3 Idiots Movie Review

The biggest ‘Kaminah’ this year has been those expectations that we have had, right through the year with movies like Delhi 6, What’s Your Rashee and many more. All from highly talented directors, fresh from classics. Strangely few have managed to live upto expectations. With 3 Idiots, the biggest and most hyped release of the year, you expect on-screen magic – a heart warming classic due to two names

1) Rajkumar Hirani – The universally acclaimed director of Munnabhai Films.

2) Aamir Khan – One of the very best in the business, both as an actor and a film-maker.

Can’t get bigger or better,  can it? Sadly, Rajkumar Hirani doesn’t get it right this time.

3 Idiots is about 3 friends – Rancho (Aamir Khan), Farhan (Madhavan) and Raju (Sharman Joshi), doing their engineering in one of the top colleges in the country which is run by a weirdo Sahastrabudhhe (Boman Irani). Like most professional colleges in the competitive world that we live in, its all about scoring the highest marks. The result? Mental pressure, rise in suicide rates and a lot more. With almost every parent wanting their son / daughter to be a engineer or a doctor, the director also talks about the lack of passion for the profession amongst students.

3 Idiots Review

What works for 3 Idiots

  • Rajkumar Hirani once again takes up a socially relevant issue and successfully conveys the message, while entertaining the audience with humor, without getting too preachy.
  • Except Boman Irani’s character, all the characters in the college are easy to relate to.
  • Dialogues written for Aamir in the film are fantastic and would work big time with the audience.
  • The music is good, All Izz Well rocks!
  • Aamir Khan looks young and almost perfect for the character of Rancho. He is brilliant with his comic timing and equally good in emotional sequences.
  • Aamir’s character is very similar to Munnabhai – witty and funny with a heart of gold.
  • Sharman Joshi and Madhavan are good, not much scope to perform though.

What didn’t quite work

  • 3 Idiots lacks the subtleness of Hirani’s previous films. Over-the-top sequences (read the section below), melodrama, unrealistic situations just don’t work.
  • Kareena Kapoor has about 30 minutes of screen time and frankly, has nothing to do.
  • Boman Irani’s character which was meant to be funny was outright awful. He tries hard to make faces, to lisp and harder to make you laugh but never gets it right.
  • The second half is slow, lengthy and way too filmy.

Scenes worth a mention

  • When Kareena and Aamir first meet up at the wedding.
  • Sharman Joshi’s interview scene.
  • Madhavan’s scene with his father, when he tries to convince him to take up wild life photography.
  • Feel good scenes involving Aamir.

Unrealistic, filmy and over the top sequences

  • Mona Singh’s 10 minute long baby-delivery scene on the table tennis table. The floods in the city, Kareena directing Aamir over the webcam, power failure and finally the vacuum cleaner used as a suction to pull out the baby. One word – Disgusting.
  • Kareena walking out of her marriage for the second time, too filmy too unrealistic.
  • The twist just before the interval doesn’t work. Was it even necessary?
  • Frequent dropping of pants and pissing wasn’t funny.
  • Rancho’s disappearing act.

Overall, 3 Idiots tries too hard to be funny, the first half is good, the follow up isn’t. It works in parts but coming from Rajkumar Hirani, we expected better, much better!

Worth a watch once for Aamir Khan fans and for the message that Hirani has conveyed through the film – a must for parents and students.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Other notes – The audience reaction was great, many scenes were loved. The movie should do well at the box office, it has enough masala in it to appeal to both masses and the so-called classes.



    This is one shocking review..3 idiots hv been gettin 5 stars frm many reviewers..don’t u think u were way too cynical while watching this movie.i agree its not up to the standards of munnabhai series(hope u liked dat) but still its certainly worth giving atleast 3.5 stars.Btw public rxn has been unanimously positive.i am not an aamir khan fan(m big tym srk fan),but I still luvd the movie.FOR THE FIRST TIME, I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH UR REVIEW..it seemed u had conditiond ur mind not to like 3 idiots even before the movie started..VERY DISAPPOINTED:-(

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  • I think this will be a great movie. Disappointed to see ur rating for this movie. But i am anxiouly waiting to see this movie tomorrow.

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  • Indicine..I was eagerly waiting 4 ur review.N i was right you people will give a better picture of the movie.There have been very positive reviews all over.But just by reading your review and the negative points like you mentioned about the delivery scene that really sounds disgusting.But I will like to watch the movie n then refine my point of view.I was really looking 4wd to Aamir’s movie but this review makes me indecisive.Anyways thnx 4 honest review i wonder y didnt other reviewers highlighted these points???

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    unexpected comments from indicine,but for us 3idiots……

    is there any words more than classic,milestone,superb,gem,excellent……3 idiots belongs to this type of categories……. salute to aamir khan and his 3 idiots entire team for giving the most wonderfully done message containing movie not masaalaa movie….

