10 years of Chak De India: One of Shah Rukh Khan’s very best

It was 10 years ago on this day that one of Shah Rukh Khan’s most loved films, Chak De India, released in theatres. The promos of the film were dull, the music (prior to release) wasn’t popular, it was the least hyped Shah Rukh Khan film during his peak and it didn’t have a leading lady either.

Yet, it was one of the best films of Shah Rukh Khan’s career. A film that promised very little before release, but over-delivered. A kind of film, we wish, he does today.

Ask anyone today about the last SRK film they truly loved, most would say Chak De India while the rest would be divided over Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Om Shanti Om, Chennai Express or My Name Is Khan – only because those films released later.

Back in 2007, our website was new and Chak De India was the first ever movie that we rated 5 on 5. It was unlike most Shah Rukh films in those days. There was hardly any hype prior to release, the expectations from the film itself was quite low and watching the first-day-first-show with the entire cinema hall cheering, clapping and whistling for every dialogue and scene from the film is etched in the memory of those who watched the film in theatres in the mid-2000s.

Some Chak De India Dialogues

  • Mujhe states ke naam na sunayie dethe hai, na dhikai dete hai. Sirf ek mulk-a-naam sunayi detha hai, I-N-D-I-A
  • Jo nahin ho sakta, wahi tho karna hai!
  • Har team mein bas ek hi gunda ho saktha hai, aur iss team ka gunda mein hoon!
  • Vaar karna hai to mardho ki tarah aage se karo.. Woh kya hai ki humare khel mein chakke nahi hote!!
  • Sattar minute, sattar min hai tumhare paas. Shayad yeh tumhare zindagi ke sab se khaas sattar minute. Aaj tum aacha khelo ya bura khelo, yeh sattar minute tumhe zindagi bhar yaad rahegi. Tho kaise khelna hai.. aaj mein tumhe nahin bataunga.. Bas itna kahunga, ki jao aur yeh sattar minute jee bhar kar khelna.. kyunki iske baad aane wali zindagi chahe kuch sahi ho ya na ho.. chahe kuch rahe ya na rahe.. haro ya jeeto..lekin yeh sattar minute.. tumse koi nahin cheen sakta, Kyunki mein jaantha hu ki aagar yeh sattar minute iss team ka har player apne zindagi ki sabse badiya hockey khel gaya.. tho yeh satar minute khuda bhi tumse vapas nahin maang saktha.

Two of the best scenes from the film:

The famous McDonald’s scene from Chak De India, just before the intermission. The girls unite to fight against the boys, followed by SRK’s ‘chakke’ dialogue. The team and the coach then walk out with the title theme playing in the background.

And the scene that really stood out in the film and quite possibly the scene were SRK’s acting skills are on full display, is the climax. It took the emotions around the India win to a different level altogether. Through the scene after the last goal is scored, SRK emotes through his eyes and facial expressions. Even though it was a completely predictable film – that the team was eventually going to win the world cup – you truly feel for Kabir Khan. His struggle, his passion for the game, patriotism.. all culminating in an historic victory.



  • one of the best sport movie of all time srk proved in this film why he is called god of acting thank you indicine for posting an article on this


    • haha how pathetic SRK fans are! One quality film in his entire career & he is the god of acting. Aamir Khan deliver this type of film every year.

      No wonder why SRK’s choice of film is so poor, because of his illiterate fan base.


    • I really miss SRK of chak De. That time mujhe sirf ek khan ka naam sunai deta tha..wo hai Shah Rukh Khan!! Even if SRK makes 100’s of Jab harry met sejal..i simply can’t hate him…bcoz he has done already for me much more that has encouraged my career in a positive way …. can you hate Sachin just for his 2 duckouts?. Sehwag aur Afridi tho aate aur jaayenge cricket mein!.


  • all dialogues songs and scenes of this movie is evergreen and fresh one of the most classic and evergreen film of indian cinema


  • One of the best Shahrukh Khan’s movie till this day… I remember being a 20 year old watching this in the cinema… and this is coming from biggest fan of Salman khan


  • This movie was 10 times better than dangal. Dangal is a good movie but it is certainly not the best movie of indian cinema still is highest grosser becoz all other movies are very bad nowadays. So if u make a good movie also audience will feel like best movie of the time.


