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Yeh Dooriyan Review

Critic Score 37

Good- 0

Average- 2

Bad- 1

Total- 3

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Critics Reviews

Bollywood Hungama | Taran Adarsh

YEH DOORIYAN may not be that perfect film that talks of life after divorce, but you can't deny that Deepshikha makes an effort to portray the reality with a lot of honesty. Though it's a first-time effort, the writing and even the handling of a few scenes does spring a pleasant surprise.

Deepshikha enacts her part with utmost conviction. In fact, she has handled a number of tough sequences without going overboard. Kaishav has screen presence, but needs to work hard on dramatic sequences.


Average Movie
Koimoi | Mrigank Dhaniwala

Deepshikha’s story is well-intentioned as it tries to depict the issue of divorced women’s remarriage. However, her screenplay, which is rather poorly-written, pulls the film down. Right from the word ‘go’, the audience is bombarded with clichéd scenes and interactions between the characters that lead to nothing. The relationships between the characters, whether they are amicable or hateful, don’t ring true at all. The climax is very disappointing. The dialogues, penned by Deepshikha, are terribly childish.


Not Recommended
Dailybhaskar | Dailybhaskar

Kudos to Deepshikha for choosing a feminist subject and the treatment meted out to it. It has been handled quite maturely, considering the fact that this is her directorial debut. She falls short of driving the right emotions in the viewer and the moments of grief, portrayed in the flick are not convincing. Since the story revolves around one character, it takes away the chance from the director to make her other actors perform too.


Average Movie

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