Bollywood 2013: Top 10 Highest First Week Collections

After a poor start to the year with only one clean hit (Jolly LLB) and one huge disappointment (Himmatwala) in Q1 2013, the second quarter began well with Chashme Baddoor striking box-office gold. Other Bollywood releases in April like Nautanki Saala, Commando and Ek Thi Daayan were ‘plus’ films.

Quite surprisingly, the first runaway ‘blockbuster’ of the year was Mohit Suri’s Aashiqui 2, which collected 35.45 crore in it’s first week at the Indian box office. Although the film released on just 1100 screens, the collections were only 8% lower than Himmatwala which released on 3000+ screens and had a ‘A-list’ superstar like Ajay Devgan.

Top 10 Highest Week 1 Collections in 2013

  • Race 2 – 69.6 crore
  • Special 26 – 39.8 crore
  • Himmatwala – 38.7 crore
  • Aashiqui 2 – 35.45 crore
  • Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola – 30.2 crore
  • Chashme Baddoor – 29.2 crore
  • Any Body Can Dance – 25.91 crore
  • Kai Po Che – 25.25 crore
  • Ek Thi Daayan – 24.5 crore
  • Nautanki Saala – 18.7 crore

Which film do you think can surpass the first week collections of Race 2? Tell us in the comments section below.



  • Salman khan fan VS Sharukh khan fan

    Salman fan : Sharukh khan is finished after 2009
    Sharukh fan : In ur dream, right?
    Salman fan : His film’s collection is dipping
    Sharukh fan : Veer (2010 ) – 38 crs ( total nett collection )
    Dabangg (2010) – 175 crs ( total nett collection )
    My name is khan(2010) – 166 crs ( total nett collection )
    Ready (2011) – 145 crs ( total nett)
    Bodyguard (2011) – 171 crs ( total nett)
    Ra one (2011) – 159 crs ( total nett)
    Don 2 (2011) – 176 crs ( total nett )
    Ek tha Tiget (2012) – 243 crs ( total nett )
    Jab tak hai Jaan (2012) – 172 crs ( total nett )
    dabangg 2 (2012) – 202 crs ( total nett )
    Sharukh fan : Here u can see sharukh is leading in 2010 and 2011 and salman leading in 2012
    Sharukh 2010 with 1 movie – 166 crs
    Salman 2010 with 2 movies – 215 crs
    sharukh 2011 with 2 movies – 335 crs
    salman 2011 with 2 movies – 316 crs
    this proves sharukh khan is king of bollywood till 2011
    Salman fan : But our sallu is leading in 2012
    Sharukh fan : But nobody can become king in 1 year
    Salman fan : In India collection, salman is far ahead
    Sharukh fan : We agree in India boxoffice salman is ahead but Worldwide collection, sharukh ruled till 2011
    Salman fan : but look at Indian collection
    Another salman fan : look at India collection
    Another one : look at india collection
    Sharukh fan : Dont bark guys, here we are talking about total earning
    Salman fan : look at india collection
    Another Sharukh : No use telling about total boxoffice earning , they will only bark about India


  • Aashique 2 has proved again that the screen count alone or the presence of A-list superstar in a film does not mean huge business.


  • @soroop
    Well poor SRK fans need to write such a long article.And they will add all the collections(from anywhere)
    Srk fan:Rs 2 from begging on the streets+Rs 50 of srk’s underwear+… on.
    Haha, lol


  • Also this SRK will prove Panauti for Rohit Shetty this year.
    Breaking news:Chennai express derailed,srk found crying putting his head on deepika’s shoulder!!!


  • akshay injured on the sets of encounter

    Akshay Kumar’s next, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again, is almost complete and ready for an Eid release. However, work has slowed down on the few portions yet to be shot after the actor injured himself while shooting for another project, forcing him to rest. A source close to the actor

    reveals, “Akshay started work on a film, which is tentatively titled Pistol and is being directed by AR Murugadoss of Ghajini (2008) fame. The movie is full of action sequences and Akshay got injured while performing a stunt that involved him running down a flight of stairs and jumping. In the process, he ended up twisting his ankle.”
    The source adds that he was in a lot of pain and the shoot was stopped immediately. However, he insisted on completing the scene as there was some issue with permissions for the location. He was to resume shooting the following day, but has been advised against it.

    “There’s no amount of preparation or training that can brace you for an accident. A fall is a fall, but the good news is that at least I didn’t fall from the sixth floor where I started my stunt,” says Akshay.

    The actor, however, is happy that he’s recovering fast. He says, “I’m a lucky man. Thanks to the crowd that cheered me on, I felt less pain, and was able to finish my stunt before dashing off to the hospital to scan my injured foot. I have a big climax scene to complete next week, so I really have no time for pain.”

    He adds that he’s practically living with his foot in an ice bucket these days. Akshay says, “It’s the cheapest, fastest and most natural way to recover from any injury.”


  • @Soroop
    Superb comment my brother!
    Below are the worldwide gross box collections of last few SRK & Salman films(Including 1st,2nd & 3rd phase):
    My Name Is Khan=227 crores crores
    Don 2=242 crores
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan=255 crores

    Dabangg=215 crores
    Ready=185 crores
    Bodyguard=227 crores
    Ek Tha Tiger=307 crores
    Dabangg 2=252 crores


  • Boxoffice Comparison Of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan From 2000-2012.

    NOTE : I Have Not Included Those Years Where Anyone Of The Both Actors Have No Releases I A Particluar Yea (Maine Un Years Ko Add Nahi Kiya Jaha Done Mese kisi Ek Actor Ki Release Na HO)

    Shah Rukh Khan ——– Mohabbatien (33.25 cr – 2nd Position).
    Salman Khan ———— Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega (17.50 cr – 6th Position).

