Aamir’s look for ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ is interesting: Kiran Rao

Aamir Khan’s wife and filmmaker Kiran Rao has said finds her husband’s look for his upcoming film ‘Thugs Of Hindostan’ interesting, but knows very little about what the film is going to be about.

“You may have noticed he (Aamir) has started growing beard. I am not sure.. But it looks interesting to me. I don’t know much about the progress of the film, but Aamir, Adi (Chopra) and Victor (director) meet often and keep discussing. I wish that I might have been a part of their discussion”

“Let’s see what happens. So far it seems it is going to be quite interesting” she added.

‘Thugs of Hindostan’┬áis scheduled to release during the Diwali weekend in 2018. The festive period hasn’t been great for the industry in the last few years, but Aamir who is known to deliver those big grossers consistently, hasn’t had a Diwali release in a while. Will the 2018 be the biggest Diwali ever?



  • u bet it will be the biggest Diwali ever!!!

    remember Rajaj Hindustani too released on Diwali and was ATBB……

    Diwali is under rated……….its one of the best periods to release films in India!

  • Diwali used to be fun but the keappy Diwalis of 2011 n 2012 made Diwali look more like Halloween courtesy of some utter garbage horror shows starring that Freddy Kruger Humshakal Pluto Boy…!

  • 400cr on the way . When it comes to film choices ,aamir khan is way ahead than others .He is really a chalak lomdi

  • TOH is simply gonna be hugggggge

    Aamir in a commercial film releasing on a holiday will destroy opening day n opening wknd records guaranteed…!

    If that happens n content is compelling enough to demand repeat viewerships then lifetime record of Dangal will be shattered…!

  • Yess movie will do min 300 cr or max 380 cr if movie got 3 open week then
    diwali holiday is better than eid and xmas..!
    So i believe ..it will do good business..!
    After TOH diwali will be consiider ..as a big holiday ..even bigger than xmas ..!! So my prediction 350+

  • Its a big Plus for sure that Big B is in the movie but for certain its all about Aamir Khan in that universally appealing larger than life avatar that will excite audiences more…!

    Cant wait

  • Best Diwali in recent memory was 2015 n atleast lasy yr wasnt as krap as 2014 when producers of that yrs krapfest for some unknown absurd reason thought it best to celebrate HAPPY HALLOWEEN on Diwali…!

  • Definitely diwali will be huge in Bollywood in 2017-18. Robot 2 if it turns out to be a brilliant film can shatter records. Thugs of Hindostan is a sure shot 300 cr grosser. Even 350 cr is possible.

  • If a non commercial film like Dangal can do 385 crore, then imagine how much Thugs of Hindostan would do.

  • It will be a first 250 crs grosser on Diwali, but won’t touch 300 coz, that’s not xmas to have lots of holidays and hike ticket rates….. PRDP, HNY both crossed 100 crs on weekend easily (PRDP collected 130 on extended weekend) but both failed to collect even 250 crs…. so I don’t think TOH will cross 300, it will settle under 280-290.

  • Amir aise hi darwana lagta hai uske kaan se…abhi or kya change kar raha hai…..

    torture is coming unofficial Dhoom4…

  • This plain statement from kiran rao doesn’t deserve An article….there r lots of other things happening in bollywood… post them instead of this meaningless sTory….

    In d meantime…..kaabil has grown big from second weekend onwards ..working better than raees….keeping bo collections aside kaabil is loved by pan india audience unlike raees which dominated mostly in muslim areas…kaabil giving tough competition to raees infact defeating raees in collections in 2nd week …..it shows better film always win….

  • Lol yrf is so chalak !! First they took help of srk throughout 20 years to make yrf a yrf !! But now jiski thaali me khaya usiki movies ki date bheek me mangte hai !! Adi chopra really is a shameless man !! Yash ji was much better !!

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