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Krishna Aur Kans Review

Critic Score 47

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Average- 6

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Total- 7

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Above Average


Critics Reviews

Bollywood Hungama | Taran Adarsh

KRISHNA AUR KANS has some gorgeous images, but the feeling of watching an epic unfold on screen is missing. Let's presume, those who go to watch the film are familiar with the story. So the gratification lies in the telling. The problem with KRISHNA AUR KANS is that the movie lacks the dramatic and edge-of-the-seat screenplay. The movie starts off well, but the narrative never rockets. Also, the run time of 2 + hours is a disincentive. A 90-minute film, encompassing the imperative episodes, would've made the narrative crisper. In fact, the film could've done way with a couple of songs.


Not Recommended
The Times Of India | Allen O’ Brien

Kudos to the filmmakers for bringing to life the very tale of we have all grown up on...and hope the Generation-to-be will grow up on. That is why mommies and daddies are not likely to complain as far as the seen-that-heard-that plot goes. Also, that is perhaps why the long, long wait for the real action starts only after the first round of the popcorn is over and done with. But when Krishna (he's pretty cute, buddies!) is seen in action, specially giving all those much-awaited blows to a guy triple his size, in the final shots, you won't really mind a second round of popcorn. Paisa vasool, the bachcha party is bound to say!


Glamsham | Martin D'Souza

Of all the characters it is Kans who stands out, not only because of his sight but because his expressions match his madness. Om Puri's voice also adds credence to his part. Animation wise, there's not much to compare or write about. The makers have played safe keeping away from flamboyance in their visualization. 3D is all about creativity and maximizing the effect for the viewer. Both are missing here.

For those venturing to make movies especially for children, my request would be to keep it clear of violence and gory ends to characters, both of which you will find aplenty in KRISHNA AUR KANS, which in effect is its downfall. The length too is a sore point.


Not Recommended
DNA India | Blessy Chettiar

Director Vikram Veturi has made a film for children. As it is, it’s difficult to hold the attention of kids, and the 2 hours length could be daunting for parents. Though technically the animation is not poor, it rarely manages impress. The battle scenes between Krishna and Kans’ evil men piques interest, then takes a plunge into boredom inflicted by an unnecessary song. A highly inappropriately conceptualised and executed item number featuring Putna the demon is enough to put you off Krishna Aur Kans. You definitely don’t want explain ‘Sthan mere vish bhare/Pran ke pakheru udd jate hai’ to your kids.


Average Movie
Nowrunning | Mansha Rastogi

However, even at the juvenile animation, Vikram maintains his aesthetics and creates strong characters with Kans having the best impact. The voice over by Om Puri adds more weightage to the character. The cuteness of Krishna is very endearing and lends some delightful moments to the film.


Not Recommended
Indiaglitz | Joginder Tuteja

It is nothing less than ironic when a film is titled 'Krishna aur Kans' but instead of the protagonist, it is the antagonist that turns out to be the best part of the affair. This is what happens in this Vikram Veturi directed animation film which stays on to be interesting when Kans is on the scene but loses momentum after Krishna makes his entry. This is the reason why the first and second half of the film are poles apart.While the first half is entirely about Kans, the second half has Krishna dominating the proceedings but not quite bringing the desired effect. Due to this reason after a decent build up, the film just slides down.


Not Recommended
Mid-Day India | Shakti Shetty

Though its plot follows the clash between Lord Krishna and his vile uncle Kans, they face each other for less than 10 minutes on the big screen. Which is not to discredit the climax built by the story when the divine child proves his prowess against the mightiest of villains. The technical complacency is blaringly visible. Also, chaste Hindi used makes you wonder whether today’s kids would be able to gauge some dialogues which you certainly didn’t.


Average Movie

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