Baby Total Box Office Collections in India, Overseas, Worldwide

Akshay Kumar’s Baby is still running on limited shows in Week 5, but the film is set to end its run with net box office collections of around Rs 94.5 crore. The Neeraj Pandey film has collected Rs 94.05 crore in 4 weeks. It is the only film since November, apart from PK, to have sustained long enough to have a month long run at cinemas.

Baby has done reasonably well at the domestic box office, even though pre-release expectations were of a much higher grosser. Unfortunately though, Baby has failed to attract the overseas audience as the film has collected 20% less than Special 26.

Day-wise net box office collections of Baby in India.

DayCollections (INR Cr.)
Day 19.3
Day 211.17
Day 315.6
Day 414.9
Day 55.1
Day 64.25
Day 73.5
First Week Collections63.82 crore
Day 82.85
Day 93.99
Day 105.81
Day 112.2
Day 121.92
Day 131.94
Day 141.87
Second Week Collections20.85 crore
Day 151.31
Day 161.56
Day 171.87
Day 180.65
Day 190.6
Day 200.55
Day 210.55
Third Week Collections7.09 crore
Fourth Week Collections3.02 crore
Fifth Week Collections1.07 crore
Sixth Week Collections0.56 crore
Remaining Weeks0.5 crore
Total Collections in India96.91 crore

– Baby India Gross Collections (Net Rs 94.05 crore + Entertainment Tax Rs 34.62 crore) – Rs 128.67 crore

– Baby Overseas Collections – $2.31 million (Rs 14.32 crore)

– Baby Worldwide Collections (India gross Rs 128.67 crore + Overseas Rs 14.32 crore) – Rs 142.99 crore

Verdict – Above Average



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