Top 10 Akshay Kumar Opening Day Collection: Jolly LLB 2 at No 9

Akshay Kumar’s ‘Jolly LLB 2’ was below-the-mark on Day 1 at the box office. A good or excellent opening was important for a film like ‘Jolly LLB 2’ because Akshay was making a shift from his loyal fan base (masses) to the more lucrative multiplex audience.

He also has predominantly multiplex catering line-up with films like ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ and ‘Padman’ coming up and those films on-paper are far more riskier than a ‘Jolly LLB 2’. So a solid ‘Rustom’ like start for ‘Jolly LLB 2’ would’ve firmly placed him in the upper league, with his presence generating a potential 15 crore plus start. But now that the opening hasn’t come, the expectations – as far as the opening is concerned – will be lower from his upcoming films.

Even though the trade had immense expectations, Jolly LLB 2 with a wide release of 3200 screens, has collected approximately 12.5 crore on its opening day at the box office. The Mumbai circuit, which has contributed 3.15 crore on Day 1, was the problem as it was too low. East Punjab was the only stand out performer with collections of 1.35 crore, followed by Delhi/UP which was driven by the NCR region. The other circuits were poor to average at best.

The film was a washout in the South, with Singam 3 affecting the business in Tamilnadu, while Kerala business was affected by the release of Ezra which was recording very high occupancy in the state.

Jolly LLB 2 ranks No 9 in the all-time list of top Akshay Kumar openers. On real-value, Rowdy Rathore remains his biggest to date. It was a film that released on lower number of screens, had the highest occupancy and falls. It was also the only film that can be categorised as ‘excellent’ followed by ‘Rustom’ which did very well inspite of clash.

NoMovieDay 1
1Singh Is Bling17.5 crore (national holiday)
2Housefull 315.20 crore
3Brothers15.00 crore
4Rowdy Rathore14.50 crore
5Rustom14.00 crore
6Gabbar Is Back13.10 crore (partial holiday)
7Tees Mar Khan12.75 crore
8Housefull 212.50 crore
9Jolly LLB 212.50 crore
10Boss12.30 crore


  • Akshay has tried all types of films massy classy universal appeal
    He came on holiday and non holiday
    Still he failed to cross 20 cr opening and 150 cr lifetime
    He has no atbb atg hgoty hgotd
    Rather he has many flops

    Feeling bad for such a talented actor he deserves better😔

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  • Why everyone think him a superstar when he can’t give more than 20 cr opening even varun and ranveer gave 13 cr opening srk’s niche fan collected 19.5 cr on opening day given a 100 cr and 15 cr is now his work he is no more Superstar until he won’t give 25 cr + opening and 200 cr + lifetime and why not he get festival period because he know his value

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  • Opening Salman Srk Aamir
    Lifetime Aamir Salman Srk

    This fact must be accepted that Khans are top three superstars who are loved by both masses and classes and have pan India following No one is more popular than these legends

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  • Akshay should release his movies on youtube, all of his movies be blockbusters since his fans are active only on Internet

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  • Indicine why are you posting your own estimated collections.Jolly llb 2 has collected 13.20cr on its opening day.Pls don’t do this.Pls upload only producer’s figure.

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  • It’s all about target audience
    This movie can’t cross big numbers .
    It’s only targeted to few states mainly in india .
    And overall to middle class people
    So ..There is a limit .

    Movies breaking all time records are different and they have wide target audience range .

    Still akshay will continue to give hits and super hits

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  • Now it’s confirmed. Rustom only opened because it clashed with Mohenjodaro.. Akshay is incapable of touching 20 crore even with franchise film and big production house.

    Put Hrithik in a film like Brothers and it would do 25 crore Day 1. Clash Jolly LLB with Raees and Jolly would collect 6 crore.

    Hrithik was, is and always will be bigger then Akshay. Lifetime of Jolly will be lower than real collections of Kaabil in clash.. wait and see!!!

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  • Just wait for 5-7 years youngsters like ranbir varun and ranveer wil give beat tis guy calld kumar by a huge margin interms of opening

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  • Ezra Is A Well Made Horror Movie Of Malayalam Film Industry. A pure Horror Film Without Any Comedy. Prithviraj (Ayya Actor, Aurangzeb supporting actor, naam Shabana villain in Bollywood) asusual taking mollywood to next level with New experiment movies. Ezra Will Be Blockbuster For Sure As 1st Day Gross Is 2.61 cr From 130 Screens, which Top 4th All Time. Shows Increased On 2nd day and weekend will be huge. And the other thing, if u Watch ezra, u will think its made with budget around 35-40 cr. But actually its only below 10 cr, thts the making of Mollywood. Mollywood is Growing 😍

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  • indicine opening was not bad also considering the release period without any holiday and even board exams are coming!!!! still today it will collect more than 16 crores

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  • He is only good in North that too in Multiplexes now a days ,even a movie like Housefull 3 was below average in Single Screens ,he need to do some massy movie now….
    Mumbai is very poor which is the most important circuit
    His all india reach is pretty Average and some of his fans were like he is bigger than SRK now lol
    Acc to all india reach ,Hrithik is still bigger than him u can’t judge with just one Movie
    Except north ,no movie has taken a good start for akki except rustom be it Airlift ,H3 ,Baby ,Brothers or Holiday etc.

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  • Why so fast?

    If the weekend is very impressive then the opening day will be a forgotten issue.

    Besides I don’t see any reason for predicting outcome of his 2 next movies based on Jolly llb 2 opening… That’s not how it works in the industry….if that’s how it works then SIB performance would have affected Airlift…but Airlift still came out as a bumper Hit.

    A times I wonder how you guys really sit down and start analyzing???

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  • Those saying that without khans what will happen in next 10 yes. …here is the answer hrithik roshan is going to rule bollywood after retirement of khans …since hrithik is not going to retire any soon and will keep giving movies for at least 20 or 25 more yrs. .it is crystal clear tat hrithik roshan is here to stay for a long long long long time…hrithik roshan has the greatest and biggest will power……he will conquer everything. …

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  • Why is my comment normally to last to be posted by you guys?? I only say the fact be it in a way that does not favour you guys cos you guys to have given lots of misleading analysis and still will remind you…”very happy to still see Mr Fraud in Ajay movie list… And over 10 misleading verdicts of his other movies,keep it up boys”

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