Chennai Express and Once Upon A Time IN MUMBAI 2 are releasing this EID. But most of us are confused which film will take better opening. Some of them are saying OUTIM2 because of SEQUEL FACTOR and multistarrer. But i say Chennai Express. Because, REASONS :-

1) ACTORS :-
Shah Rukh Khan FACTOR :-
Though SRK hasnt deliver one blockbuster in last 4 years, all of them opened BIG. Shah Rukh Khan has All India market. He has command not only in regular Hindi belt circuits like Delhi, Punjab, Mumbai, CP, CI but also he is huge star in South and west Bengal where very few star films opens bigger. In Mysore, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad circuits it will be clean sweep for CE becuase of SRK stardom their.

Akshay and Imraan :-
Akshay has delivered big blockbuster last year in Rowdy RATHORE, but aftyer that his 4 films failed to open Big and none of them crossed 100cr plus. All his films opens big in Only Hindi betls. He has zero market in Mysore, Westbengal, Nizam and OUTIM2 can only have edge in Mumbai circuit because of its name. Imraan Khan is hardly a star.

2) Directors :-
Rohit Shetty knows the plus of Masses. All His recent films have done 100cr plus and enjoyed positive word of mouth. Not only in Single Screens, but also in multiplexes. His films run steadily even after first week like Singham, Bol Bachchan and G3. His films hardly has a boring moments and are 100% entertainers.

Milan Luthria :-
Milan is good director as he came in to lime light with OUATIM and than The Dirty PICTURE. But we can see OUATIM is not a All India HIT. the film ran in Mumbai and Delhi circuits. In other parts its average and TDP is the only universal Blockbuster which ran big in Single Screens only not in plexes. With OUATIM2 he can promise good film but not good entertainer.

3) GENRE’S :-
Chennai Express – MASALA ENTERTAINER :-
Chennai Express has right dose of Action, COMEDY, lOVE AND SONGS which can be called as full packed masala entetainers. If songs will be HIT the film can take big opening in Single Screens and with Presense of SRK in the film, who is darling of classes will give it big opening in plexes as well.

OUATIM2 – Crime Drama :-
OUATIM2 is a Serious film with mafia background. These films hardly has comedy in it. The film revolves around powerfull dialouges, and action. Which can assure good opening in plexes and some mass dominated areas. If songs were HIT it can take Good opening in Plexes, above average opening in SS

4) Promotions :-
SRK is known for his aggressive promotions and thsi is his own production, which assures big promotional strattagies from his.

Ekta is also a had great promotional minds. She can give tough fight to SRK in promotions.

If all these factors are taken in to account, only one advantage for OUTIM2 is its sequel. BUT OUTIM is not as famous as Dhoom, Don or GOLMAAL.

This is only early prediction, but all depends on trailers songs. But my money is on Chennai Express atleast in the first weekend.

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