  • Movie work because of Patriotism and Women Empowerment subject, not because of Srk…..Indicine just need excuse to unnecessary praise him…..Media Made Star…..LOL


      • HaHaHa…..Look at these Idiots….So how it feels when someone bash your favorite star unnecessary……Now you are calling worst creature, but what you people are when you say that success of HAHK is only because of Madhuri…..Idiots like you when bash Salman then its good but when I say something against Srk then I am worst…..LOL

        If you bash other actors then be ready to take it back for your star too you Dumbo’s……

        And what I said is right, not taking anything away from Srk, but CDI was a Patriotic movie and based on Women Empowerment, and if you cannot accept this reality then you people are biggest hypocrites….


    • Haha lol don’t you guys have any work to do?? I was never a srk fan…always preferred aamir over him…salman khan has fantastic screen presence charishma etc etc…bt average acting skills ….do you think chak de could be a classic with salman? ?? Dream on…salman is a superstar. ..currently more than srk…while srk is having his worst phase…bt one thing will never change…srk was is and will be one fo the greatest actors of all time


  • Here are some of the biggest achievements achieved by srk via jhms ………. 1. Jhms morning shows were cancelled with no audience in many small and urban cities…. 2. Jhms has created history by becoming the biggest disaster of this decade by any khan……. 3. For the very 1st time in the history of Indian cinema a person from pune has requested to external affairs minister Mrs. Sushma swaraj to help him while watching jhms. 4 .for the 1st time in history of Indian cinema audiences were leaving the movie 20 or 30 or 40 or even 50 minutes before end of movie… really srk I salute u from the bottom of my heart .in other words. ….””” main tera JABRA JABRA JABRA JABRA fan ho gaya “”.


    • @aman sorry bro but here again our megastar bhaaijan achieved this feat earlier with massive 5000 screen universal gern festive eid realised epic tubelight on very same period srk had already given an all time highest grosser CE. so after topping the more no of flops list here again bhaai came first lol


    • haha 1- JHMS morning shows were cancelled ?? it’ll be great if you provide us any single screen name where it was cancelled whereas its not a hidden fact that almost all Salman films FDFS used to get cancel coz of no audience even in cities :)
      if there’s any Khan whose FDFS has been cancelled most no of times then it’s undoubtedly Salman Legend khan..

      2- producer of JHMS are in profits and so are in of Tubelight..but distributors of JHMS r set to lose around 35-36cr whereas dist of Tubelight lost around 80cr…
      do v need to say the biggest disaster among Khans :)

      3- SRK has 13 diwali releases and not a single one was a flop..v don’t even remember when the last time SRK or Amir delivered flop on a big fest…but it really takes another level of stardom to deliver a Flop on one of the biggest festive release with solo and max screens and also with 3 open weeks ;)

      4- some people leaving before 30 minutes in the history ?? seems like you have no knowledge about history coz almost all people didn’t even dare to come to watch bhais film even on FDFS :P

      SabKi jaan Sabki Shaan
      sabka ek bhaijaan aa gaya hai dekho Bodyguard :)


  • Iconic film . The best performance of SRK till date . SRK, Shimit Amin, Jaideep Sahni, YRF and the all the girls created magic on screen . This is the last film of SRK which can be called as Masterpiece . Cheers !!!!!!!!


  • in the beginning they slogans like
    Gaddar KabirKhan, Traitor KabirKhan etc etc…

    in the climax the same slogans changes into “Bharat ki shaan kabirKhan”
    “Ek Sachha hinduatani kya hota hai ye aaj Khan bhai ne sabko bata diya”


  • Indicine u have again proved tat u r srkcine. .why so much double standards. .y are u glorifying chak de india so much ..and if u r glorifying chak de so much you have u forgotten the 14 yrs .of legendary movie koi mil gaya …isn’t koi mil gaya equally iconic movie…..why have u ignored hrithiks tweets on tepk good luck tweets to akshay. ..why indicine why..


  • “The promos of the film were dull,music was not popular, it was the least hyped shaharukh khan film during his peak & it didn’t have a leading lady either”– all says content was the king,is the king & will be the king


  • @indicine though CDI was one of the best movies of Srk but there have been betr movies than CDI in past and u nvr wrote separate article for them. . .Btw i have no problm with it as SRK fans desperately need it aftr mega blockbuster JHMS



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