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Love Wrinkle-free Review

Critic Score 58

Good- 4

Average- 2

Bad- 0

Total- 6

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Critics Reviews

Movietalkies | Movietalkies

The movie, without a doubt is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face as you follow the adventures of the members of the Montero family while they deal with their respective problems ranging from pregnancy to a shady business deal to wrinkles to an expensive surgery to a Goan gangster Bruno Corrieo (Sohrab Ardeshir) and his son Jacob (Ashwin Mushran), who has his heart set on the clueless Annie.


Average Movie
Bollywood Hungama | Taran Adarsh

To start with, Sandeep Mohan's film is a tribute to Goa, with the DoP capturing the scenic locales and also the old-world charm with dexterity on celluloid, right from the beaches, houses, roads, the unusual lifestyle, the local ambience. While the director unhurriedly introduces his characters and the plot in the first hour [the narrative is punctuated with good humor and well executed dramatic sequences], the film falls prey to mediocrity and loses focus in the post-interval portions.

Sandeep Mohan couldn't have cast better actors here. Both Ash Chandler and Shernaz Patel are top notch. Chandler is charming, natural and easy on the eyes. The best part is, he's so real. Shernaz is a delight to watch, essaying her character with supreme understanding. In fact, Ash and Shernaz make a quirky onscreen couple. Seema Rahmani is faultless, while Arika Silaichia lends the right shades to her character. Ashwin Mushran and Sohrab Ardeshir add life to their respective roles.


DNA India | Blessy Chettiar

The orange-tinged, Instagram-ed look lends authenticity to the infamous susegad way of life synonymous with Goans. Shreyas Beltangady’s editing is crisp, but a lot more chopping could have worked. Many of Savio’s troubles seem like afterthoughts added for impact, sometimes sympathy. Salsa and yoga lessons, Ruth’s walks on the beach, seemed superfluous to the narrative.


The Times Of India | Madhureeta Mukherjee

In his first feature film, director Sandeep Mohan captures pretty Goa the way Goans would love it - the setting sun, white beaches, minus the Pamela-Anderson-inspired nymphets, drugs, rave, rock 'n' roll. It's simple, pure, and breaks cosmetic cliches - that's the beauty. But halfway through the film, the wrinkles steep deeper, in the script that is. Washed away with stretched sub-plots in the wrong positions (don't think dirty), the film turns flaccid and is no longer the sweet, 'upright' Goan slice of life it set out to be. And we're left craving for a spicy Sorpotel instead. Burp!


Film Tadka | Janhavi Patel

The Goan locales are perfect and charming and enhance the movie. They are part of the story. For a change, Goa is about wine and feni, sunsets on the beach, and normal Goans instead of drugs, rave parties, and babes in bikinis. The film has subtle, situational, and fine humour. The characters are endearing and real.  Of course, they are dysfunctional and that is why they are identifiable. The film also delves into insecurities of people over 40 and India’s shyness regarding sexuality. The first half is as wonderful as a cool breeze on a beach but the second gets a tad tiresome and messy because of sub-plots.
The film must be watched for its shining performances. Shernaz Patel is endearing and a delight to watch. Her enthusiasm and presence light up the screen. Ash Chandler is perfectly cast and that impersonation of Marlon Brando in The Godfather is great! They make an unlikely yet likable couple. Seema Rahmani wins you over. All the others are excellent in their roles too.


Nowrunning | Mansha Rastogi

Sandeep meticulously writes each and every gag which is so pleasant and refreshing that you get charmed by the characters and their comic timing. Ash Chandler almost blends into the entire Goan setting. The way he treats his business proposition of edible lingerie to dealing with a temptress Natalie played by Seema Rahmani is pure brilliance. Renowned theater actor Shernaz Patel too convincingly plays the part of a 46 year old woman who is happy about being pregnant. Right from being a typical Goan wife to her beach shots where she plays the fancy of a doper played by Ashwin Mushran every act of her is very effortless. Even other actors like Sohrab Ardeshir who plays the goon local Bruno Corriero, Arika Silaichia as Ruth are all perfect in their parts.


Average Movie

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