Best and Worst Trending Bollywood Films of 2017

Irrfan Khan’s ‘Hindi Medium’ is the best trending film of the year, while Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ is the worst trending film so far in 2017.

When comparing Day 1 business to lifetime collections, a word-of-mouth film without major stars has an advantage, while a rejected film featuring a superstar will almost always have the worst possible trend.

‘Hindi Medium’ and ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ are films with limited star-value. The box office start was slow for both films, but since the word-of-mouth was exceptional, both films grew and sustained after the weekend. Even then, what ‘Hindi Medium’ achieved was phenomenal because the ‘Bahubali 2’ hysteria was still on and ‘Half Girlfriend’ had also released in theatres.

On the other hand, films like ‘Tubelight’ and ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ opened to big numbers, but just about managed to collect 4-5x more than Day 1. This was because, the presence of major stars like Salman and Shah Rukh brought audience in big numbers to theatres on the opening day, but negative reports discouraged neutral audience from spending on movie tickets.

The most difficult trend to achieve is for ‘star films’ to do more than 10 times lifetime business when compared to Day 1. Some films that achieved this feat were ‘Kaabil’ and ‘Mubarakan’. Both films were under-performers on Day 1, but finished with decent lifetime totals due to audience liking the film.

‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’ is probably the best trending ‘star’ film of the year so far, because it opened very well at the box office and yet finished with around 10x lifetime business. After that it’s the two Akshay Kumar starrers, Toilet Ek Prem Katha (which could achieve 10x plus) and Jolly LLB 2 (close to 9x).

It’s also worth mentioning that anything less than 5x of Day 1 is incredibly poor because most films do 4 times of Day 1 in the first weekend itself. For example, a poorly trending film like ‘Jagga Jasoos’ collected 8.57 crore on its opening day and ended its first weekend with collections of 33.17 crore – that translates to 3.87x (nearly 4) in its first weekend itself.

So for ‘star films’, below 6x is poor, below 5x is dismal and anything close or below 4 only happens in the most exceptional of circumstances when the film faces universal rejection. Anything over 7-8x is good, above 9x is very good and 12x onwards begins to fall in extraordinary range – which is something that Bahubali 2 achieved even though it took an earth-shattering opening on Day 1.

Check out the table below:

MovieDay 1LifetimeRatio
Hindi Medium2.8169.624.77
Lipstick Under My Burkha1.2218.9515.53
Baahubali 241510.7312.46
The Ghazi Attack1.6520.312.30
Toilet – Ek Prem Katha13.1125-135*9.5-10.3
Badrinath Ki Dulhania12.25117.989.63
Jolly LLB 213.2116.868.85
Naam Shabana5.1236.767.18
Jagga Jasoos8.5754.166.32
Sachin: A Billion Dreams8.450.896.06
Ok Jaanu4.0823.615.79
Half Girlfriend10.2757.655.61
Meri Pyaari Bindu1.759.595.48
Begum Jaan3.9420.915.31
Guest In London2.110.645.07
Munna Michael6.6532.824.94
Commando 25.1425.094.88
Sarkar 32.19.934.73
Jab Harry Met Sejal15.2561.74.05


  • the makers of tepk are manipulate collection as much as possible but indicine @120cr is comes 100% correct in real collection


    • Good… Happy to see Akki’s film collecting well but comparing him with Salman, Aamir & SRK is ridiculous. Even with HR is ridiculous coz…..

      …… The Best trending film of Akki’s career TEPK which crossed 20 crs on two days which never happend before in akki’s lifetime is struggling to cross 100 crs in a week I.e., 7 days and struggling to cross 130-140 crs in lifetime… so this will be very ungrateful to compare with them who has given Such huge blockbusters…


      • Yes its remember this that akki never got any support from big banners..srk got from yrf and dharma, salman from rajshree…his launch was by them…aamir though hardly got support from big banners…bt got the chance to work with big directors. akki was called the non brainer star…hardly got chance to work with big directors…also it was his fault he lost out a huge portion of his fanbase. …due to poor choice in 2009s…bt now he is getting it back…and also its true khans are better bt combined the 3 khans they have done just 5 films in last 20 months…bt akki alone did 5…and all were successful. ..and between khans only sultan and dangal were success among 5 films


    • JHMS, OVERSEAS collections total US$ 10 million to date, running third behind Bahubali 2 US$14,3 and Raees US$14.1 for 2017. TOILET has collected US$2.3 so far and is 10th on the list. It can move up to 7th. overtaking Jagga Jasoos US$2.8 and Mubarakan US $3 before completing its run. As you can see , internationally the preferred film is JHMS without a doubt


  • irony is …akki’s best wom movies collecting maximum 120 cr without any clashes and advantage of holidays while hrithik’s kabiil did close to 100 cr with the clash ….and they compare akki with khans and hrithik.….


    • Idiot have u forgot when hritik’s high budget movie with big director collected 50cr and Akshay’s small budget movie with new director did a business of 130cr. Both released on same day. Only difference was :- Rustom had Akki while MD has crap hritik. Hritik has no comparison with Akki. Akki lives in his own league.


      • first of all mind ur toung u moron…and for ur kind of information hrithik’s bad WOM movie bang bang did 180 cr and what is the highest collection of makhi’s movie ..134 cr lol….that’s the difference between ur makhi and hrithik. …


    • Yes,Hritik’s kabil did 💯 cr with Rakesh Roshan Jadoo Calendar with one of the best wom with best performances with republic holiday with best revenge drama with Urvashi routela item song with one of the most beautiful old songs remix from movie Julie…do I need to say more? Or do you have anything to say?


