Amitabh Bachchan undergoes medical tests

Legendary Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan, who is recovering from a mild health ailment which laid him low, says he has undergone some medical tests.

The 73-year-old took to Twitter to give his well-wishers an update on his health.

“Begging apology again tonight…I have had some medical tests and need to rest. Ok? so see ya later,” he tweeted.

He also posted “T 2155 – No one may I say how wonderful it is to have your, to do dsomr treatment ! I am going to reheryeskle for it tomorrow .. I adore all”

And later apologised for the same “T 2156 – My apologies for the gibberish on the previous tweet .. sleep induced madness, uncoordinated brain and all else .. but all well now”

Bachchan will be next seen in ‘TE3N’ also starring Vidya Balan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.



  • May God blessing be on your life and we wish you well. Do hope that all your tests prove negative and may God grant you a long life.


  • Hope he is doing well. I believe his liver is almost gone. He mentioned it somewhere in his previous interview.

    Big B is like SRK. BO success is secondary. Watching him in PIKU is a reminder what a fantastic performer he is.


  • its truth & only truth that after amitabh its only salman who is a megastar for the masses pan-india. Yes srk is huge but footfalls of salman’s films & trp of prdp seem to prove it. ection is better than akki or ajay’s biggest grosser only because media gives footage to srk way more than akki or ajay. So comparing srk with ajay or akki is not right. Then comparing pk(songs having no appeal) opening with dilwale(great songs+kajol+varun for great opening)opening is not correct. raju has following but that does throng on the first day to theatres compared to rohit shetty who also has following to increase the opening day number. Yes without clash dilwale would collect 22+6=28 or more on opening day but raju’s film is not intended for a thirty crore opening day. Yes i agree one point that srk still has great following which,if put into box office number,would easily cross hundred crore. But that does not mean he is giving tough competition to salman or ak. everyone is talking about srk’s content films. I have great analysis for this. Lets talk about last few content films of srk. In last ten years(2005-2015) srk has given content films like chak de india,rab ne bana di jodi, my name is khan, don 2. The first two became blockbuster but not like three idiots or bajrangi bhaijaan. In fact they are termed not so high budget films. If the budget of these two films were not controlled like airlift,they would have been called superhits. Or i would say at that time the margin between superhit(60crore) & blockbuster(70crore) was just ten crore. These two films were somehow able to cross this margin. So clearly these two films were far away from a record grosser like three idiots or bajrangi bhaijaan. For my name is khan it is considered a hit but it made distributors lose money. If a content driven is not profitable,then the value of the content becomes less. For don sequel,it was a sequel of a hit film & a solo release at xmas apart from content. So if this don sequel makes less than ready(without edx),we should understand srk is not a megastar like salman or ak. Then if i talk about footfalls,it is way less than salman or ak as far as content films are concerned.



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