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Bittoo Boss Review

Critic Score 39

Good- 2

Average- 3

Bad- 4

Total- 9

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Critics Reviews

Bollywood Hungama | Taran Adarsh

BITTOO BOSS is a clear case of unfulfilled promises. In the recent past, most debutant directors have had the courage to charter an innovative pathway. One expects the story and the execution of the written material to leave an indelible impression, but director Supavitra Babul doesn't get it right. Sure, the plot has potential, but the writing is lopsided and tedious and what makes it worse is the indolent tempo at which the plot unfurls. There's a flicker of optimism when the narrative shifts to Shimla, after an acidic altercation between the lead pair. One expects the story to hurl surprises, but the episodes are so juvenile and monotonous that it tests your endurance after a point. The few charming moments are the ones between Pulkit Samrat and his assistant in Shimla, but, sadly, the film meanders in its concluding stages yet again. Supavitra Babul grounds his characters in realism, but he's handicapped by a listless screenplay.


Not Recommended
NDTVMovies | NDTVMovies

This is a film that's breezy but never stormy in its impact. It works because of the director's sincerity of intent. While most filmmakers today prefer to dwell on the dark side of heroism, debutant director Supavitra Babul doesn't shy away bringing in a shiney idealism into Bittoo's character


Zeenews | Zeenews Bureau

Every single time the light dims inside the theatre, you’d wish that that was the end of this piece of bore. There’s a reason Amita Pathak had disappeared into some hitherto unknown abyss after her debut ‘Haal-e-Dil’. May be she needs a bit more of acting school. The film barely manages to hold interest, and apart from a few smart-alec, innuendo-laced songs, the others are just unnecessary. With a heavy dose of your average Bollywood clichés and below-average performances, ‘Bittoo Boss’ doesn’t entertain. It is a few precious hours of your life wasted. Invest them in something worthwhile!


Not Recommended
Koimoi | Mrigank Dhaniwala

Supavitra Babul’s story has the potential for light moments as well and intense drama. However, the screenplay, penned by Supavitra Babul and Gautam Mehra, is half-baked. Whereas the first half of the post-interval portion – where Bittoo makes repeated failed attempts to secretly shoot a blue film – brings a smile to the viewer’s lips, the first half and the climax pale in comparison. In spite of the running time of the film being less than two hours, the viewer often gets bored because of the slow pace of the narrative. The biggest drawback, perhaps, is the absence of a smooth flowing narrativ

Pulkit Samrat makes a confident debut. His performance as a well-meaning videographer is completely believable. Amita Pathak gets limited scope but she does well. The actor playing Bittoo’s driver-assistant is fabulous. Rajender Sethi and Mohan Kapoor get limited scope. The rest of the cast offers good support.


Not Recommended
DNA India | Blessy Chettiar

The film is flashy and loud, but that’s only a prerequisite considering the setting is Punjabi weddings. Director Babul’s characters are what make the film click. Pulkit is fresh, confident and carries the film with aplomb, while Amita is striking. Pulkit with all those poor man’s Ranbir Kapoor comparisons stands his own, making an impressive debut.


Rediff | Raja Sen

It would have been nice to see an actual actress in this role rather than Amita Pathak, but then the girl's character is a thankless one with barely any redeeming factor. Ashok Pathak is scene-stealingly good as Bittoo's randy right-hand-man, and Rajinder Sethi is reliable as ever.

A sweet but slapdash effort, this is, all in all, quite like watching a wedding video. Just not shot by someone with as much panache as Bittoo. And a shaadi video -- one without folks you care about -- always, invariably feels groanfully long.


Average Movie
Nowrunning | Mansha Rastogi

Directed by Supavrita Babul, Bittoo Boss is a sheer case of good film gone badly. Though there wasn't anything avant-garde about the storyline, it still had the scope of turning into a pleasant watch. After all, a little bit of romance, a little naach-gaana, colourful wedding scenes, happy-smiling faces can be contagious to some extent. And so happens at least in the first half which does have some merit to it. However, it's the second half that goes haywire from the word go and never falls in place till the end.


Not Recommended
Dailybhaskar | Dailybhaskar

It’s while watching these kind of movies that we come to realise how much we love our Bollywood stars. When we find nothing good in a specific movie, at least we could whistle and cheer for them whenever they appear on-screen, but we did not even have that liberty here because we didn’t have any. The movie has debutant Pulkit Samrat in the male lead, who neither has talent nor a face. Though he is good in parts, but Ranveer Singh is better ‘Bittoo’ by several notches. We know it’s Amita Pathak’s home production because she is a terrible actor.


Not Recommended
Glamsham | Martin D'Souza

Being a love story there are no heartbreaks, heartaches or the usual parental opposition considering there is a rich-poor divide. No item number as well. Now I am not saying that an item number is a must in a movie, but it does help when the pace of the film slacks. Moreover, Bitto goes about behaving as though the entire state of Punjab is his domain. There is no frailty in his character. Amita Pathak has made tremendous improvement since her debut film HAAL-E-DIL. What also works adversely for this love story is that the love interest is almost non-existent in the second half.


Not Recommended

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