    Shah Rukh Khan ——- Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum (48 cr – 2nd Position)
    Salman Khan ———– Chori Chori Chupke Chupke (16.50 cr – 6th Position)

    Shah Rukh Khan ——- Devdas (32.50 cr – 1st Position)
    Salman Khan ———– Hum Tumare Hai Sanam (13.75 cr – 6th Position)

    Shah Rukh Khan ——- Kal Ho Na Ho (35 cr – 2nd Position)
    Salman Khan ———– Tere Naam (12 cr – 11th Position)

    Shah Rukh Khan —— Veer Zaara (40 cr – 1st Position)
    Salman Khan ———- Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (29.50 cr – 3rd Position)

    Salman Khan ——— No Entry (43 cr – 1st Position)
    Shah Rukh Khan —- Paheli (13 cr – 21st Position)

    Shah Rukh Khan —- Don (51 cr – 5th Position)
    Salman Khan ——– Jaan-E-mann (25.50 cr – 13th Position)

    Shah Rukh Khan —- Om Shanti Om (79.42 cr – 1st Position)
    Salman Khan ——– Partner (61.19 cr – 5th Position)

    Shah Rukh Khan — Rab Ne Banadi Jodi (86.78 cr – 2nd Position)
    Salman Khan ——- Yuvraj (17 cr – 24th Position)

    No Shah Rukh Release, So No Comparison Between These Both.

    Salman Khan —— Dabangg (142 cr – 1st Position)
    Shah Rukh Khan — My Name Is Khan (72.75 cr – 4th Position).

    Salman Khan —— Bodyguard (147 cr – 1st Position)
    Shah Rukh Khan — Ra.One (125 cr – 3rd Position)

    Salman Khan ——- Ek Tha Tiger (199 cr – 1st Position)
    Shah Rukh Khan — Jab Tak Hai Jaan (122 cr – 4th Position).

    Shah Rukh Khan Data:
    Blockbuster = 3.
    Super Hit —- 3.
    Hits ———– 5.
    Averages —- 0.
    Flops ——— 1.

    Success Percentage —— 91.66%

    Salman khan Data :
    Blockbuster = 4.
    Super Hit —- 1.
    Hits ———– 1.
    Averages —- 4.
    Flops ——— 2.

    Success Percentage —— 50%

    SHAH RUKH KHAN Topped 8 Times.
    SALMAN KHAN topped 4 Times.


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  • @soroop Great story but for the record when you have a supposedly intelligent conversation with a bhai fan then make sure its not a joker calling himself ‘beingsallufan’…! That clown is very much a Srk fan and his intelligence only just beats your very own level…
    2 srk fans discuss boxoffice numbers,
    ‘remotecontrol’ brings the India collections figures.
    ‘soroop’ brings the Worldwide Collections figures.
    Now both argue about how to work out the very important ‘Overseas’ figure.
    ‘remotecontrol’ wants to multiply the numbers together.
    ‘soroop’ simply wants to add the figures together.
    Then ‘john cena fan’ arrives and says:- “hey guys You Cant See Me and this overseas figure, why dont we add together the figures and then add the number of screens and the number of shows and call that the overseas figure???”
    Both ‘remotecontrol’ and ‘soroop’ say:- “What a brilliant idea our brother wearing short pants.”
    Before the party can start ‘IMAM’ arrives:- “Hey before you publish the data, let me bless the figures with my home made holy water and to give you guys credit, let me publish the figure during my next sadistic press release and tell the world I got this figure from my highly reliable sources in the
    Afghan mountains…!”


  • saroop srk is nothing.just seeing overseas we cannot call him king. and INCLUDING INDIA+OVERSEAS dabangg2 and ek tha tiger has better collectionthan alll srk over alll ling is salman.


  • soroop, even in trp salman is ahead of srk bodyguard, dabangg.salman is most search bollywood actor on google.salman is also voted higher than srk in most sexiest man in asia. salman is ahead of srk in almost everything now.


  • @DANISH, thnx. I have given net collection of each SRK and salman films.
    2010 – SRK leading
    2011 – SRK leading
    2012 – salman leading
    But trade, medias, salman fans, haters only talk abt INDIA’s collection and exaggerate. But truth is SRK was leading untill 2011. I have given everything with PROOF.


  • @spot boy. I took from, which we everyone follow. The collection which i given is not gross collection, infact it’s net collection. That’s why u got confused Mr. KING (of idiot world )


  • @Navin. I dunno why ur spreading so much foolishness. Bollywood is not just for indian people. Bollywood films are for every bollywood lover. Trade and salman fans can boast off indian collection. Leave india collection and overseas collection behind and take films total earning i to consideration then u will find sharukh khan ruled untill 2011, its a fact. Salman is ahead in 2012, just for 1 year?!


  • I think by the end of the year, Race 2 won’t be in top 5. There are too many big released coming up.

    Although Salman might not have a movie releasing at the end of the year, there’s Aamir, SRK, HR, and Akshay. Even Ranbhir’s YJHD can overtake Race 2. And I hope like Kahaani, Ghanchakkar will also be a super hit :)


  • @boss No doubt srk allways king of oversease and sultan of bollywood more than 20year. Boss col more than ouatim2 as it solo release and great action and universal apple. Ouatim2 clash with bollywood badsha film remember king khan and rohit combo, and ouatim2 is an adult content gangstar film like shoot out at wadala.



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