      • U forgot..’with clash’ with so called Badshaah of Bollywood..Yes it did 100+ much deserving than any other film..


      • And ur kaki just woke up after gotten older like shit.. Just Remember how many Disaster he has given throughout his entire life.


    • Srk and hritik are both destroyed by akki on clashes, these 2 fangroups have no right to mock akki, mohenjodaro-55 cr(rustom-126), jhms- ran away in fear-62 cr(toilet-120)


    • Lol bangbang did 180crs?which planet?hritik has survived just bcoz of fake collections n his can any1 manipulate the collections by 40crs lol


      • Why my comment getting posted? Bang Bang was produced by FOXSTAR. It is clear why Only Hrithik films keeps getting underreported by trade sites. Bcoz he is the ONLY one who dominated n challenged the Khans.


    • Hrithiks bad wom film is mohenjo not bang bang..bang bang had an average trend and that also only because of jadoo calculator coll3cted more than 180 while real collections are 135-140


    • Tu Ussi actor ka fan hai na jiski movie 2 years baad aayi this air clash mein 50% bhi nahi kar payi this and verdict was DIEASTER…
      Difference between Jadoo Boy And Akki…


  • If Srks next with ALR again turns out to romantic drama then that movie will also fail big time.. People are already bored with Srk-Anushka and then u add katrina and its Jthj all over and even that movie was barely a hit.. what srk need is a don or a dhoom to come back into race bcz we want him in race.. 3 khans run the industry wether u agree or not.. so no hopes at all from dwarf movie!!


  • Good films for entire family will always have good trending. BareillyKiBarfi will also show superb Trending as it is a clean Family entertainment movie.


  • jab harry met sejal would trend better than hindi medium if it titled why harry met sejal then people might understand the film better


  • Trending is depend upon Content/WOM if I’m not wrong..
    And Bad phase is a period when even a good film of a star failes at box office :)


  • I understand @indicine ..To remain popular site among fans you have to manipulate and bring down some movie’s lifetime collection.But why every time Hrithik??? Kaabil was clean hit despite clash.


    • You have Shivaay on 100 cr on your site. So any reason you refused to include it? Or is it the same Indicine vs Ajay romance saga😂. One word .. Biggest hypocrite site that suit what fans(specific) wants to see and opportunity to degrade Ajay since he is your most hated superstar.
      Kaabil too now same thing? What is going on? Stick with a figure,you post 100 cr and 100 cr + on the actors movie collections then later even after reviewing and changing figures you still left their figures at 100 so why ommision?


  • In real terms Bahubali is best trending movie because of its opening while JHMS and Tubelight are worst trending with JHMS toping.
    Tubelight if not beacause of Eid migjt have done around 105-110 cr, more than 5 times opening which is still better than JHMS.


  • Shows that neutral audience have lost faith in SRK, it will be very tough for him to get the confidence of audience unless he turns out like Akshay Kumar or Salman Khan (from Dabangg) !!!!!!


  • One movie underperform and every one start writing him off, but don’t forget that he has given 8 Blockbuster or above in this decade which is a Phenomenal Achievement…..Tubelight collects 21cr with all the negative factors from supporting cast to Off-Beat genre to worst release period and 66cr on its weekend (Ramadan Period) with negative WOM, its content that fails not Salman Khan……If Salman’s next 4-5 film underperform like Srk movies then I will also agree with haters, but till then I can only say, haters wait for TZH…..

    Just wait for TZH and you will know the real power of Megastar Salman Khan….


  • @Indicine You said Kaabil collected 100 cr at-least if not more than that!! and now changing Your own research collection!!!wow….clap…


  • Unfortunately indicine quotes varying figure for Kaabil. There are contradiction in multiple indicine article about Kaabil collection…shame on Indicine. Bollyhungama n koimoi quoted 127+ CR for Kaabil with opening day as INR 10.46 cr and that is excellent considering offbeat subject and greatest clash of 2017.

    Indicine is anti Hrithik post mohenjo daro. This is sad but true.


    • Nothing against Akshay not at all but you are quoting producer figure for Tepk while quoting trade figure for Kaabil? Chiii!!!
      Double standard at its peak!!
      Yes look at my name very well, i know planning to mock Ajay again probably next q&A , after mocking at yourselves for not posting Socha hai songs and piya.m songs from baadshaho but posting some crappy songs from B grade movies.
      Its ok if you dont post this but everyone knows it here, i cant figure out what has a Single Man done to you ,it was Kjo not Indicine for heavens sake!!! So what are all these cheap way of dodging articles of a big movie? Have you seen the top 10 chartbusters songs for this month? Do you know from which movies? Then why not posting anu song from Baadshaho just because the 1st song you posted got a massive reaction here and everywhere. I know am not the only Ajay fan complaining even Srk Salman and Akki fans have been asking the same questions where are updates,promos and songs of Baadshaho?


  • whtvr ..
    just announce TEPK biggest hindi hit of the year when it reaches 130CR or still bdrninth will b bggest hit 4 you as it had ur fvrt VD.


    • @Sunny Akkiholic I thought i was the only one that had that feeling. Its quite evident , this site are so one sided that everyone notices who they hate and who they want to forcefully make an overnight Superstar talking about Varun Dhawan one Indicine and Kjo hottest asset.
      Pity you guys seriously and after you will be saying we fans accuse you of being bias.



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