Aamir Khan Magazine Cover: Femina

India’s Biggest Feminist Aamir Khan, is featured on the Women’s Day Special edition of Femina. The superstar talks about his daughter entering the film industry, his wife taking the lead at work and discusses what’s wrong with men in India.

Price at Rs 50, the March 2013 edition of Femina is now available on newsstands. Grab your copy now!

Aamir Khan Femina Magazine Cover

Aamir Khan Femina Magazine Cover

Aamir Khan - Femina Magazine Scan

Aamir Khan – Femina Magazine Scan



  • Aamir khan is India’s biggest feminist and it is proved now and even his show SMJ also proved this while just putting actress name before his name for publicity can’t make Srk biggest feminist.

  • Padmabhushan Aamir khan is truly the biggest feminist of India and Padmashri Srk also follows him.Just hope Srk also gets Padmabhushan someday if he follows Aamir.

  • The Real Ace Khan of Bollywood- Mr Aamir Khan.
    You the best there is today and in 100 years time your films like ‘Lagaan, QSQT and 3 idiots’ to name afew will still be considered masterpieces.

  • @navin, agreed! But I think not only those but also the Munnabhai films, srk’s Baazigar, DDLJ, CDI, Veer-Zaraa & of course RA1 (that one for the wrong reasons), HRo’s KNPH, KMG, Jodhaa Akbar, Salman’s MPK, HAHK, AAA & Dabangg will also be rememberred! :-D

  • Major publicity stunt! And is Femina in their right mind?! A man who left his first wife, a man who had an illegitimate child with a British woman and deserted both the woman and the child, a man who got a son through IVF surrogacy (a process which has no law governing it in India, and several women are exploited into becoming surrogate mothers), a man whose half brother Hyder is accused of domestic violence by his wife, a man whose father deserted his both wives…that man is India’s biggest feminist?! What a blasphemy!

    There are so many real activists doing real work in real life. They are real heroes. Not an actor like Aamir Khan who is now doing shows on social issues for image makeover!

  • @Deepu jealousy will get you nowhere fast in life.
    Aamir roxXxXx simole as…!
    The man is a ‘reformed’ philanthropist now and respected by more indians home and abroad than any other actor. Its respect that will bring about real change in India and Aamir carries that respect in abundance so he can make the difference.
    You need to swallow whatever shallow pride you have and admit Aamir can do more for India that anybody else can. All said and done- India needs Aamir in order to change for the better.

  • @Navin

    It is you who needs to live in reality. India has real activists doing their work and everyday heroes who actually risk their lives to make a difference. A publicity hungry filmy hero is not needed to save India! Don’t be a gullible fanatic!

  • @deepu
    Stop being naive will you. You criticised the man and called him all sorts, accused him for unproven crimes, mocked his personal choices, made him responsible for the misdemeanours of others etc etc and you have the cheek to call me gullible….!
    I had little respect for you after reading your first comment but I gave you the benefit of the doubt but I should have trusted my initial gut instinct and that is that you just a slimey hater and that hating Aamir is all you crave for.
    I dont want to waste my time with you but as I already said Aamir is a “reformed” philanthropist now and he is giving up his valuable time by not minting money doing crappy ads like some ‘superstar /celebrities’ but is actually raising awareness for worthwhile and honourable social causes. The man deserves our gratitude and respect for not taking the easy route or easy life but hes doing something which could cause him harm because there are haters out there like you waiting to bring him down.
    God willing that will never happen. Aamir roxXxXx and your opinion is meaningless now.

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