    3 idiots it is the masterpiece for all generations yesterday,today and tommorows to come……

    no doubt …..5+1/5 stars why + 1 for wonderful message in the movie to all generations …….for the movie that actually is the real life stories that going on today times….

    from start to end with classic acts of entire 3 idiots team

    acting from aamir , kareena,maddy, boman,sharman with entire 3idiots team =excellent……..

    direction and screenplay , its seem that we are watching live perfomance without camera =superb……

    music= timed at needed situation not like masala type movies = superb again …

    from first to end movie ………. a movie for every generation must watch for………5+1/5 stars

    i personly feel if my shows is of afternoon time … i wil watch this movie …consective the next shows ….but i
    watched 8 to 11 so i dont have the option……so ,please go and watch this one more classic of bollywood……for all generation….. best movie of 2009 and one of the best of all times

    with only and only ALMIGHTY GRACE

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    So u changed the rating frm 2.5 to 3 stars?..u wil face less criticism nw for ur review…:-D:-D

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  • @indicine.
    Pardon me indicine.But i have to say this.
    Maximum people reviews are positive i.e 92%.and 8% -ve(including you).WHY?
    ANSWER=> You know sometime people think.everyone is giving it 4 or 4.5.so if we give it 2.5 people will say “yaar saron ne 4 ya 4.5 dia,par redif and indicine ne 2.5 dia.kamaal hai na?”.So its good way to publicize your site.
    Everyone is saying magic delivery by Aamir and Hirani.But you contradict it.
    Indicine do justice with the film.

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  • Sahil.. Cynical? No way. We wanted to like the film. But both Aamir and Hirani have set such high standards that, anything less is disappointing.

    Repeat watch? No way, time to dig M.B.B.S and Lage Raho from the DVD collection!

    Regarding the rating, we will be adding new features to the site so the review system will undergo a change (you will know when we release it). Due to the new system and different style of rating, there was a typo. 50 (i.e 2.5) was entered instead of 60 (3.0), changed it as soon as we saw it on the front end. Sorry.

    Araiz Murad, easier to stand out with 0 or 1, don’t you think. Anyway, we would never do that.

    Afrid khan, glad you like it. Every teacher, student and parent should watch it purely for the positive message. Also the references to college life, culture and more. Didn’t like quite a few scenes and the second half as a whole was disappointing, hence the rating.

    Hina, you should watch it. Its not bad, but not too great either. Do post your review.

  • @ Hina
    I m no1 to force u..but u shud certainly watch 3 idiots..negative points mentiond dont hold so much f a value when u actually cum to watch it.go with a free mind nd u wud luv it…CHEERS

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    Lolz…u re kidding me..anyways its ur perspective..but did u really like Kurbaan and paa more than 3 idiots as u gave them 4.5 nd 3.5 respectively?

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    indicine team never expect from you yaar ……….that it is not the movie to repeat watch?
    ……you said….

    we expect from you that only for wonderful and meaningful message you are going to gave 3 idiots 5 stars straight away but ,strange …..we never expect from you yaar ….plz go and watch 3 idiots once more and gave movie …..atleast its minimum deserved 4+stars…..

    as we all know movie deserved full marks with ALMIGHTY GRACE

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  • Guys stop reviewin films nd dnt try 2 play a game!! Yu think yu are much smarter than us? R yu tryin 2 be like raja sen?? Plz change the review otherwise your site iz gonna finish!! All salman,aamir,akshay fans wont believe yu anymore afta wat yu did wiv kurbaan nd btw wat r yur ratings 4 mnik nd veer? *mnik = ***** must watch. Veer ** dnt watch it!! Housefull * a crap movie! Ri8?

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  • I really cant believe your review indicine, every reviewer bar rediff has given the film 4 stars or above, could the Indicine team please explain why you feel the film’s length is a negative factor

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  • @sahil ..Sure I will definitely watch 3 idiots.After all its an aamir khan movie.

    Indicine,why did u changed rating from 2.5 to 3? Seriousy i thought may be I didn’t see it properly n it was actually 3.Thats werid?N u ppl mentioned audience reaction was positive.Can you tell what was the occupation of the show u ppl attended?

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  • Guys, we are humans too. Mistakes do happen. :) The rating wasn’t changed, it was always meant to be 3 and not 2.5.

    From 4th January, we will be rating films out of 100 (due to the new features).. We have just implemented the new system in our back-end and mistyped 60 as 50. That’s about it :)

  • Sahil, we had no expectations from Kurbaan, one of the reasons we liked it.. You can’t compare Rensil D’Silva on debut and Saif Ali Khan to Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir Khan right?

    So in short, 3 idiots isn’t close to as good as those beautiful and incomparable Munnabhai films.

  • Indicine team,
    I think you have got the full right to voice your opinions.But,so far the audience response I have
    come across has been very positive(just check twitter,it is getting flooded with reactions to 3 i).
    I do have a problem with your first comment,which clearly tells that you were expecting a MBBS
    or Lage Raho standard,which was not attained.But,it is an injustice to rate movies relative to
    its predecessors.That’s why a movie like Kurbaan gets a 4.5,3i gets a 3 from you people.As a
    reviewer you should consider every movie in the same light,which is not the case for ur reviews.

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    Yea do agree with u to an extent…But acc to me it shud b one f the top 5 flicks this year along wid rocket singh…i guess u expectd it to b another munnabhai…i had no expectations as trailers they released didn’t involve me at all but m pleasantly surprisd with the flick..anyways keep up the gud work..chao:-)

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