Agneepath Movie Review

It’s a huge risk remaking a film like Agneepath, which (we believe) is one of the toughest Amitabh Bachchan films to remake. Apart from Bachchan’s performance as the iconic Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, the Agneepath of the 90s was a box-office failure. Producer Yash Johar who had put his heart and soul into making the original, was heart broken when the film failed commercially.

Decades later, his son Karan Johar along with his long-time assistant director Karan Malhotra, decide to remake the film and cast Hrithik Roshan as Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. While retaining the core storyline, they replace Mithun Chakraborty’s character with Rishi Kapoor’s negative role and also modify the character of the female lead (played by Priyanka Chopra).

The story is pretty simple – Kancha (Sanjay Dutt) kills Master Dinanath Chauhan, his son Vijay Dinanath Chauhan (Hrithik Roshan) grows up under mafia king Rauf Lala (Rishi Kapoor) and eventually takes over Mumbai. His only intention though is to avenge the horrific killing of his father. Kaali (Priyanka Chopra) his only emotional support, loves him unconditionally.

What’s good in Agneepath

  • The performances are top notch – Not in one scene does Hrithik try to copy Amitabh Bachchan, instead he brings in his own personality, charm and intensity to the character. His eyes convey the emotional turmoil that he is going through. Sanjay Dutt is outstanding as Kancha, his dialogue delivery, devilish laughter make you shudder in fear. Rishi Kapoor is great in a negative role. Priyanka Chopra has little to do, but leaves a mark in her scenes with Hrithik.
  • Action, emotions and revenge: The storyline is such that, you can’t help but feel for Hrithik’s character. Which is one of the reasons, the climax (last 30 minutes) works big time.  Also, there are quite a few emotional scenes (brother-sister, mother-son relationship) that could make you cry. The action sequences are brilliantly choreographed and performed, especially by Hrithik. The way he run is epic, his intro scene is similar to Krrish.
  • For a first time director, director Karan Malhotra does very well. Even with the burden of expectations and the inevitable comparisons with the original, Malhotra manages to keep the audience hooked to the proceedings, without trying to cash-in on those popular dialogues (for e.g the ‘Naam Vijay Chauhan’ dialogue is uttered just once).
  • Ajay-Atul’s music is fantastic, even the way it’s picturized is good. But it sadly slackens the pace and adds to the runtime. Katrina Kaif’s Chikni Chameli received the biggest cheer after Hrithik Roshan’s intro scene.

What not so good in Agneepath

  • The pace picks up and drops quite a few times. The film as a whole suffers from being a little too slow for today’s generation. Also the length (2 hours 45 mins) could test your patience. A couple of unnecessary songs, could have been completely edited off or cut shorter. Don’t really understand the point of having 4 songs in a film, which increases the runtime by about 20 odd minutes.
  • A bit of humor would have helped the film immensely. Agneepath is intense and violent from start to finish.

Overall, Agneepath is a good film that could have been better. Do watch it once, if not for anything else, atleast for the fabulous performances. From the box-office point of view, it has immense potential to be one of the biggest grosser in recent times – has enough appeal towards both the classes and the masses. The film has opened to a historic response all over and the word-of-mouth is good.

Rating: ★★★½☆


  • Just saw Agneepath what a great movie is this.All have done the tremendous job its 50% different from the old one .Its a must watch .Best movie since 3 IDIOTS.

  • Agneepath- its a great movie…Hrithik Roshan was fantastic…no words for him..he have gave his heart and soul…not seen him before like this… and offcourse sanjay dutt…when sanjay makes his entry.literally i got scared, having known that, this is just a movie…and please don’t forget to mention the great performances of Rishi Kapoor, Deven Bhojani…I think Priyanka Chopra should have been shot more nicely…!
    Its really brought back the old indian desi films we used watch…and its not set in current time.
    Very matured work by the first time director Karan Malhotra..!!
    Its a sure shot blockbuster..there is no doubt about it…the only minus point of the movie is, its length..!!
    which should have been little less..and the “gun gun” song was entirely waste of time…i think almost 5 min of the entire film…!! On the whole AGNEEPATH is a movie for mass as well as for the multiplex audiences…first blockbuster of the year…

  • Wow!!! what a film!!! came back from cinema just now.. Indicine it’s a brilliant film with a good story and a brilliant performance by Hrithik & Sanjay Dutt, and all the cast.. the little boy who acts as Hrithik deserves an award.. Hrithik amazed me with his good performance.. he derserves best actor award for this film.. Sanjay dutt too.. best villaine.. the film for sure wl be a blockbuster movie.

    I’d love to see it again.. I didn’t like Agneepath for Bigb wasn’t that encouraging, but this one.. wow.. it’s a MUST see film.

