100 crore movies in Bollywood

Ever since Ghajini broke the 100 crores mark for the very first time in 2008, seven other films have since crossed the milestone with Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots being the only film to go past 200 crores.

Below is a list of all films that have collected 100 crores or more in India.

  • 1) 3 Idiots – 202 crores (Blockbuster)
  • 2) Bodyguard – 145 crores (Blockbuster)
  • 3) Dabangg – 141 crores (Blockbuster)
  • 4) Ready – 125 crores (Blockbuster)
  • 5) Ra One – 120 crores (HIT) (expected)
  • 6) Ghajini – 116 crores (Blockbuster)
  • 7) Golmaal 3 – 107 crores (Blockbuster)
  • 8) Singham – 101 crores (Super Hit)

Star-wise comparison, ranked based on average. The list below does not include films with less than 100 crores (e.g Veer, My Name Is Khan, Rascals).

  • 1) Aamir Khan – 2 films – Total 318 crores (average per film 159 crores)
  • 2) Salman Khan – 3 films – Total 411 crores (average per film 137 crores)
  • 3) Shahrukh Khan – 1 film – Total 120 crores (average per film 120 crores)
  • 4) Ajay Devgan – 2 films – Total 208 crores (average per film 104 crores)


  • what happened to paheli, swades, ra1??? when hoe works outside yrf n dharma , he always fails( exception =oso). he knows he cant give a hit on his own . he needs karan johar n yrf always… superstar r those who can give hits without big names…

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  • out of those 13 films, only two films outside yrf n dharma prouction r there( oso n devdas)… n nt counting ra1( coz its n superhit. its jus above average mov)…. these two production houses r givin hits after hits withourtsrk. bt srk always needs them for superhits.. now who needs who u can decide urself….

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  • @aashkaran: fanaa was yrf project, which became super hit without srk….now same example wil b ek tha tiger….sallu wil make yrf’s first film to achieve 100 crores above….

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  • i agree with rewaz….. yash raj will be hit without srk but srk without yashraj is ra.1(flop)…nowdays flop is called as Ra.1.

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  • srk is ntg without yash raj n karan johar . bt yash raj without srk==ett n dhoom 3 will be blockbuster,, also karan johar agneepath looks like a blockbuster…

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  • @sallu fans- didn’t all of u get @Aashkaran’s words..
    U all always brag about Salman khan. Is the No.1.
    But the truth is he is not No.1 in Films.
    He is No.1 in Kissing Everbody’s A** ! lol.

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  • @aaa111-
    Are u jealous with SRK’S 13 FILMS CROSSING 100 crore mark(adjstd for inflation).
    Why are u wasting ur time here and bragging about Salman. Just go and Sleep.

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  • Watched yor READY…. Wat a entertainer movie…..damn gud movie…wat that call sonng dhinka chika….awesome dance track…salllu u look gr8..lov it

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  • why all are comparing our sallu with a person like flop g1…atleast compare with aamir yaar…srk is just a flop now…btw ive heard about srk ki aag.Ra.1 sequel is coming…if its true i would b soo happy coz it would also b flop :))))))))))))))) anyway salman roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Srk can’t produce a hit movie under his own banner..the BOI list posted above by Aashkaran has 9 movies either by Yashraj or Dharma Productions and both the production house are like family for SRK.

    @ aashkaran dude BOI also says Salman is No1 in all india as well as All over the world Ranking. Now please also accept that but you can’t accept the truth. Can you?

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  • srk fans cheers up guys hahahaha
    This Monday Ra.One has Completed 13 Days at the Box Office. Though the Film
    lost lot of craze in India But its quite stable overseas. This is Due to the International star status of Shah Rukh Khan. Here Are the Total Collections of Ra.One Worldwide at Box Office. Hindi Version(India) – 109.5 cr
    Regional Versions(India) – 7.5 cr
    Overseas – 41 cr Total – 158 crores nett. Note: Ra.One(Hindi) Second Monday Box Office Collections Were Around 1.15 crores and have been included in the data.

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  • @Aashkaran,stop this,u r manipulating people wit ur rubbish post about highest 100cr grossers wen adjusted for inflation..why are u not including biwi no 1,wanted,no entry,hum di chuke sanam,maine pyar kiya,judwaa…e.t.c 4 salman khan..go to boxofficeindia nd check 4 ur self..

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  • pls leave aashkaren he is a delusional fool,mohabettein,devdas, in his book is an 100cr movie,hahahahahaaha,he even forget salman MPk (the biggest atbb in the 80’s)and judwaa in the list.the dude is a moron

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