Bahubali 2 Hindi set to cross 300 crore mark today

The Hindi version of Bahubali 2 will cross the 300 crore mark today, becoming only the 5th film in Hindi – after PK, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan and Dangal – to reach the milestone.

Bahubali 2 will also become the fastest film to cross 300 – which it will manage to do in just 10 days after its release, with an average of more than 30 crore per day!

In comparison, the fastest Hindi film was Dangal, which took 13 days to cross the 300 crore mark. PK crossed 300 on its 17th day, Bajrangi Bhaijaan took 20 days and Sultan needed 35 days.

The rate at which Bahubali 2 is going is staggering to say the least. The film will easily topple Dangal to not only become the highest grossing film in the Hindi markets, but it will also be the first to cross 400 crore net.

Day-wise collections of Hindi version of Bahubali 2

  • Day 1 – 41 crore
  • Day 2 – 40.5 crore
  • Day 3 – 46.5 crore
  • Day 4 – 40.25 crore
  • Day 5 – 30 crore
  • Day 6 – 26 crore
  • Day 7 – 22.75 crore
  • Day 8 – 19.75 crore
  • Day 9 –  27 crore (approx)
  • Total Collections – 293.75 crore


  • Are you watching SRK fans, I mean duniya ke sabse bada star? Picture abhi baki hain mere dost.

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  • outstanding collections..this is what we all should call ALL TIME MEGA BLOCKBUSTER

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  • Historic collections.
    My lifetime predictions (hindi) – 440 crs nett.
    Worldwide – 1400 crs .
    All Time Mega Blockbuster.
    Don’t think 2.0 will do this much of business .
    2.0 will do around 170crs nett in Hindi.
    Worldwide Gross will be 900 crs approx

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  • Just like the interval block of Bahubali 1, the Balla statue erected was top Bollywood stars and they thought they are invincible…but truth of the matter Bahubali statue way way higher in the background (etched in peoples mind)…too much fun!! (Baahubali…Baahubali…chants all around)

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  • 300 CR on non holiday in the IPL Period this is just unbelievable . Bahubali 2 has emerged as a massive Blockbuster . It will be extremely tough for anyone to break this record in recent years . 2.0 has the potential to break this record because of Shankar, Rajni Sir and Akshay Kumar but still it will be a herculean task . Bahubali franchise is the perfect example of Visual appeal+content+Action+Romance+Performances and emotions . I don’t think anybody can ask for anything more . !!!!!!!!!!

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  • Congratulations to bahubali 2 on crossing 1000cr n be happy that ur movie will be the highest grossing indian movie for 9 months as 2point0 will definitely cross it

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  • History is on making…Bahubali 2 will shatter biggies PK,Dangal and will be 1st 400cr Club movie…Aamir tried to bring 400 cr club with Dangal…
    But Bahubali is hysterical..People were talking that dangal record will be broken by an aamir film or 2-3 years later..but guess what it its broken less than 6 months..

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  • And then even after giving this hit and this work . Next prabhas or Rajamouli movie apart from Bahubali series will open to dull houses . And khans will keep on taking good initials . Thankfully though this movie has achieved something the khans may look upto .

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  • It’s shock to everyone. Congratulations bahubali team

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  • Good to know. But wy aren’t u putting ur collections which u did so well during raees release. According to boi it’s still 258 crores. Seriously shame on u

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  • It has made a mockery of our Dadajis best efforts over his now mediocre looking 25 yr old career.

    Big shame indeed but still some soulless loons chant that their Pluto Boy is biggest star in our Galaxy even though we all now know Pluto is no longer a planet but a dwarf star just like their dwarf Pluto Boy…!

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  • B2 has shown Bollywoods big production houses how to make a GREAT looking large scale production n not the garbage ones that Laal Mirchi churned out in Diwali 2011 (Ratoon Point ZERO) or the rubbish cartoon FilmKraft released in Diwali 2013 (Jadoo 3)…!

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  • Of all the films in the 300cr club I still maintain that B2 is inferior to the other 4 with my fav being PK followed by BB…!

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  • 300cr is still a distant dream for Bollywoods ‘3 musketeers’ ie 3 LOSERS:-

    1- Pluto Boy
    2- Jadoo Boy &
    3- Joker Boy

    (Well to be fair to Joker Boy even 100cr is a tough ask with him needing to shove in alot of patriotism into his otherwise bakwaas movies just to fool his idiotic goon fanbase to watch his crapgiri movie….!)

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