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Bollywood Movie Releases in August 2013: Confirmed List

Barely a month ago, Chennai Express and Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again were set to face-off during Eid. Satyagraha was slated for release on August 23rd and Shoojit Sircar’s Madras Cafe was set to arrive on August 30th.

In an effort to avoid a clash, Shahrukh Khan met Jeetendra and the two mutually decided to shift OUATIMA ahead. Balaji Motion Pictures officially announced that the film would release on Independence Day. They also, quite surprisingly, changed the title of the film to Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara.

August 2013 Releases

August 2013 Releases

Soon after the announcement, there were murmurs in the industry that Prakash Jha’s Satyagraha would be postponed to August 30 and the rumours turned out to be true. This meant that the film would now clash with Madras Cafe, John Abraham’s second home-production after Vicky Donor.

John was left with 2 options – stick to his earlier announced date or release his film on August 23rd. Postponing the film was never an option as more than 8 medium to big budget releases are scheduled for theatrical release in September and October. He chose to avoid the clash, as Satyagraha is a star-studded film, and instead prepone his film by a week.

Below is a confirmed list of major Bollywood movie releases in August 2013.

  • Thursday 8th August 2013 – Chennai Express (7 open days)
  • Thursday 15th August 2013 – Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again (8 open days)
  • Friday 23rd August 2013 – Madras Cafe
  • Friday 30th August 2013 – Satyagraha


  • Chennai Express will create Havoc at the Box Office. In August only SRK Mania all over. Then in November will come the Biggest Film Krrish3. Hrithik will rock.. And then im December. Tingu in Bike. Dhoom3 wl Doom.

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  • Dont think krrish3 will get much success. Dhoom3 gonna easily beat it. Indian super hero film standards can never much Hollywood standards. People like Srk , Rakesh and Hrithik should not be over ambitious. Just saying fact.

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  • this means chennai express gets 1 open week 1 shared week and an another week shared by thee films.outimd gets 1 shard week and 1 week shared by three films
    my prediction for ce 155 crand for outimd cant say may b 100 cr smhow

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  • i hated ajay devgun in sos bcz he is an actor of top quality who deserve movies like gangajal,apahran,rajneeti and outim,his act in outim was fantabulous with emran hasmi walking on his foot steps but now outimd has akshay who i believe cant do intense roles he is gud at comedy,i love akki in comedy movies but it would be hard work for akki to compensate the act done by ajay in outim and with imran in the movie i prsnly believe he doesnt diserve to be an actor he is expressionless.

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  • I think Chennai Express will has 3800+ screens fr open week..Next week 2500 Screens..then will reduce to 1500 screens and fr two more week…
    So 135+ cr from 1st week..35 cr next week and 20cr rest weeks…
    Lifetime 190 crs..

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  • This august chennai express will be a blockbuster, OUATMD will be declared a hit, madras cafe will be average, satyagraha hit

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  • indicine.
    do u feel madras cafe is competition to OUATIMD? not at all there are 15 open days for ouatimd till satyagraha comes.

    nexus, akshay is better in dons characters than SRK. ce will have 7open days and 15 open days for ouatimd.
    ur prediction is wrong.
    ouatimd 160 cr+
    ce 100 cr+

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  • Boss your prediction is wrong ce can easily beat ouatimd and i think ce lifetime collection is 150cr and ouatimd collect only 80-100cr

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  • @ dks your tingu beat all your lambus in dec. 2013 and made new trend of 300 cr. And your train is going in depress and your superhero is return with another remake

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  • Yes their isn’t any salman film this year so clearly 1-d3/k3 2-k3/d3 3-yjhd/ce will be the top 3

