Box Office Predictions for Dhoom 3 and Krrish 3!

Indicine movie critic and trade analyst Joginder Tuteja answers 5 box related questions from our readers.

Hrithik Roshan - Aamir Khan

Hrithik Roshan – Aamir Khan

What is your box office prediction for ‘Dhoom 3’ and ‘Krrish 3’? I know it’s tough to compare these films but what’s your opinion that which film is gonna do more, even if a little more? – Rakesh

  • As things stand today, ‘Dhoom 3’ would do more than ‘Krrish 3’. Though both franchises are extremely huge in their own right, ‘Dhoom’ as a brand has a better recall value. Moreover Aamir Khan coming together with Yash Raj Films holds an edge as well. Also, the franchise has boasted of much more popular music. On the other hand, the Roshans have taken a huge plunge with ‘Krrish 3’ which is pretty much a calculated gamble. The fact that both films are releasing on a holiday will brighten prospects for both. In any case, as you rightly said, it is tough to compare them as both are all set to enter the 200 crore club.

What would have been the collections of ‘Tere Naam’ (which is considered Salman’s best performance till date with record breaking music) if released today with Salman being the top star? – Arjun Singh

  • ‘Tere Naam’ would have certainly done business of over 100 crores quite comfortably due to his superstar appeal as well as superhit music. However let’s not forget that though the film boasted of a very good performance from Salman, the overall product had seen mixed reactions due to its disturbing content. In fact the dark mood of the film, especially in the second half, would prove to be a little repelling for family audience, something that prevented ‘Agneepath’ too from covering a much greater distance. Hence it safe to presume that ‘Tere Naam’ would have reached around 120 crores but not beyond.

Can ‘Race 2’ become second 100 crores plus movie for John and Jacqueline (after ‘Housefull 2’) and first for Saif, Deepika, Anil and Ameesha? Or will it choke around 90 crores like ‘Talaash’? Both films are thrillers genre. – Rohit

  • As you read this, ‘Race 2’ has already crossed the 90 crores mark (official figure) and is well on it’s way to be a 100 crore success. It would manage to achieve this milestone by end of third weekend, if not end of second week. The film has done what was expected out of it. With this, Saif, Deepika, Anil and Ameesha would find their way for the first time into the 100 crore club while John and Jacqueline would make it two in a row (as a pair) after ‘Housefull 2’.

‘Special 26’ isn’t looking like a 100 crore grosser but do you think that Akshay Kumar’s star-power can still draw crowds to theatres in the opening weekend despite the fact that this will be his sixth film in last 10 months? What sort of business does it need to do to emerge as a clean hit? – Aashish Thappar

  • ‘Special 26’ would take a good opening at the box office though it would be futile to expect anything in the range of a ‘Rowdy Rathore’ or a ‘Housefull 2’. The film can expect overall business on the lines of ‘Oh My God’ since it isn’t one of those quintessential hardcore commercial entertainers in the offering that find audience across age groups, segments and territories. Expect multiplexes to throw better numbers here. It doesn’t matter that ‘Special 26’ would be Akshay Kumar’s sixth release in 10 months. If ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2’ were to release today, it would smash the opening record of ‘Rowdy Rathore’.

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  • Dhoom3 is Bigger than Krrish3 because HRITHIK ROSHAN took Dhoom franchise to all together different level with his KILLER LOOKS KICKS DANCE PHYSIQUE and INTERNATIONAL APPEAL, though I fully trust ACE DIRECTOR RAKESH ROSHAN, he always delivers Amazing stuff .

  • i too agree special26 will not take record breaking opening.
    if content is like ‘omg’, 100cr is a easy thing.

    and about k3 and d3. k3 will collect more than d3

  • “Dhoom 3” will be bigger than “krrish 3” in everything whether it is box office collection or quality of cinema bcoz it has bigger brand(dhoom),bigger production house(yrf) and of course bigger star (aamir khan).

  • @Raj Dude Krrish3 has Rakesh roshan as Director and Ra1 had Anubhav Sinha….RakeshRoshan is n times better than Anubhav, Roshan’s Last 3 Directorial Venture are Smashing BLOCKBUSTERS at the BoxOffice.

  • Any one want to bet with me this year also salman,s movie will top at the boxoffice.these two d3 and k3 has fake hype.

  • Dhoom ‘3’ & krrish ‘3’ can collect as much as 333 crores or more worldwide but ‘special 26’ will do around 78-105 crores.

  • Waqt Batega Ki Kya Hoga….Yaad Hai……
    KITES (Aane Do Movie Ko Blockbuster Hogi)..
    Aur Hua Kya Flop Ohh Sorry Globaly Flop.
    TALAASH (Aane Do 200cr. Kamaegi ATBB Hogi)….
    Auq Hua Kya Movie 90cr. Par Chupak Gayi Aur Chupak Hi Gaya Semi Hit.
    Aur Ab D3 aur K3 Yaaro Jyada Mat Udo Warna Jab Giroge Toh Bahut Lagegi.

  • Krrishh 3 will be another this diwali.So much hype and publicity,and in the end, verdict-just a hit.

  • Aamir will not suit as villain in dhoom 3.I think dhoom 3 will collect maximum 150 crore due to hype and dhoom franchise.thats all…

  • K3 will collect more than d3 for sure..hrithik ‘s the man who raises the d3 standard to the next level…both movies will collect huge around 225 crs..

  • today u guys r excited abt dhoom 3 only coz of its brand value, n its hrithik only who tuk dhoom franchise to an altogether diff level wid dhoom 2 , dhoom was jst HIT bt dhoom 2 was worldwide blockbuster !! n remember dhoom 3 is being directed by vijay krishna acharya who had d tashan dud bt krrish 3 is being directed by legendary rakesh roshan ! n dose ppl sayin dat dese two films r only abt hype, dey shud realise dese films hav been in d mekin fr many years nw, each n evry aspect of dem r been given imp, so dere is least chances of faults in dem !! both krrish 3 n dhoom 3 r gonna smash d box office, bring it on !!

  • These movies will be class and mass entertainers

    1) Chennai Express
    2) Mental/Radhe

    These 2 movies will rock B.O.. Aamir has lost his star power. Remember what happened to Talaash?

  • Wow, some silly predictions. Talaash without any publicity and not a entertainer gained more than expected.

    No one expected it to gross 100 or 200 crores.

    D3 is going to be huge, and Hrithik didn’t do great for D3, infact people still loves D1 than D2, and with Aamir in the fray, you got to be sure that content with rule. Now, if content is good along with an entertainer it is going to be a superhit.

    I can’t tell how much it would collect, but 150+ looks good.

    K3 can collect around 100.1 or 110.2 cr at the most.

    Compare this: D3 – Aaamir, Dhoom Franchise, Katrina etc.,
    K3 – Hrithik.

    This is no match. Also, rememeber, it was Ash’s magic too that pulled people to D2 and not Hrithik alone.

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