD overuse of yakeen word …..dialogues few stood out but some places were very ordinary …
    Lastly Salman`s criticism was pathetic looked lk Pre set ageNDA

    Kabir and Salman just for attempting DS kind of movie weren’t gvn much credit befr d dissection ….I think DS was ballsy for dz guys coz of current climate of hyper nationalism and also racism within our country directed towards Indians by Indians ….
    To end wld say Kabir and other writer failed to engage aftr second half as assuredly as in first half (not entire sec half)….overall I enjoyed but sayin DS coz d movie was rejected by audiences so Dr has to b few issues ….I m no expert in filmmaking but I wrote what I felt after introspection …
    To Salman and Kabir dnt b disheartened and if similar genre kind of script excites u in future dn go ahead mk it and try to mk it better and not b scared of DS result

    Salman haters …see d promo of DS movie ..u only claimed Dr wasn’t much buzz ABT it and all ….and DS was no commercial cinema ..Masala …still Salman scored 60 plus CR in opening weekend …stardom .
    Dnt question it mindlessly ..but dn Dats askimg too much from u fellas


  • It’s a good thing that Tubelight flopped so that Kabir Khan can learn a lesson or two. Move away from war films, and save the paying audience a similar torture u served us with ur stupid Kabul Express with Saif. Take a holiday, re-invent ur self and return with better tolerable stories. Thank u.


  • wtever but the reality is TUBELIGHT is biggest disaster of 2k17 and eid..! and may just I think that salman fans wants him as a mass avatar not in crying and mentally challenge avatar… as everyone knows he cant act so tubelight is not for salman.. keep SRK or AAMIR in tubelight in place of salman then see it will do max 300cr..! Bollywood plzz let salman do remakes of south…. other wise he will become 2000 to 2008 salman khan..! who use to be a disaster king!


  • Raees : republic day release, screens – 3400 , clash ,lifetime – 131 crores
    Tubelight- Eid release, solo release,screens – 4350 , lifetime – 120 crores
    Aakhir Baap Baap hi hota hai.



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