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Agneepath Trailer – Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt

The Agneepath Trailer is out and its brilliant! It looks very different from Amitabh Bachchcan’s Agneepath and here Hrithik Roshan plays the role of a ‘Angry Young Man’ with only revenge on his mind. Sanjay Dutt looks super scary, this could be the second best role of his career after Munnabhai.

Must watch trailer of Agneepath. Don’t miss it!

The film directed by Karan Malhotra stars Hrithik Roshan as Vijay Dinanath Chauhan and Sanjay Dutt as Kancha. Priyanka Chopra plays Hrithik’s love interest and Rishi Kapoor has a role which didn’t exist in the original.

The film releases in January next year and should break most opening records!

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  • Awesome trailer , will break all the records..Let it be Salman . Aamir or Akshay…..If the worst of the movies like Singham and Ready can make money at the box office..This one will be a record braker..

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  • @vishal & @ritesh..
    kya tum dono Aagra k Pagalkhane se cmnt post kr rahe ho ???
    Agnipath copied film nhi h kya gadhon.. ?
    “Baap of All industry is Sallu the Great !”
    Salman vs. Hrithik haha Nice joke i like :D

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  • @akhjak agneepath is not copy of original one it is totaly diff only the name of main chractrs r same.

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  • Ok talking about Filmfare awards.
    Rishi Kapoor=1
    Anil Kapoor=2

    So SRgay is better actor than Aamir, Ajay, Amitabh, Rishi, Anil?? Hrithik is better than Ajay, Aamir and equal to Amitabh Bachchan!! Rubbish!

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  • Guys,stop comparing two actors 2geda…u guys compared sallu to srk,now u re comparin him again wit duggu…stop dis nonsense…sallu is a superstar…guys respect them nd stop saying agneepath wil b atbb…it’s releasin on january which is nt a festive period…it is likely it wud’nt make up to 100cr bcos hitrik fans re nt lyk sallu fans…so agneepath is a gud film but likelyhood of hittin 100cr is less…does sayin ready nd dabangg re rubbish,so pls go watch bodyguard…best film of dis yr

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  • Absolutely awesome trailor. Soooooooooooo feel like watching it. This movie cannot be compared with salman’s cheap action comedy movies. Salman can’t come near Hrithik. Hrithik is one of the best. Salman might be ruling the box office at the moment. But he doesn’t have a long life in the industry if he continues to do these type of stupid comedy movies (Eg. Ready,Bodyguard). Like what happened to Akshay, who ruled box office with his cheap comedies now being rejected by the audience, Salman also will be rejected in the near future. He has to hav a variety like Hrithik. HRITHIK IS JUST SUPERB..!!

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  • even dogs are smarter than salman fans…. f***** lame losers …. is he paying you or are you all living in 19th century

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  • Anupama is absolutely right.. Salman is going through a phase like Akshay was 2 years back.. and we all know Akshays status today.. Back in those Akshay fans also were everywhere.. today you dont see one akki fan.. lol

    Hrithik, SRK and Aamir are the real superstars.. Rest all suck!

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  • agneepath has potential to be HR’s First ATBB if the movie turns out to be as good\better as trailer…
    this is just the teaser , a full trailer with dialogues still to come in about 2 months

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  • @Wiz.poka Don’t insult your lack of intelligence whatever is left and for god sake plz stop posting on internet , it’s already full with cucumber morons who dont know A about things and speak like clinton
    i am doing you a favour which u’ll not realize now

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  • @not salman but….guy or watever u are,in ur entire life on dis earth dnt ever reply to my comments or write ma name…are u mad?…i’m tellin whoever u are,if u know u re mentally okay,u wil write ur real name nt dat rubbish u put as a name showing how stupid u re…i av told u ma own…if u eva cross ur limits wit me…u wil c red…pls indicine,if dis is d rubbish dey do here,i wil leave…pls jst warn watsoever he calls his name…a normal human being never behaves lyk a dog,jst as he behaved…if he is a dog,he should nt show dat attitude of a dog on dis site…wat i wrote was simple and nt abt war bt if he wants war,i wil giv it to him…is sumone lyk u dat doesn’t want better tins to happen to his/her fellow colleagues..crazy fellow

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  • hahaha…
    i heard some mentally disturb peoples comparing hritik with world the great salman khan…hahahahahahaha
    What nonsence.. they are really mad..!
    Salman is Only the best & great actor of reel & real world…!!!
    Why some gay peoples jealous with him & blockbuster success…?
    Go and check mentally disturbs peoples whats the response of bodygaurd… !
    No AnyOne like him in bwood… We lv u salman u r Awesome…!

