Bade Bhaiya: Salman Khan to work with Sooraj Barjatya in 2014

With 5 back-to-back blockbusters, every director in the industry wants to work with Salman Khan. But due to time constraints and his motto of working only in films that his fans want to see, Salman has rejected film offers from quite a few top directors in the recent past.

Bade Bhaiya Salman Khan

Bade Bhaiya Salman Khan

But the director who launched him in Maine Pyaar Kiya, and also gave the superstar the biggest hit of his career (Hum Aapke Hain Kaun), has been waiting with a bound script for the last year or so.

After working with Hrithik Roshan in Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon and Shahid Kapoor in Vivaah, veteran director Sooraj Barjatya called it ‘his dream’ to work with Salman once again. He has already narrated the script of the film tentatively titled ‘Bade Bhaiya’, and is now waiting for the actor to give him his dates.

But the problem is, Salman doesn’t have any! He is currently shooting for Sohail Khan’s Mental, after which he is committed to Sajid Nadiadwala’s ‘Kick’ and a Prabhu Deva directed film. Only after these 3 films are complete, can the actor move on to other projects.

A source close to Barjatya says “Currently, Salman has too much on his plate this year.. so the film won’t happen before 2014. Soorajji has been waiting patiently for his dream film that revolves around the relationship between two brothers. Salman will play the older brother (hence the title Bade Bhaiya), while a younger actor (Arjun Kapoor’s name has been doing the rounds) will be signed to play his younger brother. After Salman gives his dates, the hunt for the other actor will begin”

We’d love to see Salman in a family drama once again. A good change for his fans, who’ve been watching him bash baddies non-stop in the last three years or so.



  • It might be a Good movie,IF Arjun will play his brother’s role,then he will be superstar in less time…
    I can say that I would love to see this movie…

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  • Oh My God, omg, oh my god, OMG I cant believe what Im reading. This is it, this is the Big One, this is going to be known as The Blockbuster Of All Blockbusters Of All Time. This is huge news, even more huge that Team 3 idiots doing another film together ie PK. (I love Aamir and PK will beat all records Dhoom 3 breaks Im sure but Team Sooraj and Salman have 25 years of trust in audiences hearts to count on- thats unprecedented support and overwhelming expectations!!!)
    A family orientated film with family values at its core is gonna destroy all comers and will bring in audiences from all over the land to theatres. Aam janta will flock to theatres in hordes and will demand theatre owners negate on any contractual obligation of having to showcase crappy films for 2 weeks like srks crap filled films. People will want to be a part of history to witness our generations ‘Mughal-e-Azam, Sholay, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and Gadar moment. History will be made and all previous records will become just that, History. Bhai jaan and Sooraj ji please get this film started asap and hopefully by 2015 we can see this Monumental Historic Event in its full glory.
    @star bhai roxXXxxXxXx

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  • WOW, that’s such a great news! Maine Pyar Kiya, Hum Aapke Hain Koun & Hum Saath-Saath Hain, 3 of the best movies ever made in the Indian cinema history and now the ‘bade bhaiya’! i have a feeling that it will be the one of most watched & most loved movie of this decade, which simply means an another sensational ALL TIME BLOCK BUSTER (a family drama one). salman+sooraj = a super sensation. salman at his vintage peak looks invincible, unstoppable and unconquerable at the box office and this great and super successful collaboration coming back with ‘bade bhaiya’ will redefine bollywood once again like how mpk & hahk did some years back. the title itself should be insured for 50 crores and any thing less than a 300+ crore worldwide collection would be a disappointment for the entire Bollywood industry.

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  • @IMAM yes bro thanks for the warning and do you actually know when Red Chillies is releasing Chennai Depress so that the indian movie going public can catch a train outta here when Shitty Express arrives??? :-)
    Please keep us updated bro as Im sure noone wants to suffer another 3 hour torturous train drivers work documentary. You the best IMAM in the world as per xzone and stars faith in your spiritual guidance.

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  • @IMAM : dont force me to insult u coz i respect this name bcoz of meaning, i wonder u really know the meaning of ur id or name. At one page u ask Salman to do something different and on another page u call it as crap without even knowing anything abou this movie. I wonder u know the meaning of family drama. You just want Salman out coz he dethroned ur self proclaim KING !!!!

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  • mind boggling i would say and i truly believe and suraj bharjatia’s is going million times better JTHJ. only salman and suraj combination can make film all time blockbuster, no hritik and no shahid. both of their movie were big flops with soraj bharjatia

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  • history will create again. we will proud to be the part of this celebration to enjoy family emotion.this movie will another HAHK in Indian film industry.

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  • The Magic will happen in 2014 combination between Suraj and Salman is great, whenever they came meaning of cinema change each time so this time one more history to be written.

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  • @hrithik @ navin what a good reply in a polite way to xzone and IMAM keep it up bro !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • rest assured…this guy sallu is not going to change his trak…bcoz he knows the result….he is still afraid by the result of his previous “ultimate” movies like kyunki,jaan-e-man,veer,london dreams,marigold , yuvraj etc….once he change his track…he ll struggle to surpass the collection of tushar kapoor movies…:P (remeber marigold…42 lacs)…
    but in the worst case…if he confirms this movie with suraj….then mind it…suraj won’t be able to produce/direct any other movie….he ll be regret all his life that y he worked with salman…remeber subhas ghai (yuvraj)….he got a massive heart attack after the release of yuvraj and since then, he is struggling for his come back….
    @navin…ur “ghanta award” winner is fearing to do a family drama bcoz he knows his “aukat”….

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  • @Ahmed check your facts clear before making any statement Shahid’s Vivah was a blockbuster.

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  • This is a real superstar and real king of a bollywood , all bigest directors of bollywood wats to work with him Salman khan. Salman – Barjatyas next will be biggest all time blockbuster for sure.

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  • Radhe,Tiger,Bodyguard,Chulbul pandey are bashing baddies non-stop and now baddies needs some rest so now arrival of Prem will be a good change for everyone.

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  • X zone i can feel the smell of smoke jealous jealous lol Haha Haha and abt track result we have seen in mpk biggest atbb of the year and 2nd bigget hit of the decade and abt hahk its a biggest hit of the history wch Srk in dream also cant get that Haha lol . . Again the history will be repeated with bade bhaiya.

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