Akshay Kumar wins National Award for Rustom

Akshay Kumar has added yet another feather in what has been a glorious career stretching for over two decades. The superstar has won the National Award for Best Actor for his performance in ‘Rustom’, a commercially successful film which released during the Independence Day weekend last year.

Akshay becomes one of the few mainstream heroes to win the prestigious award. He joins Ajay Devgn and Amitabh Bachchan as one of the few major stars to have won the National Award for Best Actor.

Inspite of excellent performances in several films during the last decade, Bollywood awards haven’t really given Akshay his due. He wasn’t even nominated for Rustom or Airlift.

But the actor who turns 50 later this year, enjoying arguably the best phase of his career so far, has finally got his due.



  • Dharma movies were nominated in Filmfare this year in every category…Tum Filmfare kharid loge…Par national award kaise le paoge


  • National award used to one of the most trustable awards but sorry to say now they’re getting worse year by year…
    Many wouldn’t be agree with me as everyone have their own opinion but

    Ranveer Singh in BM & Nawaz in Maanjhi were more deserve able for best actor than Amitji (no doubt one of the greatest actor in the Indian cinema) for Piku…

    Also acting & dedication wise SRK in FAN, Sushant in Dhoni, Aamir in Dangal or even Salman in Sultan were much much better and more deserving than Akki in Rustom…


  • Akshay ki rustom se better bohot sari perfomences hai…..rustom film aur akki ka acting avg tha……this year aamir salman and sushant is more deserving then him…


  • Lol It’s for offscreen acting, not onscreen…
    He not at all deserves for Rustom, Dena hi tha Airlift ke liye de dete
    SRK was excellent, Aamir almost killed him for Dangal, and they gave national award to Akki for 2 month shooting and carrying just 2 expressions throughout the Movie

    JAI HO!!!!!
    Deshbhakti Roxx, he will win it for Toilet too… Usme aur jyada deshbhakt hai
    National Award SAIF WON FOR HUM TUM, while Filmfare give it to deserving see in Swadesh

    They gave it to Arjun Rampal lolllll…

    They gave it to Amitabh Bachchan for speaking Bengali in piyu while FILMFARE Gave to Deserving Ra veer for Bajirao

    Now SRK OR Aamir deserves it gave it to Akka for showing deshbhakti and carrying just 2 expressions in his face in RUSTOM

    It shows people won National Award who has Political Influence

    AAMIR HRITHIK SRK after doing such Challenging roles didn’t get Filmfare while Akka won it for Showing Deshbhakti

    It becomes a Joke For Me


  • Mjaaa a geya 😊😊😊😊😊😊👌👌👌🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂💐👌👌👌👌👌👌
    I ‘am very HAPPY for AKSHAY sir !!!!!


  • Seriously???? Kumar for Rustom?? Shoking decision. Worst in 64 years history of national award.

    With all due respect to Kumar, whom I consider one of the best human being in the industry, but I cannot even think they didn’t find any better performance than Rustom. Infact in his own film Airlift he was far better than he was in Rustom. Absolute SHAME!!

    But the credit goes to Priyadarshan. He was the jury head and one can understand his interest with Kumar. National awards have now lost all the credibility. Pathetic.


  • Great …But there are many films in which he has performed better than Rustom, Now I have to see Rustom again to watch his national award winning performance.



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