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  • Bodyguard Early First Day Estimate
    -- 21 Crore Nett Thursday 1st September 2011 09.30
    IST Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network Bodyguard has smashed all records
    on Eid and seems to have collected
    around 21 crore nett as per early
    estimates. The Eid holiday helped a
    bit but still it is 15-20% more than
    any other film has collected on any day let alone its first day day. There were circuit records in every
    circuit while four circuits crossed the 1
    crore nett for the first time ever on
    first day. They were West Bengal, CP
    Berar, Rajasthan and Nizam.
    Multiplexes and single screens were both phenomenal across the board. Bodyguard will have extra shows at
    multiplexes today (Thursday) as
    many multiplexes started shows at
    Noon yesterday but there is still likely
    to be a drop in all India collections as
    yesterday was a holiday for Eid and today is a normal day.

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  • “if u compare urself with someone; then you automatically insults yourself”
    -- adolf hitler.
    kisi ko kisi ke saath compare mat karo yaar! sab ap-apne jaga thik hi to hai.
    by the way- this is an awsome trailler. bhai mujhe to bahot pasand aaya.
    & hope that Agneepath will a big blockbuster of the year.

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  • who the hell is comparing hritick with salman the great,pls stop this nonsense, dont even dream of it,wonders shall never end,one idiot say hritick has 4 awards so that means he is better than salman,aamir, amitab bachan,ajay devgn,rishi kappor,anil kappor and remember dehmendra didnt win any award in his life but still he is rated higher than ab

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  • Hasty homo karthik fans are insecure and think their Gaythik is the god of Bollywood.
    You idiots learn who is Sallu and then talk about ur looser, Sallu is a real superstar who belongs to the Khan trio who are the real superstars after Amitabh Bachchan.
    Gaythik can never match the intensity and super performnace of Amitji and will be eaten up in every scene by sunju baba who looks like he’s stealing the show just from the promo.
    You dogs go and see the collections of BG and then shut ur stupid threads.
    BG, ETT, Kick, Ra.One, Don2, Adi-yash’next, Dhoom 3, Reema Kagti’s untitled project(Dhuaa) all are going to be Blockbusters and record breakers. Coz Khans are still the kings of Bollywood, Gaythik is just a kid in front of them.
    Gaythik SUCKS
    Gaythik SUCKS
    Gaythik SUCKS!!!!!!!

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  • Salman fans are the best, you never see them insulting other actors they love sallu but appreciate others unlike Gaythik fans who think that this hasty gay kid is the GOD of Bollywood and the best thing to happen to it. Where did this gay actually act well huh???? even his dialogue delivery sucks to the core, from his first film it was those gay dancing steps that attracted people to him nothing more.
    Hrithik is the most overrated actor in Bollywood for an actor who gets all awards and a lot of praise he was horrible in KMG, Guzaarish, Lakshya, Kites etc.
    Remember when he won ALL awards(exept National award) for his overacting in KMG while Sallu’s classic performance in Tere Naam was overlooked. Remember wehn Aamir impressed eevryone with his exellent performance in RDB as DJ but again Kathik won for Dhoom 2 god knows where was the acting in that film! he did nothing exept looking good.
    And then these gay fans talk about awards!!for what??? hahah Dhoom 2 LOOOOOOOOL!!!
    Go fuck urselves gaythik fans and stop annoying us!

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  • What I don’t get is why everyone is even comparing Hrithik and salman. If you don’t like Hrithik then why are you watching the trailer in the first place?

    This is one of the best trailers I’ve seen in a while and I hope the movie is a huge hit, but I dint go around saying things about other stars. I am a huge Hrithik fan and I also appreciate the acting of all other actors. Salman is an amazing actor also but he doesn’t experiment much, all his characters at the same and I wanna see something different.

    Then on the other hand, there are salman fans claiming they don’t talk shit about other actors, and yet here they are, trying to put down Hrithik.

    Also, about Hrithik and shahrukh being gay, let me point out that Hrithik and shahrukh are married with two kids and on the other hand, salman is still single.

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