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  • @boss. Madras cafe is the product of vicky donor director, so cant be ruled out of competition. Satyagraha will be a nice movie for sure but for limited audience. OUATIM will be high of content due to director. But in festival season, people will look forward to Entertaining movies. Now comes Chennai express, deadly combination of Rohit shetty and shahrukh khan was on the card already but now deepika’s Chennai accent will add more value and will lead this movie in to a different league altogether. If u look practically then u will understand chennai express gonna take earth perhaps universe shattering opening for sure. My prediction for following movies relating to 1st day business
    Chennai express (1st day) -- 38 crs
    Second is a holiday so
    Chennai express 2nd day -- 35 crs
    OUATIM Dobara (1st day) -- 22 crs (only if they come up with atleast good trailer and good music plus chennai express shud have mixed wom) else
    else 1st day would be -- 16 crs
    If both films carry mixed wom then
    Madras cafe (1st day collection ) -- 6-7 crs (john after shoot out.. is capable of giving atleast this)
    Satyagraha (1st day collection) -- 8 crs

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  • @boss you are wrong outimd will have two shared weeks as ce will continue its run till the release of satyagraha and outimd has no open week, ce will have screen as much as 3500 screen as it is solo reklease whereas outimd may get 2000 screens for opning and if ce turn out to be gud than ce might get equal screens with the release of outim.And as for don’s role is concerned i said b4 ajay was better in outim and srk was stylish in don so,akki will never do judgement with his dongiri

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  • Top grossers ranking will be:
    1. OUTIMD
    2. Madras Cafe
    3. Chennai Express
    4. Satyagraha

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  • haters are underestimating the power of Srk.. don’t worry this august you ll know.

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  • @boss…u really think that your prediction will be true. Srk is coming with a MASS film. Even his ultra class films earns huge money at the box office. Now with ce even the mass audience will go to the theatres in huge numbers. Both the multiplexes and the single screens will be houseful! And then there is eid factor too! Considering all this u think ce will collect just 100cr. A class film without any comedy and intense emotions like jthj earned much more than a mass masala film like SOS in India. Now just imagine how much a mass film can earn!! This is only in India! In overseas OUATIMA cannot even touch ce!! This August srk will destroy ouatim!! Mark my words!! I know u will still argue with me after this. Lets just wait till August and u will get your answers!

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  • @sangram, you know why indian cinema is lagging behind in terms of technical aspects and international cinema ?? because of people like you who alwyas have pessimistic thinking. why can’t you encourage someone who is making hard efforst to put bollywood in an international platform ?? krrish 3 is factually the biggest release of this year much bigger than dhoom 3 in terms of scale,production and release. it was hrithik who made both krrish and dhoom 2 huge blockbusters in 2006, without hrithik, dhoom was an action, he made it hollywood standard action film full of slick and style. aamir will also do his best but if you think krrish 3 can’t match hollywood superheroes, can dhoom 3 match hollywood films like fast and furious ?? not even 10%. hollywood is ofcourse larger than us coz of their technics and budget. nobody is expecting krrish 3 as big as man of steel of batman trilogy, we just want a gripping movie a family entertainer this diwali with standard vfx and awesome action. same applies for dhoom 3. why be pessimistic to any film, remember rakesh roshan(master of sci-fi genre in india with 3 decades of experience) is director of krrish 3 while vijay krishna acharya(first film disastrous tashan) is the director of dhoom3. a director is the captain of the ship.

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  • @soroop
    second thing,,8th august is a partial holiday,,so at the max it can do 25 crores(which looks impossible looking at the trailers) will you please tell me about the remaining 13 crores???(38-25=13..for your info.)..and well about your advantages of CE,,we all have heard the same kind of advantages during every srk release.but they turned out to be huge disadvantages.(i.e.-RA.ONE is a diwali expect all records to be shattered.but before the release--RA.ONE was diwali release,so it could not break records because of pooja.,,DON2 was christmas release,,so expect all records to be shattered.after release,,DON2 was christmas release and it was class film,so couldn’t break records.LOL)..about OUATIMD,,i am telling you and all srk fans again,,please don’t worry about OUATIMD..just concerntrate on CE i.e. HIMMATWALA2.

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  • sorrop;38 cr first day and 35 cr second day is more than impossible ,just forget it.ce is releasing on aug8 which is working day.aug9 is,max first day will be 20+,remember yjhd has the highest first day for nonholiday release ie 20cr.ce wont collect more than that.but ouatimd is releasing on aug 15 which national,first day of ouatimd will be 25cr+ assuming 2800screens least.if it gets more screens than that it will be more

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