Akshay Kumar’s stunts in Khiladi 786 (Pics)

The superstar is back to what he does best – action and death-defying stunts. After two back-to-back 100 crore grossers, Akshay Kumar will be seen performing some of the most dangerous stunts ever in Khiladi 786. And like always, he has refused to use a body-double.

Here are some exclusive stills of Akshay in Khiladi 786. He was captured leaping from a two-storeyed building!

Akshay Kumar's dangerous stunt on the sets of Khiladi 786 in Madh Island

Akshay Kumar's dangerous stunt on the sets of Khiladi 786 in Madh Island

Akshay Kumar's stunt from Khiladi 786

Akshay Kumar's stunt from Khiladi 786

Akshay Kumar Khiladi 786

Akshay Kumar Khiladi 786



  • Akshay’s Joker(Due to Flop KUNDER) n Khiladi786(Due to Reshamiya) are sure shot FLOP…n his OUATIM2 is sure shot HIT .MARK MY WORDS

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  • Akshay is Now Ugly Wrinkled Uncle…now People wants to watch Young Actors like RANBIR…Akshay is FINISHED

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  • Everybody knows joker will be disaster. Bt i have doubt about khiladi 786. It may be like RR or tashan..

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  • @sallu fans, oh god just get the hell out of here if u dont’t like akshay.

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  • salman khan used a body double for the action scenes in ETT, is sad salman who who sits with his butt whilst Jawed el Berni performs the action, and salman then steals credit for someone elses hardwork, that is not fair, and shows what a coward salman is, that tiger doesn’t suit him

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  • @jai. Akshay also used body double for HF2..Bt it does not mean akshay is a coward. Everybody uses body double if needed.

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  • akki never uses body double, stop lying, and ETT is an full on action drama, its not fair sallu takin credit for someone else perform all his action scenes.

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  • lol sallu fans feel ashamed of fake tiger. It’s been in the news and showed the pic of the guy.

    “When you watched the thrilling first promo of Ek Tha Tiger and saw Salman Khan’s breathtaking, high-octane stunts scenes, little did you know about the guy behind the action scenes. Of course, Salman Khan has done action in Ek Tha Tiger, but reportedly a major series of his stunts are performed by stuntman Jawed El Berni, a French boy.

    This good-looking young man has served as Salman’s body double in Ek Tha Tiger. Later, with the help of special effects being done at a Mumbai-based studio, Salman’s body double’s face will be replaced with that of the star in the film’s final print, reveal reports.”

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  • @Indicine Team: Really? You call this a death-defying stunt ? A guy is jumping off from 10 feet on cushion. We used to do this when we were 10. Should ve posted pictures of Tom Cruise climbing Burj Khalifa instead of this.

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