Akshay Kumar’s look in Gabbar

Here’s the first look of Akshay Kumar’s 2014 release Gabbar – directed by Krish and produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali (who produced Akshay’s biggest blockbuster Rowdy Rathore). The film features Akshay and Shruthi Hassan in lead roles.

Gabbar is a remake of A.R. Murugadoss’ 2002 blockbuster Ramana.

Akshay was spotted on the sets of the film with Karishma Kapoor. Have a look!

Akshay Kumar with Karisma Kapoor Gabbar on location

Akshay Kumar with Karisma Kapoor Gabbar on location

Akshay Kumar on the sets of Gabbar

Akshay Kumar on the sets of Gabbar



  • He Looks dashing….Ramana got 7.8 on IMDB so no problm wid content but i dont know y he choose pokkri Raja(Boss)
    which got 4.5 on imdb

  • pls who have watch tagore or ramana,Does it have the entertainment value.I know it is critically acclaimed

  • Interested only for Holiday this year for Akki,lets see what Gabbar will do but i still thinking he should release max 2 movie per year

  • @HNY go and comment on your stupid rizwan khan(srk) movies to earn 1000cr.MNIK earned 5000cr fool
    sp26 was a hit and collected over 100cr worldwide.

  • @aeeyy,don’t be angry.being a SRK fan I like akshay’s way of acting more than salman and aamir.@HNY is a fake ID created by salman/aamir fans.so don’t blame SRK for it.now a days salma/amir fans ki kaminapan badh gayi hain.they also created ID named @srgayfan.don’t be angry dear you Aki and Hr fans also didn’t support KING KHAN rather support classless salman fans.Akshay kumar is one of the fine actor bollywood has ever produced at least better than overactor amir and underactor salman.

  • @aeeyy,HNY will release at the end of the year at 23rd october.so this is a plan of salman/aamir fans wants to ignominious HNY.their insecurity is at top of the notch.they want to save the one and only record d3 which will be smashing with in 1week right this year,the same had occured when CE broke the record of 3idiots.they are at their worst level now.so don’t think it’s a SRK fan.SRK fans never hate akshay and Hr and their films.they only hate salman and aamir fans even not their actors.I have marked Sal-Mir fans to comment against all superstars.they have not real fans like SRK,what are they are the combination of other actors.so just think about it dear and always follow your heart.that’s it.

  • Its funny seeing some Akkians predicting 200 crore for an Akki movie.
    Akki is a 60 crore actor.
    Sp26+K76+Boss is less than 200 crore Lol

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