Sultan New Poster and Stills

Check out the new poster of Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma’s upcoming film ‘Sultan’. The Ali Abbas Zafar directed film releases in theatres during Eid this year.

Sultan New Poster - Salman Khan

Sultan New Poster – Salman Khan

Aarfa's new still from Sultan

Aarfa’s new still from Sultan

Sultan new still - Salman Khan

Sultan new still – Salman Khan



  • Too good posters of Blockbuster SULTAN

    By releasing posters SULTAN is creating huge buzz in society media.

    SULTAN – Huge 46.5 Millions Views

    SULTAN beats Dhoom3 trailer and teaser views on YouTube.

    Dhoom3 teaser views – 17millions
    Dhoom3 trailer views – 21.5 millions
    Total views of Dhoom3 – 38.5 million

    SULTAN teaser1 views – 19.1 millions
    SULTAN trailer views – 19.7 millions
    Total views of sultan views – 38.8 millions
    But when we add 7.7 millions of teaser2 views of SULTAN, it will become 46.5 millions.

    Great buzz for Blockbuster SULTAN

  • @Nipun 1:43 pm : Don’t tell me that you were not aware of it. An oldie (despite of being 69 years old) is unable to find a match for him. That clearly proves that there is something wrong.
    And now, the first pic has finally cleared the air.

  • Can anyone please tell me why bhai is singing songs of Sultan with his pathetic voice making the already crappy songs even worse despite the use of autotune

  • Anushka darling 😘

    But salman is not suiting d role honestly, trailer & Songs r not giving a feel of a good or big movie .

  • @TigerTheRealRat ohh you! I am coming to combine your mother & sister tonight😂😂
    So, be prepared😡😡

  • Don’t question the masculinity of Bhaijan guys.
    His mojo is still 1298 times bigger than the mojo of a mosquito.
    Bhaijan rocks…!

  • @being bmvishal how you know hny collection manipulated ,,,,,,,sultan can’t collect 45 in his dream forget to bark continue barking manipulation,,,,,,

  • One can spot who are the homos commenting on this article can you guess @xzone, challa???? Minds in the gutter at all times.
    Their minds are so full of jealousy. Hey by the way why does xzone not comment on article about the most 100 crore film. Because he is a bloody hypocrite. Akki busted fugly queen 👑 two films. Even non actors putting the old turkey to rest.

  • The 3rd poster is the Best one . Sultan has not been able to generate massive buzz after the trailer launch . Jag Ghoomeya has been a really good song beautifully sung by Rahat Date Ali Khan . But the other songs Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai and 440 Volt are plain terrible . They are not even entertaining and do not have catchy music . The upcoming songs will give a more clear idea . The title song is looking really good . It is looking energetic and pumping .

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