  • with masala movie and with hit music any superstar can creates waves in bollywood, everyone thought salman khan getting good initial due to him , actually it was due to masala factor and hit item songs, go and see boxofficeindia agneepath already broken bodyguard first day record

  • haha.. see what the jealous ppl and Salman fans r saying here!!! Bodyguard is a silly stupid movie, can’t be compared with this piece of work! ppl don’t believe them.. I am sure that they even didn’t watch the film.. they just want to spread lies as they want their Salman Khan to be no.1 only and grab all the awards.. what if Salman Khan was in Agneepath i/o Hrithik?! Oh.. then all his fans would’ve said: a brilliant film, excellent film!!

  • Saw Agneepath Today..!!

    Big stars, big production house, bigger canvas and a big big adaptation. Agneepath had everything going for it, but did it really live up to the expectations of all true blue fans of its original will be seriously disputed in the days to come. It may well turn out to be the intended blockbuster in trade language but will it satisfy the real followers who have been holding it very dearly in their hearts?

    My answer is a big empathic NO and there are several reasons which I would like to point across which necessarily all may not agree to and this is my personal take.

    Note – I am sure everyone is aware of the plot & hence I am not going to dwell upon the same over here.

    Ok Mr.Karan Johar so this one is a homage to Mukul Anand and your father Yash Johar but don’t you have any concern for their soul who must be wandering back to earth for this unimaginably bad version? You will have a tiring time with Sunita Menon in doing witchcraft for this and there will be no redemption.

    Karan Malhotra – dude what were you smoking when you wanted to do an adaptation of such a cult classic? Was that cocaine cultivated in Mandwa ( in the film ), growing in your own backyard? Even if you would have been a fanboy, this movie deserved a vision and style to match up the original. When the original was way ahead of its time, you took the catastrophic route of taking this movie back 20 years.

    My dear Priyanka Chopra, with folded hands I request you not to be visible in movies for the near future. Kali Kavde and your nauseating performance should be transported to a world where Extra Terrestrials can bear and make you feel at home. Your demise is the first bright spot about this film.

    Sanjay Dutt you beauty, did a complete transformation and I wished that you have been given a character that can never fail going by the previous version. But you are wrong my dear friend, because actors put life to them and you only laugh on them.The day you stop being in an illusion of always playing Raghu from Vaastav will be a defining moment for Indian Cinema.

    Hrithik Roshan gives a big hard try by his look and in no ways he could have matched up to the legend of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. Roaring in pain with the camera zooming up seems to be his only way of expression along with quivering in slow motion, which has become a trademark of Hrithik. Come on man, we did not want to see your six pack abs or your effortless dance movements in this film. Vijay Chauhan is a man of rage and seeing his super sensitive sissy side kills the whole purpose of this film.

    Harivanshrai Bachchan’s glorious poetry is put to absolute sham during a sequence so cringe worthy that even Amitabh Bachchan will find it hard to nod an appreciation. Neither Hrithik understood the meaning nor did anybody else associated with this film.
    India-Australia series is a disaster because of Agneepath or is it the other way round can be a huge debate of contention. My two cents are on the former as the curse of Mukul Anand seems to be falling on Indian team too. The ODI series need to be re-named pronto or we are in a hopeless situation.

    Dharma Productions need to tender an apology to the fans of the earlier cult masterpiece for massacring it in the name of reverence. Hope this puts an end to the remakes of yesteryear classics and save us the misery in future to come.

    Mukul S. Anand may your soul rest in peace always.

    And last but not least, how come there are glorious reviews for this film when movies better than this if taken in solidarity were given a raw deal and criticised harshly? I will leave that to the figment of one’s own imagination…!! -_-

    My rating is 2/5

  • all copycats here but no one matches Amitabh and danny .. and this idiot director also didn’t find any match for legendary Mithunda..

    third class movie.. bakwaas.

  • Amazing Movie…Hrithik just delivers a superb performance when given a tough role..Be it Fiza..Koi Mil Gaya..Guzaarish…or Agneepath!!!…Finally saw a perfect Blockbuster after ages….!!!Hope to see more movies like this in the near future than nonsense timepass craps!….Hrithik..Sanjay..n Rishi Kapoor—SALUTE!(Y)

  • film kaa asli agneepath agneepath agneepath sirf baabaa hain apna sanju baabaa

    sorry hirthik love u dude but not in these one as much i want :::((((

  • Watched Agneepath………It’s an amazing Movie……After a long time, saw a real Drama, Action, Emotions…..complete masala movie….Sanjay Dutt’s look, Rishi Kapoor’s Dialogs, Priyanka’s acting, Katrina’s Dance and Hrithik’s superb real performance……A MUST MUST WATCH MOVIE.
    Some loop false but we can ignore them in front of superb dialogs, action and emotions.

    The Million Dollar Dialog “Ise Nichod do toh Itarr nilak jaye pyare Itarr oh pyare Itarr”. Rishi Kapoor “Butcher” Rocks……

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