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Dangerous Ishq Review

Critic Score 29

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Bad- 7

Total- 9

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Critics Reviews

Bollywood Hungama | Taran Adarsh

DANGEROUS ISHHQ has an intriguing plotline and writer Amin Hajee ensures that he keeps the viewer's interest alive by incorporating episodes that keep you captivated. The sequence at the hospital -- Karisma spots a badly injured Rajneish and the portions that follow subsequently -- set the ball rolling. The shifts between the past and present, nightmare and actuality are well done. The plot becomes more and more stirring as the reels unfurl, with the portions in the first hour so perfectly executed that one buys into it each stride of the way.


Not Recommended
Dailybhaskar | Dailybhaskar

Karisma is back with a big bang. DI rests on the strong shoulders of the actress, as she delivers a stupendous performance. It’s a treat to watch her switch lanes and portay women from different eras and cultures. Rajniesh Duggall plays his part well. Jimmy Shergill surprises once again after Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster, with a flawless act.

It may be noted here, Vikram in the past had failed to create an impact with a film titled Phirr, which was based on the same concept. This time round, he however, begs to differ and flaunts a command over the subject of past-life regression. He leaves no room for ambiguity with some flawless instances like- how she follows her instincts in the case of the Lord Krishna scene or in the climax scene, where she is very sure of the culprit. He has attained perfection also, in terms of portraying different eras with sets, costumes, accessories and linguistics.


Nowrunning | Mansha Rastogi

The screenplay of the film forms the highlight when the biggest crises post Rohan's kidnapping comes when a teary eyed Karisma Kapoor says, "Coffee khatam ho gayi hai, grocery bhi nahi hai," and suddenly her friend says, "I'll make you tea instead!" But as I mentioned before brains be damned!

Karisma Kapoor who makes a comeback is profiled in almost every possible manner and given almost every range of acting in this film. Directors notice please! So you have the age-defying mother of two in real life, hopping around in big heals, is eternally decked up with proper make-up and hair romancing, weeping, gun-totting, turning Punjabi, Rajasthani and even Islamic all with stressful accents throughout the film.


Not Recommended
Rediff | Puja Banta

Despite her claims of having worked very hard for the film, none of Karisma's four characters leave any impact on the audience. A ridiculous and faulty plot, superficial dialogue delivery and weak direction leaves the audience completely untouched and mighty annoyed at being taken for such a dumb ride.

The film was also being touted as a Supernatural thriller. Supernatural it surely is, what with far-fetched characters like a sorceress ( Natasha Sinha) and a villain who chases Sanjana through generations. But there is nothing remotely thrilling about the film -- unless some exasperated laughs at the sheer absurdity of the plot can pass off as thrills. And a convoluted ending doesn't make it any better.


Not Recommended
DNA India | Blessy Chettiar

Kapur’s PR machinery has worked overtime to position Dangerous Ishhq as her comeback. There’s no taking away from that truth. Kapur is fit as a fiddle, hasn’t lost her powerful screen persona and does well in her capacity. It is the nature of the film that makes her look like a part of those ephemeral sets that eventually go up in smoke. If even half the time, energy and budget spent on the sets, costumes, makeup and the works, was spent on improving the quality of writing, the outcome would have been close to endurable and the effort could have been laudable.


Not Recommended
NDTVMovies | Saibal Chatterjee

At the concept level, Dangerous Ishhq does have something going for it beyond the stereoscopic 3D that it has been filmed in. Hindi movie fans are accustomed to high-pitched reincarnation dramas in which characters are reborn in order to complete unfinished business a la Karan Arjun. But this one isn’t only about rebirth.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, Dangerous Ishhq ventures into the domain of past life regression in a rather overstuffed narrative about a supermodel who sees strange visions and must decipher them quickly in order to rescue her lover, the scion of a business family. The guy has been abducted by a foe who has been gunning for the woman for centuries.

The screenplay is consistent in its convolutions and the further back it goes in time the less sense it seems to make.


Not Recommended
Zeenews | Zeenews Bureau

Karisma did all what she could to deliver her best but the story and a loosely woven preposterous plot has drained her efforts away to the farthest end of the world! The lady looks prim and proper even as she is about to touch her 40s in sometime. But ‘Dangerous Ishhq’ has not helped her win the accolades of pulling of a stunner despite her stellar ‘Zubeidaa’ like performance.

The film looks like that complicated piece of art work where art finds no mention and the work looks terrible to look at! Bhatt could have done away with the extravagant misc-en-scene and laid more emphasis on a good plot that could have convinced audiences to hold on to their seats.


Not Recommended
Movietalkies | Movietalkies

The only redeeming quality of the movie seems to be Karisma, who looks as fresh as ever in her comeback film. However, apart from that one element, the movie is a disappointment on all levels. The Karisma-Rajneesh pairing has zero chemistry and the latter is as expressive as a log. The rest of the cast, with the possible exception of Jimmy Shergill, seem to sleep-walk through their roles. Moreover, the screenplay and dialogues are so absurd that it seems funny at times.


Not Recommended
Koimoi | Mrigank Dhaniwala

Amin Hajee’s story is as old as the Stone Age and will not resonate with the audiences of today. Even if this factor is overlooked, Vikram Bhatt’s screenplay is so ineffective and boring that the viewer rarely cares for the several tragedies in Sanjana’s various lives

Karisma Kapoor puts in an earnest effort as Sanjana. She looks good in her different avatars and holds the film together to a certain extent.

Vikram Bhatt’s direction is unimpressive. He fails in making the film a compelling watch. Of course, the preposterous script is also to be blamed.


Not Recommended

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