300 crore: Dangal becomes 4th film, Aamir Khan’s second

Aamir Khan’s Dangal has crossed the 300 crore mark today, becoming only the 4th film ever to do so. The Nitesh Tiwari directed film has become Aamir’s second film to cross 300 after Rajkumar Hirani’s PK back in 2014.

Aamir and Salman are the only two male superstars in the industry to take their films well beyond 300 crore at the domestic box office. No other actor has even managed to touch the 250 crore mark.

Dangal will also become the highest grosser of 2016 today, beating the collections of Salman Khan’s Sultan which released during Eid earlier this year. It will also become the 3rd highest grosser of all time.

MovieCollectionsNo of days
PK340 cr17 days
Bajrangi Bhaijaan321 cr20 days
Sultan301 cr35 days
Dangal300 cr+13 days


  • Congratulations to Aamir Khan for the extraordinary success of Dangal. ✌

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  • As everyone know (except bhai fans) that Dangal will cross Sultan in 14 days.. Now PK to gayo.

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  • Dangal ab misaal ban chuki hai
    Misaalein di jaati hain bhuli nhi jaati

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  • One question to srk fans…
    Y srk manipulated hny opening day collections and its lifetime collections???
    No answer right??
    So before blaming other actors first look at ur own idols fake collections?????…

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  • Kaabil: 1st blockbuster of 2017..
    Raees: 1st flop of 2017…..
    ….like my comment if u disagree with me!!!

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  • Amir saaman reached 300cr…
    Srk struggling to get past 100cr…..
    Hahahahaha…jali na jali na….

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  • Sultan bold out in 13 days with no extra holiday+anushka+yrf+400 more screens+440 volt masala

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  • Ace khan rules… indicine ur prediction on aamir khan films have always been shoddy so pls nxt time think twice bfr u predict , ur prediction on secret superstar is also too low it will definately go beyond dear zindagi . Just wait & watch!!!

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  • Where is my Brother @The Phenom
    Will miss your @the phenom id bro.
    One Request to
    @Indicine & @The Phenom
    From Now Onward Think Twice before predicting Any Aamir Khans Movies.

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  • Salman with top heroine + Masala genre + no demonetization = 304 crore
    Aamir beat it with no top heroine, no masala genre in just 13 days.

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  • ATBB………….Really deserved it….hope Dangal will cross 400 Cr also……Also I wish Indian viewers should stop watching the bullshit movies like Raees, Dhoom3, Kick and HNY..this will not increase our culture in any way…….make some good movie for all society..dont waste money for making a movie to highlight a Alcohol Seller in the portray of a hero…

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  • omg….just kidding not so exciting. ..it was the well known fact …aamir is no.1 and salman is no.2 . Its only indicine who is not accepting the fact.

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  • The best article so far from team Indicine.An article which is more than enough to F the shit out of all the haters here.And I would like to say thank-you to all of them who once said that it has no buzz or very less buzz as compared to the other event films.You guys insulted Aamir and he replied to all of you like a boss.This makes him Mr.Perfectionist.

    PS(just for fun):- Dil pe patthar rakhke Indicine ne post kiya…megastar Aamir ne sabko taawe pe roast kiya! 😂

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