Aamir Khan spreads awareness on road safety in Mumbai: Pics

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan, whose latest release Dhoom 3 has smashed all box office records worldwide, was seen spreading awareness about road safety in Mumbai.

The actor gave a lecture on road safety at an event organised by the Mumbai Traffic Police department on Friday evening. Aamir was also felicitated at the event.

Photos below.

Aamir Khan spreads awareness about road safety

Aamir Khan spreads awareness about road safety

Aamir Khan at Road Safety event

Aamir Khan at Road Safety event



  • aamir needs to give to awareness to Salman Khan first as he is waiting for his verdict yo go for jail……and he will get 10 years of imprisonment for culpible homicide

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  • People who wears Lungi while driving bike should take speacial care of their Lungis bcoz wind of Dhoom storm is still strong worldwide.lol

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  • How funny by breaking many rules in Dhoom 3 and breaking almost all existing record,now Aamir giving lesson of traffic safety. This is called a conversion of reel villain into a real life hero,salute the legend.

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  • Way to go Aamir looking like 25 yrs old!!!! The botox is surely working!!!!!!! Now he can play role of teenager in the sequel 4idiots lol

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  • Aamir is always wearing black helmet while flying the bike in DHOOM 3..This shows how aware he is about road saftey..LOL#

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  • HNY poster is the worst poster of all time. Design, poses, expressions are all the crappiest imaginable. A 2-year old kid can create a better poster by playing on Photoshop.

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  • @sex guy please open the eyes and just find good people around,do you know personally than how can you said he is greatest person walked on earth,there are many great people in the world than these all actor. Dude love real life heroes not reel heroes.

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  • @Triniman
    Hahaha your SRK now looks like a 60 year so now u are sad that Aamir looks like 25 year old. Aamir is the evergreen and ever youthful hero…..

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  • @dxt namm thanks.
    @SAKHI again u have commented something which will not happen.stop dreaming now.

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  • hats off to aamir khan….he is the only superstar who voluntarily gets involved in these kind of awareness programs….respect to the legend…..

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  • After teaching rash driving to masses through Ghulam, RDB and Dhoom 3, Aamir’s giving lecture on road safety!Hypocrite!

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