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Chaurahen Review

Critic Score 55

Good- 4

Average- 1

Bad- 1

Total- 6

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Critics Reviews

Glamsham | Martin D'Souza

Rajashree links her mostly English movie with three stories set in different cities in India - Mumbai, Kolkata and Kochi. Love is the central theme. Some are searching for it, another not able to let go, yet another fighting with the emotions of love and a soldier wanting to be loved.


Zeenews | Zeenews

Throughout, Ojha deals with the heightened emotions at the lower octave, letting the characters assimilate their emotions in the sounds, flavours and sights of the cities that they so tellingly inhabit. In the dramatic moments Ojha`s narrative is stubbornly muted, at times audaciously playful, daring her characters to take life too seriously.

A rare and charming synthesis of drama and normality is achieved. There are no awkward moments even when the characters are caught at their most awkward times of self-revelation.


The Times Of India | Madhureeta Mukherjee

Rajshree Ojha works on this complex subject with a certain sensibility, without dramatizing it beyond reason. Though at times she over intellectualizes it with too many literary references and prolonged moments. There are some scenes that are well executed (like the outburst and subsequent unfolding of emotions in Nandu's family), but it ends on a predictable note that doesn't move you to tears, or fuel an intellectual overdrive.


Nowrunning | Mansha Rastogi

There are too many cuts and haphazard interlinks in the plot which almost leave you impatient in trying to understand what the filmmaker is trying to convey. The stories that run in parallel eventually come together in the last scene at the airport which has no relevance whatsoever and also is quite needless. The entire track of Zeenat Aman and Shayan Munshi could've been avoided.

The beauty of the film also comes around with the dialogues and the acting. There's heavy inspiration taken from Gulzar's verses including the poems used in the film. Even the performance of each and every actor is good.


Not Recommended
Dailybhaskar | Dailybhaskar

Rajshree Ojha, who gave Sonam Kapoor a semi-hit, fails to impress with Chaurahen. The director’s attempt to treat the cinema in a different manner is clearly visible, but the intentions go miserably wrong. Rajshree fails in making use of the star power she's blessed with and the film looks like an unrefined attempt of presenting something never done before.


Not Recommended
NDTVMovies | Subhash K. Jha

With amazing clarity and an arresting economy of expression, Ojha brings forward these lives scattered across three cities trying to come to terms with their past and present, making an effort to focus on that beam of light which is visible only if the pain of existence is seen to be a variable circumstance in the wider scheme of the universe



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